barnes and noble

How to Self-Publish a Book on Barnes and Noble Press

I know at this point, you’ve heard about the publishing platform Barnes and Noble Press. It is a free, fast, and easy-to-use self-publishing platform dedicated to those looking to self-publish their books... Read more »
book on lulu

Lulu Self-Publishing: How to Self-Publish Your Book on Lulu

Self-publishing a book on Lulu is just one of the added ways to earn more income from your books. And when it comes to the internet, there are many publishing scams out... Read more »
blog to an ebook

How to Convert a Blog to an Ebook: 7 Easy Ways to Do It

Before the advent of blogging, writers needed to either write a book or have access to an organized platform before they could share their experiences or thoughts. Well, long gone are those... Read more »
how to publish an audiobook in bennyselfpublishing publish an audiobook

How to Publish an Audiobook: Inspiring Step by Step Process

Today, we would be talking about how to publish an audiobook. Yes, that’s right, I’ll spell out all of the little details. But I’ll like to ask a little question. Have you... Read more »
how to copyright a book

Book Copyrighting: How to Copyright a Book in 5 Easy Steps

As a new author, the question “how to copyright a book” is one you must have asked. Well, if you do not have an answer to that question yet, we have got... Read more »
book royalties calculator in bennyselfpublishing book royalties calculator

Book Royalty: 5 Best Book Royalties Calculator

The best step towards understanding a book royalty calculator is understanding the concept of book royalties. In its simplest form, royalty is a form of payment that the owner of an intellectual... Read more »
self-help books

Books to Read: 20 Self-Help Books to Read to Succeed in Life

Succeeding in life involves more than paying attention to school books. In as much as you will need to give a great deal of attention to school books, if you must go... Read more »
kid's books

Kid’s Books: 50 Best Children’s Books of All Time for Kid’s to Read

Reading is a great habit and one everyone should engage in (Adults and kids inclusive). Although reading is beneficial to people of all ages, the average adult might be oblivious of the... Read more »
read books online

Online Free Book: 16 Platforms to Read Books Online for Free

If you’re a lover of books, then lucky for you; the internet is filled with many items and books to soothe your taste. There are places you can read books online for... Read more »
book publishing

Book Publishing Made Easy: Follow These Simple Steps to Publish a Book

Yes, you have an idea, then what? Your manuscript is done, then what? How do you make that idea on paper, publish it, and show it to the world—that’s what every author... Read more »

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