Why you should get a copy

Publishing books on Amazon is a rigorous process for users that are still new in book publishing. However, I have written a detailed ebook to help you get started. 


In the ebook, you will learn the following; 

  1. How to create Amazon KDP account from any location. 
  2. How to set up Amazon KDP account and fill your tax information’s. 
  3. How to set up your payment information and the various payment methods accepted on Amazon. 
  4. How to Upload your book on KDP. 
  5. Designing a bester seller book cover. 
  6. Formatting your book for Amazon ebook and paperback. 
  7. Choosing the best price for your book. 
  8. Writing an irresistible book blurb that will draw attention to your book. 
  9. Choosing the best category for your book. 

These are few of the things you will learn in the book. The book is loaded with information that will help you in your self publishing journey. 


Grab a copy today for $20 only !!!

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