7 Hacks for College Students to Secure a Summer Internship

The class of 2023 is expected to enter into a hot labor market, with data suggesting that employers are boosting recruitment offers. In fact, the latest survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) revealed that 56 percent of recruiters said they plan to hire more graduates this year – which is 31.6 percent more than the last year.

Since jobs are rising, competition is increasing – it is vital that you stand yourself apart from the crowd of applicants. And the key to standing apart from the competition is a little requirement of ‘experience’.

In fact, companies looking for entry-level positions prefer candidates with relevant experience in their field. One of the effective ways to secure experience is getting internships. So, how do you get into good company?


Here are seven things college students need to keep in mind while applying for a summer internship.

7 Hacks for College Students to Secure a Summer Internship

Hacks for College Students to Secure a Summer Internship

1. Networking Is the Key

If you want to make genuine connections, which might help you to learn and explore more about your field, nothing could be better than networking. Reach out to recruiters and staff members within the companies that you wish to work for.

If you meet a senior manager of a particular company at a recruiting event, talk to them, try to keep in touch, and follow up regarding job opportunities.

Making strong connections and reaching out to potential employers on different platforms like LinkedIn can help you gain valuable information about the company on a more personal level.

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2. Craft Your Resume and other Documents Well

No one said you’ve to submit the same resume when applying for five different companies. Resumes are meant to be ever-changing documents that you can craft and customize to fit the exact position you’re trying to crack.

Make sure to add skills that are most relevant to your position and change these skills every time you apply for a different role or a different company. Apart from your resume, many employers also ask for other documents like your college degree and transcripts or diplomas.

Make sure to take all those documents with you. And if by any chance, you’ve lost your diploma, there is no need to panic. You can get diploma and get it customized as per your requirements. This is very common, and many students do that since these documents, most of the time, are just formalities.


3. Before You Apply; Research

While it’s good to apply to as many companies as you can, make sure to do your proper research before trying to get into a company. This will not only save you time entertaining limited options but will also help you know a bit more about the companies you’re interested in.

You can highlight certain factors in your cover letter, which will grab the interviewer’s attention, and you’ll be better informed during interviews. This gives you an upper hand and increases your chances of getting selected for the role.


4. Follow Up With Internships

Your work isn’t just limited to submitting job applications. Once you’ve applied to your desired internships, make sure to follow up by emailing ( send a simple thank you and ask potential questions) or calling. But don’t overdo it, as it might make you look unprofessional and desperate.

If you don’t get any response for a week or so, you can send a follow-up reminder message to the recruiter that you genuinely want the job. This will influence the recruiter to give you an update at the earliest.


5. Use Your College Campus Resources

Career fair events at colleges and universities offer a great opportunity for valuable face-to-face interactions with recruiters and representatives. Thus, it is important that you stay connected with the right groups on your campus and use their resources wherever you can.

Research suggests that recruiters report that not many students show up after attending these career fair events, which disappoints them. Thus, if you think any college resource can help you connect with a potential employer, make sure you give your 100 percent and reach out to that person.


6. Use LinkedIn to Find Companies

LinkedIn has become a useful resource for students and job seekers to land good jobs. Keep an eye out for job opportunities and important updates that most companies share on their LinkedIn pages. As you follow more companies, your news feed will soon be filled with relevant job opportunities.

Most companies share a description of the profile they’re hiring for; you can make use of that information to customize your resume and cover letter accordingly. You can also directly ping potential employers or senior managers with your resume and ask them to try you out for an interview. Cracking the interview only will increase your chances of impressing the employer and landing an internship.

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7. Prepare for the Interviews

Getting a call from the recruiter saying you’re shortlisted for the interview can be like taking a breath of fresh air. But that obviously doesn’t mean that you’ve got the internship; rather, it’s your chance to prepare and impress the interviewer.

Apart from looking presentable and professional, it’s vital for you to be confident throughout the interview and ask thoughtful questions. Do not show your hesitation to the interviewer; rather, be so confident about your skills that the interviewer must see you as no common candidate.

Make sure to ask questions about the job role, your responsibilities, and the company to look smart and curious. Moreover, don’t be afraid to be yourself and keep the conversations easy-breezy with your attitude and humor, maybe. This will give you an upper hand in the interview and increase your chances of getting selected.


Taking a Quick Recap

Securing an internship can take a while for most students. You might need to apply at different companies, again and again, to finally get a call and take things forward. Thus, recruiters suggest being patient with the entire job process since it is time-consuming and lengthy.

Till then, trying these hacks can definitely help you increase your chances of landing your dream internship. And hey, remember – the key is to keep applying until you get a company that best suits your requirements.


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