14 Best Music Blogs That Accept Guest Post

In the modern world of the internet, music is a huge part of our lives. Music can instantly change our mood and make us feel good. There are many ways to enjoy your favorite songs or get introduced to new artists. In this article, we will discuss how you can share your music with the rest of the world in an effective way.

In this digital age, it has become very easy to promote your music through blogs. You can submit guest posts on websites that are already popular and make people aware of your music. In the following article, we will tell you about some of the best music blogs that accept submissions from guest writers. If you have a decent amount of content for a post and a good connection with the target audience then you can get your work published easily.

These blogs will not only promote your website but also give you an opportunity to interact with various other artists as well as experts in the field of the music industry. At first, start writing quality content related to your favorite songs or bands and once people start recognizing you as genuine, they will visit your blog more often.

The following is a list of music blogs that allow guest posts.

14 Music Blogs That Accept Guest Post

Merriam music

Merriammusic is a popular magazine that deals with the music industry. It focuses on the latest developments in the world of music and provides the latest updates to its readers. You can submit articles related to new genres, artists, or any other interesting events happening around you. The editors of Merriam-music will review your work and post it with an author byline if they find it worthy.

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Making Music is a website where you can find reviews of music albums and discuss the latest happenings in the world of music. It also features exclusive interviews with popular singers, songwriters, or bands. You can make an account on this blog and share your opinions about different artists. On the other hand, you can also contribute to this website by submitting articles of your own. The editors will review your work and publish it on the blog with an author byline.


This is a leading online resource that focuses on promoting new artists from around the world. Sonicbids provides useful information to the readers about how they can get their music heard by more people. In order to submit guest posts on this website, you have to contact the editor of your choice and convince him/her with your work. You can also send your music for a free review to the editors.


HipHopdx is a popular website that focuses on hip-hop music. It provides news, reviews, and exclusive articles related to the world of hip-hop. You can submit articles about current trends in the music industry, new artists, or anything else that you think will be interesting for the audience. The editors of Hiphopdx are always on the lookout for fresh content that they can publish on their website with an author byline.


Soundonsound is a website that provides in-depth information about sound engineering and sound production. This blog is popular among professional musicians and artists who want to learn about the technicalities of making a good song. You can submit decent articles related to music production, mixing, or mastering on this website. The editors will review your work and post it with an author byline if they think that the content is good enough.


Saskmusic is a website dedicated to Canadian music. It provides news, reviews, and updates related to the world of Canadian music. You can submit articles based on your own experiences or opinions about different artists. The editors will review your work and publish it with an author byline if they find it interesting enough for their audience.

Pitchfork media

It’s a website that mainly focuses on indie music. The editors of Pitchfork are looking for new voices in the field of music. If you have good writing skills and are passionate about independent artists, then you can contribute to this blog by submitting articles or reviews of your own choice. You just need to approach the editor with your work and convince him/her of your ideas. They will be glad to see a new member of their team who can write about fresh topics.

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Contactmusic is a website that provides the latest information about movies, celebrities, and music. It mainly focuses on the British market but you can also submit articles related to world music events. The editors of this blog are looking for first-hand content; therefore, they prefer guest writers to send in their own pieces rather than relying on syndicated content. is a website that features different articles related to movies, music, celebrities, and fashion. You can submit your own pieces to the editors of this blog. They usually prefer guest writers to write about topics that are based on their personal experiences or opinions. Moreover, you can promote your music on this website by submitting press releases about tours and performances.


It’s a popular website that focuses on the business aspects of the music industry. HYPEBOT provides useful information for musicians and artists who want to make it big in the 21st-century music market. This blog accepts articles related to rates of different streaming services, album releases, social media marketing tips, and other business aspects of music. You can contact the editors by sending your writing samples.


Xlr8r is a website that provides reviews about electronic dance music (EDM). It mainly focuses on electronic instruments and live performances. If you want to contribute to this blog, you need to send your writing samples to the editor. They are looking for in-depth pieces about the latest trends in EDM.

Cover Me songs

Cover Me is a website that provides information about songs and their cover versions. If you want to contribute to this blog, you should send your articles related to music artists, their creativity, and the covers they produce. The editors are interested in publishing fresh pieces about different songs with an author byline attached.


Tiny Mix Tapes is a blog that focuses on different genres of music. You can submit articles related to electronic, hip-hop, folk, or indie music genres. They are looking for first-hand content so they prefer guest writers to write about their personal experiences with artists rather than promoting them through press releases.

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It’s a website that helps musicians raise funds for their creative projects. The editors of Music Raiser are looking for fresh content from guest writers. They expect you to have first-hand experience or knowledge about music fundraising campaigns, so if you’re an active participant in such activities, then you should consider sharing your thoughts on this platform. Moreover, they are also looking for press releases about musical events that are happening around the world.

Final Thought

There are a variety of music-based blogs that accept guest posts from new and experienced contributors. You can try your luck with one or two websites as you gain real-world experience as a writer. Then, once you have established yourself as an author, you can even use those websites to find suitable platforms for promoting your blog content. Even if you don’t find success with these websites, you can always try other writing opportunities that may be available for music-related sites.

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