How to Write an Essay

How to Write an Essay: From Start to Finish

Writing an essay can seem a daunting task. You could be assigned one right after you...
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City vs. Town vs. Village: What Is the Difference

When it comes to describing a place, there are three terms that people often use: city,...
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What is Denotation

What is Denotation? Definition & 30 Examples of Denotation

Many people use the word “meaning” in ordinary vernacular when they actually mean “denotation.” This is...
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Assonance in Literature

What is Assonance in Literature? Definition & Examples

Assonance is a literary device that repeats vowel sounds in nearby words. It is used to...
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Dream Sequence

How to Write a Compelling Dream Sequence: The Dos and Don’ts

A dream sequence is a necessary device within many narratives and storytelling because it allows writers...
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Pathos in Literature

Pathos in Literature – Definition, Examples, and Techniques

Pathos is a rhetorical device that is used to appeal to the emotions of an audience....
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Motif in Literature

Motif in Literature: Definition and Examples

Any subject or concept, no matter how common or taken for granted, can be considered a...
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types of poems

Check Out 10 Types of Poems and How to Identify Them

There are different types of poems in literature.  Poems come in all shapes and sizes, but...
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APA style

How to Format a Research Paper in APA Style

The American Psychological Association (APA) style is the most commonly used format for writing scientific and...
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writing coach

Writing Coach Explained – Why You Should Hire One

A writing coach is a professional who helps writers achieve their writing goals. They provide feedback,...
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