how to publish a poem

How to Publish a Poem in 3 Astonishing Ways

There are many paths to becoming a published poet. This article will outline three of the...
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Feeling Lonely at Home? Kill Boredom With These 40 Things

Yes, you may be alone at home. You may be bored. And you may even need...
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types of readers

13 Different Types of Readers: Where Do You Belong?

Many people begin a book with little knowledge about how they will actually read it. Some...
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Best Dystopian Novels

16 Best Dystopian Novels You Should Read

 Science fiction is a genre that is often not taken seriously – people have a tendency...
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Best Self-Help Books

25 Best Self-Help Books to Read In 2022

The following list is a compilation of the 25 best self-help books of all time. There...
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Amazing Dragon Books

12 Amazing Dragon Books to Read and Have Fun

When you think of dragons, do you think about the loving, caring side of these beasts?...
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Greatest Historical Fiction Novels

The 20 Greatest Historical Fiction Novels to Read

History is the part of the “human experience” that is actually worth reading about. It may...
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best short stories

20 Best Short Stories to Keep Yourself Busy Always

Everyone has their favorite short stories, whether it be in the form of a book or...
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kid's book

11 Classic Kid’s Books of 0 – 8 years To buy for your kids

Reading is a fun and enjoyable activity that sparks the imagination. This article examines 11 classic...
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Best Adventure Books

20 Best Adventure Books to Read Today

Adventure books are everywhere and part of every age. We all like to imagine ourselves as...
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