A Review of How to Use Freebooksy for Book Promotions

If you wish to promote your free or promo-priced book, you need to look no further than this site managed by Written Word Media called Freebooksy. They’re the site that operates or... Read more »
bargain booksy

Review on How to Use Bargain Booksy for Book Promotions

When it comes to Bargain Booksy, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways for all types of authors to sell their books—and at a reasonable price too. When it comes to reviewing... Read more »
emailing list

How to Build an Author Emailing List in 12 Powerful Steps

Marketing is a very broad subject and is not complete without email marketing. Beyond simply being one of the many strategies for marketing successfully, email marketing is one of the best ways... Read more »
book advertising companies

12 Best Book Advertising Companies for Promotion Services

Writing a book successfully is fulfilling. However, there is a lot more to being a published author than just writing a book. If you must be considered successful as an author, then,... Read more »
promote ebooks

Book Promotion:13 Best Social Media Platforms to Promote Ebooks

Numerous researches have shown that social media platforms are the best places to promote ebooks. With social media platforms, you can reach out to millions of readers and show them your ebooks.... Read more »
book promotion

Book Promotion: 16 Different Ways to Promote Amazon Ebooks as a Beginner

Book promotion is the most challenging aspect of book publishing. As a new author with no strong social media background, you will find it difficult to promote your book online and offline.... Read more »
online book promotion

Online Book Promotion: 12 Free and Paid Best Book Promotion Sites to Promote Your Amazon Books

First of all, congratulations on writing your book. But the journey has not ended yet. It is just the beginning. Now that you have finished writing your book, it is now time... Read more »

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