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Kindle direct publishing

Do you have an idea or story which you would like to convert to a book and publish in Amazon Kindle Direct publishing? Have you started writing your book but stopped halfway? Do you desire to write a book but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; you are at the right place. Today, I will be walking you through on how to write your ebook and publish it in Amazon KDP. You don’t have to pay anyone to write your ebook for you. You can do it yourself. Many people see book publishing as tedious work. Yes, they are right and also wrong. Book publishing is not as stressful as people see it. Even though it involves lots of processes, but the road to book publishing is very smooth. It doesn’t have a shortcut. However, you will have to follow the long road in other to achieve your desired result. Let’s get started.

What is book publishing?

Book publishing is your ability to prepare and issue a book for distribution or sale. Book publishing covers a wide range of things, but for the benefit of this article, I would be discussing how you can publish your book in Amazon KDP. Creating and publishing an ebook on Amazon involves a lot of phases.

  • The writing phases
  • The editing phases
  • The design phase
  • The publishing phase.

I will be explaining these phases one after the other.  


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The writing Phase of Amazon Kindle direct publishing

It is the first journey towards your Amazon kindle direct publishing. It is the major part of book publishing because it is when you can know what you want to publish. This phase is broad because it is the engine of your car. It is why I will go deeper to explain this phase to you. Before you start writing your amazon KDP books, answer the following questions.

What do you want to write about?

It is the first question you should ask yourself before diving into Amazon Kindle direct publishing. Knowing what to write will help you to be able to create a unique outline for your book. To be able to know what to write, you will need to;

  • Take a pen and list the topics of interest to you.
  • Identify the niche that your topic falls into, whether it is self-help, novels, fantasy, historical book, etc.


How to Select the Best Topic for Your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Book

After that, go through all the topics one by one and pick the top five topics that excite you most. Go to google or social media website and view what your target audience is searching for. You can do that by running a Twitter pool, Facebook ad campaign, or keyword research. If your topics fall under the nonfiction category, google keyword research will help you to identify your audience and know whether the book will be sellable or not.

Which area will your book focus on?

It is another thing you should consider before writing your book. You need to identify the area that your book is going to focus on. Let’s assume that I am writing a book titled “How to run Facebook Ad campaign” My areas of focus will be how to create conversion ads, how to write ad copy, how to optimize my campaign. Narrowing these areas down will make my book to be well-organized and meaningful. People make the mistake of not narrowing their area down. Because of that, you will see a nice book but with no focus. It is why you should always draft your KDP book outline before you start writing.

What Does Your Audience Stand to Gain from Your Book?

Identify what your target audience stands to gain from your book. List out the solutions or problems that your book intends to solve to your audience. For example; I am writing a book titled “how to run a Facebook campaign” I know that my audience will learn;

  • How to run a Facebook campaign by reading my book.
  • How to create a converting ad campaign.
  • How to write ad copy.
  • How to optimize their Facebook Ad campaign etc.


Is your book going to have chapters or sections?

Identify if your book is going to have chapters or sections. If your book is going to have chapters, write down the chapters one by one—the same thing with sections. Example: Section 1

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3

Section 2

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3


Convert Your Blog Contents to Ebook

It is for people that have blogs. Most times, you might want to write an article based on the content of your blog. Start by doing a check-in on your blog and see if your blog contents relate to your amazon kindle ebook title. You can add the contents to your ebook. Most times, you might be required to provide proof of ownership of your blog when publishing blog content as an ebook in Amazon KDP.  

Set A Deadline For Your Amazon Kindle Direct publishing

Setting a deadline for your book launch will make you to be more serious with your Amazon Kindle direct publishing book launch. Set a timeline for completion of your book, editing your book, and launch date. With the deadline in mind, you will be more focused on working on the book daily.

Look for a Launch Team For Your Amazon Kindle Direct publishing Book

Getting a launch team sometimes helps to have a successful book launch. One helpful thing about getting a launch team is that you can always give them your book to read and tell them to share their opinion. Also, you can always communicate the latest development concerning your book to your launch team. You can have your launch team share your book on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They can also help to share your book with their friends and family.  

Write Your Amazon Kindle Direct publishing

Writing your book is the funniest aspect of it. You might not have the passion at the initial stage, but with time, you will develop self-love for your book. Now that you have put everything in place, you can then start writing your book. You can start by writing 1000 words daily. I recommend writing your book in MS Word. First, list out the table of contents and write each chapter by chapter. TIP: Write only one chapter daily. After writing it, read it repeatedly to make sure that it conforms to your book ideas.  

Amazon kindle direct publishing  editing Phase

To have a successful Amazon kindle direct publishing, you need to edit your book professionally not to attract bad reviews from buyers. Editing your book will help you to;

  • Improve your writing quality.
  • Improve readability, clarity, and organization of your book.
  • Will help you to communicate your ideas in a better way. etc

When writing your book, I recommend three phases of editing;

First Phase

It is the first editing you do after writing your book. It is more like proofreading your book. This time, you will read your book line by line to know if your chapters align Ito your ideas.

Second phase

Editing done by a friend or family friend who shares the same idea with you. You can gift your book to one or two people to read and share their views.

Third phase

Editing done by a professional editor. There are numerous editors online who can help you to edit your book. Fiverr and Upwork are two places you can find professional editors. Now that you have finished editing your book,

Amazon kindle direct publishing Design Phase

It is the time where you format your book and create a unique book cover for your book. I will divide this stage into two;

Amazon book formatting stage

Formatting your book before publishing it is very crucial to the success of your book. If you go through amazon books, you will find lots of bad reviews caused by poor book formatting. Format your book properly to avoid grammatical errors, missing pages, wrong page numbers, or poor text quality.  

Amazon Kindle Direct publishing cover

 Kindle direct publishing

Create a unique cover for your book. I recommend outsourcing it if you cannot create it. One thing you should consider when designing a book cover is the ideas that your cover portrays. Let’s say that I am writing a relationship book that I intend to publish in Amazon Kindle direct publishing. My cover should be able to tell my audience what they stand to learn from my relationship book.


Amazon kindle direct publishing  Phase

Now that your book is ready, it is now time to publish it on Amazon. To start your Amazon kindle direct publishing ;

  • Go to  and sign up. You will be required to provide a valid email. After signing up, go to your email and confirm your email address.
  • Come back to amazon kdp and fill your information together with your payment information and tax information.

 Kindle direct publishing

Once you have done that, go back to and upload your book and publish it. That’s it. You have successfully published your book. If this article was helpful to you, drop your comment below. Also, remember to subscribe to our email list to get the latest amazon book ranking tips.    

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