Write for Us – 15 Websites to Get Paid to Write Guest Posts

If you think you have to be a book author before you are able to get paid to write, you might just need a rethink. The world we live in presently offers writers the chance to engage in article writing for money without necessarily being authors. This is possible because there are platforms that pay writers to write guest posts.

Writing a guest post as a writer can be likened to earning as a blogger without necessarily having a blog.

It is one thing to know that you can earn consistently from putting up guests posts on a blog. It is also another thing to know the exact sites where you can get paid to write guest posts.

Contained in this article are 15 websites on which writers get paid to write. Let’ find out what they are.

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15 Websites to Get Paid to Write Guest Posts

1. ClarkesWorld

First on my list is a website known as ClarkesWorld. This website might not mean much to you if you have no interest whatsoever in science fiction. On the other hand, if science fiction is your thing, then, you can get paid to write for this site.

On ClarkesWorld, you are not limited to simply writing non-fiction. You are free to also write fiction stories. Furthermore, as a starter on this website, you will earn $0.10 per word.

2. The Penny Hoarder 

Blogging on The Penny Hoarder promises to be a great experience for people that enjoy writing about money. As long as a topic involves money, it is welcome on this site.

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It might be difficult to get the exact rate per word on another guest post site. Nonetheless, you will be rewarded handsomely for a job well done.

3. Serious Eats 

From the name of this site, it is quite obvious what it is focused on. Serious Eats is a website for people that are foodies and also interested in article writing for money. So, if you are a food blogger, this is a website you should give a try.

If you are a food blogger with some special recipes, you might want to try posting as a guest blogger on Serious Eats. On this website, every food-related article earns a writer $100.

4. Zeal Press

Zeal Press is a website that is focused on games, pop culture, and comics. This makes it a great website for any writer that is interested in writing about children’s activities. On this site, you can make up to $100 for every post and $200 if such a post is comical.

5. Great Escape Publishing

This is a website for writers that are travel bloggers. If you do not mind getting paid to travel and write about your experiences, you should try working with Great Escape Publishing. It gives writers the chance to write for magazines focused on the travel niche.

When you put up an article that this website asks for, you get to earn $50 to $75. This increases from $100 to $150 for personal stories and interviews.

 6. Bible Advocate Online 

Are you a Christian and a writer? You might just want to make some money posting on the Bible Advocate Online. This site is faith-based and pays writers in the range of $65 or above for every article they put up.

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7. We are Teachers 

You might not be able to do much on this website if you are not a teacher. However, so long you are a teacher and have inspiring stories about your experience as a teacher, you can make up to $100 for a 700-word post on the WeAreTeachers website. To get started, simply submit your ideas to this website.

8. WordCandy 

WORDCANDY might not be a site that will make you very comfortable putting up guest posts. However, it is a site that can help you make some good money by the side. For every article of 1200 words, you put up on this site you get to make $72.

9. Backc0untry 

This is a website in the sports niche and it is focused on snowboarding. The implication of this is you perhaps have no business putting up a guest post on this website if you are not very familiar with snowboarding. That’s not all. Back Country is entirely interested in original stories. So, if you do not have any snowboarding experience, you should not bother registering on Backc0untry.

 10. A Fine Parent 

Do you know how to write and want to put out a couple of tips on parenting, A Fine Parent offers you the opportunity to do so. For every article you submit to A Fine Parent, you will earn $50 dollars.

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11. Money Crashers 

Money Crashers did not put out its payment rate. However, the pay is quite attractive. It is a website that is focused on retirement planning, investing, mortgage, and other related fields.

 12. Reader’s Digest 

Writers on Reader’s Digest get to enjoy a great deal of flexibility as it gives writers the freedom of putting up personal stories for a rate of $100 per story.

Beyond the seemingly good financial reward associated with putting up a guest post on this site, you have an opportunity to reach a wider audience because Reader’s Digest has lots of followers online.

13. B Michelle Pippin 

B Michelle Pippin is not a website for just anyone that wants to write articles for money. If you intend to put up guest posts on this website, then, you have to be an authority in whatever field you are into.

This site is focused on coming in handy in helping women that run minor businesses make good gains. So, if you have experience being profitable with a small business, you might get paid to write on this platform.

14. Motherly

Parenting is fun and challenging. Also, it is one part of life that lots of people struggle to deal with. Since many people have a struggle or two with parenting, Motherly gives successful parents the freedom to share their parenting stories and inspire other people.

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If you decide to work on this site, you should be willing to put up a couple of articles without pay. However, you can start earning $50 for every post on this site after two successful submissions.

15. RankPay 

RankPay is a very established SEO firm and is quite different from the regular platforms where writers can engage in article writing for money. On this site, you can get paid to blog and every post you put up attracts a payment of $50.

The Takeaway

If you are looking to write for magazines or simply want to earn money from your ability to write, look no further. The above-named platforms can help you make a career putting up guest posts.

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