Thinking About What to Write – 20 Blogging Niches to Dive Into

You need to know what to write about in a blog; its goal is to increase revenue growth, ROI, user engagement, and market share. But the primary drawback for most people when they start in this skill is falling short in their zeal. And asking many questions about the stuff to write in a blog that can’t be found anywhere, not even a library.

Now, the question; what topics do I blog about? Well, no need to worry. I’ve collated at least twenty topics, articles, and methods that have made bloggers win big when it comes to this trade—and this would still go on shortly.

Things to Write About in a blog

1. A good list of links and posts which are focused on one topic

You can begin by writing on stuff that deals with how to do social media management. You’d be able to find active links and tag them in your list formatted blog post.

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2. Pitching an Influencer

Guest posting is one splendid way to build your followership. All you need to do is make sure that when pitching to influencers, you make it suitable.

3. Crypto articles

You can’t get it wrong when it comes to crypto. This is one buzzing field that’s gaining much ground in all sectors of the economy. So, it would be pretty cool if you had good content on this subject on your blog.

4. Cyber-bullying

Everyone wants an answer to this. Who knows, your blog can be that one content that could reduce the intensity of trolls on people’s social pages. So, if you’re keen on writing on this, why not go for it!

5. DIY subjects

Homemade stuff and creations are pretty trendy now. If you do have new stuff to share, why not write about it. I trust you’ll surely get some loyal followers when you do give laid-back content.

6. Your experiences

Yes, blogging about your state at the moment or in the past does help to increase that dopamine in your system. At the same, it increases consumer engagement, and everyone wants that content that resonates with them. So, if you write, and it does help me out at the moment, then you’re on your way to blogging success.

7. Give solutions to a problem

Do you have a skill in doing stuff? Okay, do you find a gap in something and seem pretty sure in having the answer. Well, cool, then write about it.

8. Cooking Ideas

Most people want to learn how to make a good meal for the family, and you might be the one to pique their fancy. Rather than wasting that talent of yours and dying with it. Why not create a blog about your cooking secrets—that’s if you know how to cook. Cooking ideas has a great way of drawing traffic to your blog.

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9. FAQ

First of all, do people believe why I would want to blog about this? It’s given online, and you can find it almost everywhere. Well, the good news is that you can still blog about it. We all love to ask questions.

So, if you’re a sage when it comes to matters, why not delve into it. When it comes to FAQs, they’re said to be the gold in any age—trust me on this.

10. Product Reviews

This is one solid way to draw traffic to your blog and one of the best things to write in a blog. So, if you’re looking for a way to gain that traction regarding traffic and streams of income, then do this. It’s was one heck of a smart move, especially if you wish to monetize your blog immediately.

11. All of the Breaking News

Be the first to say that gossip. You can blog about anything that piques some of your consumer’s fancy. If you found something around your neighbourhood or while going out that piques your interest, blog about it.

When it comes to giving the breaking news, timing is all that is. You need to settle down and get all the facts straight before you aim for the push because if by chance you are one impatient person, then people would term your blog as some ‘shroud,” and that isn’t good.

12. Using Social Media for Traffic and Sales

You can share how you’ve used social media to grow traffic and sales. This is one topic that tickles most people’s fancy presently. So, if you do have great tips, why not share them, and stop wishing.

13. Employer Advice

Suppose you’ve been in the business of working and wish to tell would-be employers how you scaled through by hiring the best. Then this is an excellent way to start it out. Share all of the qualities that all business owners should look out for when hiring their team.

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And according to statistics, when it comes to the things to write about in a blog for the business niche, this took the number one.

14. Make an Ultimate Guide

You can write an ultimate guide to something in your field. Teach people all of the things you’ve learnt, and they’ll be grateful.

15. Troubleshooting Guides

If you wish to know about writing in a blog, you need to try out this speciality. For me, I’m always on the lookout for reliable troubleshooting guides. When it comes to troubleshooting guides, they’re more inclined to find answers to your raging questions. So, if you need a quick fix, troubleshooting tips are the stuff—this is the main reason you need to blog about it.

16. Automation

If you’re in the B2B business, then you’ve undoubtedly heard this word over and over again. This is one buzzword in the industry. So, all posts which include ways to automate something, it quite remarkable for the read.

Of course, it is pretty broad when it comes to automation, especially if you’ve been searching for things to write in a blog. You’ll need to choose the kind of automation to drive that traffic to peak level.

17. Finding Contests

When it comes to finding out things to write in a blog, this has piqued my fancy for some years now. And my users seem to enjoy the thread, and it’s way too cool.

But there is a dreary past to it; here’s a gossip. In the past, contests were seen as cheap or, most times, a scam, but they are on their way back to being top writing points for all blogs. So, join the train, and tell us what contests are upbeat for participation.

18. Events

Fashion events, cocktails, parties, proms are endless. You can write about this in your blog; this is one stuff I enjoy when it comes to finding out things to write in a blog.

This topic also becomes popular in festive seasons, and if you have an excellent event to share and write on, be sure to gain more traffic and an increase in revenue.

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19. Ghost Hunting adventures

If you’ve got a weird house around your neighbourhood and would love to share the details, then you’ve got to share it.

Some of your consumers would love their imaginations running wild, and searching for things to write in a blog as it pertains to this niche is all that is.

20. Video Game reviews

Most video game geeks would love to know new tricks in playing a specific game. So, if you have the know-how, this is one of the best things to write in a blog. The gaming industry is said to increase at a remarkable rate quarterly; this is the best time to tell them what you know through your blog.


That said, you need to know this; searching for things to write in a blog takes a whole lot of patience. You don’t write and expect returns in less than a month. And I’m not refuting the fact that it isn’t possible, but only if you know the tricks to the game pretty well.

A whole lot of new blogs are created daily. And anyone can start one in less than five minutes. But the major stuff is creating one that matters.




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