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How to Link a Payoneer Account to Amazon KDP Account

One of the major problems that people face in self-publishing is how to link a Payoneer account to Amazon KDP. This issue is mostly popular among international authors who are trying to publish their books on Amazon Kindle.

In today’s article, I’m going to walk you through the step-by-step process of linking your Payoneer account to  Amazon KDP. However, if you have not signed up for Payoneer, Click HERE to sign up for Payoneer. It is totally free and there is no sign up charges.

However, because this section is for quick resources posts, I will not be going deep into the meanings. I will be straightforward. If you would like to learn more about Payoneer, you can check my post on How to Use Payoneer Account to Make or Receive Payment Online. Also, if you have not created your Amazon KDP account, I also have a post on how to create an Amazon KDP account.

Another problem users face is uploading their books on Amazon. This is why I have a step-by-step process of uploading books on Amazon. The steps are well written in a way that you can easily follow them and publish books on Amazon KDP. I know you might also want to read how to design a best seller book cover or how to format your book for publishing. These tips are easy to follow for newbies.

Now, back to the topic, how to link your Payoneer account to Amazon KDP.  I will be taking them one by one so that it will be easier for you to follow.

How To Link Payoneer Account to Amazon KDP

Step 1

a. Log in to your Amazon KDP account; The first thing to do is to Sign in to your Amazon account.

b. Then, locate “Your Account” at the top right corner of the page and click on it. . It should be something like this below.


payoneer account to amazon


c. After that, you will be taken to a page that houses your information. The page has three sections;

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Author/Publisher information, Getting paid information and Tax information.

But we are interested in the “Getting Paid” section which is the middle one. So, go over there and click ” Add Bank Account” You will see something like this picture below.

payoneer account to amazon

Now, you need to fill in the details. However, to fill the form, you need your Payoneer details.

Step  2

a. Login to your Payoneer account. If you have not signed up for Payoneer, click HERE to sign up.

b. Click on “Recieve” and in the dropdown,

c. Click on “Global Payment Services“. You will see the page below.

payoneer account to amazon

d. Scroll down till you see “Approved Account“. Below it, you will see various countries accounts like; UK, USA, Japan,  like the picture below.

payoneer account to amazon

For now, since you are publishing your book on Amazon US, we are only interested in the USA bank account. So, click on “View details” besides the US bank account or the icon beside the account.

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Once you click on it, you will see a page like this below.

payoneer account to amazon

Copy your Account number, routing number and name of the bank. Also, remember that your bank is located in the USA and the account type is “Checking“.

After that, go back to your amazon page and add those details.

NOTE: Your Account Holder name is your Payoneer username/ Beneficiary Name. And your Amazon KDP name must match with your Payoneer name for your account to be approved.

Once you have added those details to your KDP account page, click on “Add“. And you will receive a message like this below.

payoneer account to amazon

After that, Amazon will review your details and approve your payment set-up.

NOTICE: All pictures on this article are gotten from Amazon KDP. And most of the guidelines here are subject to changes in the future.

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  1. What about about a non US citizen can i still use the same method to link my payoneer acct with my amazon acct?

  2. Pls my problem now is tax information, how do I get TIN. Without it my account can’t be add to receive payment…pls how do go about this

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