Feeling Lonely at Home? Kill Boredom With These 40 Things

Yes, you may be alone at home. You may be bored. And you may even need some ways to pass the time without putting your life at risk (don’t do anything stupid like wrap yourself in duct tape and pretend you’re a mummy).

Worry not, for I have compiled a list of activities that will render you fairly busy throughout the day. Some of them are fairly simple, yet effective; others require skill or creativity; but all of them have been tried and tested by yours truly – me who can attest to their effectiveness.

40 Things to Do When You’re feeling lonely at home

1. Call someone (preferably your best friend). Chances are they’ll be as bored as you are and will gladly spend the next few hours talking on the phone with you – especially if there is no pre-set time limit on how long one has to talk before getting charged for it. Organize a session where everyone plays their favorite board games (or card games, or whatever). Chess, Monopoly, and Scrabble are not excluded from this list.

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2. Go on YouTube and look up some random things/videos just to see what comes up next; it’ll help you kill time and get a better understanding of new trends.

3. Talk to yourself for a while (if nobody else wants to) – it may be weird talking to yourself but hey if no one answers then who cares how weird it sounds? It could also help improve your public speaking skills by teaching you how to speak more clearly.

4. Listen to music; preferably the kind you used to listen to when you were in High School. There are times when listening to old songs won’t do – like if the song is about a boy who broke up with you or something – but for most other cases, it’s perfect!

5. Eat too much ice cream and chocolate; not only will it keep your belly warm in cold weather, but it’ll also give you a reason to lie down on the bed and watch TV (or read a book) while complaining that you feel sick and can’t move (but don’t actually say that in real life).

6. Organize and play a game of Spin the Bottle/Truth or Dare/Seven Minutes in Heaven with friends (if possible) or just by yourself – it’s up to you whether or not there should be any additional players involved because joining is entirely optional.

7. Jumping jacks! What? Don’t act as they’ve never crossed your mind until now.

8. Organize a party/sleepover with friends (if possible) but if not, then at least try to make it a night worth remembering by yelling out loud about how much fun you’re going to have tonight! It’ll definitely help keep your mind off the fact that everyone is probably sleeping now.

9. Watch reruns of your favorite TV series’ episodes; they’ve been available for quite some time now on different websites as well as YouTube after all.

10. Bake cookies or cupcakes – yes, even if there isn’t anyone around who’ll eat them in the end.

11. Watch TV or read a book if you’re really bored but want to find something to do instead of just sitting around doing nothing at all.

12. Get stuck in your imagination – if that happens, good for you! If it doesn’t, then try again until it does because at least this way you’ll be able to think about what could’ve been and how everything would’ve turned out had things actually worked out well for you (as sadistic as this might sound).

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13. Visit social media sites like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest because who knows there could be something new on there that has happened since the last time you checked up on them which means that if there’s not, you can just create one yourself to pass time.

14. Try to go on a diet/workout because it’ll help you lose weight and become more healthy (although this is optional).

15. Get something done that you’ve been putting off for quite some time now whether that’s studying or cleaning your bedroom – or both at the same time!

16. Listen to “The Fox” song by Ylvis because it’s catchy, fun, unpredictable, and beyond hilarious.

17. Volleyball/Beach volleyball/Kickball with friends (if possible) or just by yourself because it’s still bound to be fun regardless of how many players there are on the field… Or in this case, around it since technically there aren’t any boundaries except for your own imagination so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

18. Learn something new about yourself or another person; if you succeed, congratulations! If you fail, no big deal. You can learn one thing about someone and another thing about yourself.

19. Go out to eat with friends or family; it’s an easy way for everyone to bond and enjoy each other’s company after all even if it’s just for a short period of time.

20. Try eating things that are “weird” spicy or sweet (if possible) – who knows? You might end up liking them!

21. Watch the sunset or sunrise depending on when you’re planning on doing this – remember, not everyone has the chance to see such great views so if you do, don’t let it pass by without looking at the beauty that’s before your eyes because one day it will be gone.

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22. Do something that scares you even though chances are it won’t end well – sometimes in life, people need to take risks in order for them to grow stronger as an individual which means they should take every single opportunity they have in order for this concept to come to life.

23. Build a blanket fortress with your friends/family and then watch a movie underneath it because blankets are not only comfortable but they’re also great for hiding from an impending zombie apocalypse (unanimously agreed by most people).

24. Teach someone something you know how to do whether it’s a song, a dance, or anything else for that matter! It doesn’t even have to be related to what they already know; heck, use this as an opportunity to learn something new!

25. Read an interesting article, or listen to some appropriate music; all of these things are effective methods to change the mood after a long day at school/work.

26. Go on the computer and try to beat your high score in a game you’ve been playing for months/years; if you do so, see how long it takes before you repeat this step again.

27. Play with bubble wrap – who knew that popping bubbles could be so much fun?

28. Google something random just to see what comes up next; I can assure you that you’ll be surprised at least once or twice during your sessions but hey, that’s part of the fun!

29. Go on Amazon and buy random things just because you wanted to do so – if it doesn’t work out, no big deal! Amazon has a great return policy that allows its users to return any item they purchased at least once for whatever reason without having to worry about additional fees or penalties.

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30. Plant some flowers or a small vegetable garden – this is definitely a long-term project but it’s definitely worth it in the end!

31. Make up a dance (if possible) – check up a tutorial online. Well, the internet contains plenty of useful videos which explain various ways to make up dances.

32. Learn how to draw something; this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be perfect at first but with time and practice… Who knows what will happen?

33. Practice saying positive quotes out loud in front of a mirror – this may seem odd however believe me when I say that it can be a very effective way to start off your day on a good note!

34. Bake something – preferably something chocolate-related because chocolate is amazing.

35. Take a nap – this one is self-explanatory and should be taken advantage of whenever possible!

36. Rearrange your room/apartment – it’s always fun to see how different things look when they’re in a different spot.

37. Be a tourist in your own city – there are probably plenty of things you haven’t seen before or haven’t had the chance to explore so go out and do so! You may be surprised at what you find.

38. Write down the memories/’five things you don’t know about me’ etc onto colorful paper and hang them on your wall; it’ll give all future guests something to talk about!

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39. Ask someone out on a date even though you’ll most likely get rejected – take that chance and see what happens because nothing good will happen if you do not try.

40. Do whatever you want to do; life is all about living so plan out something fun and do it!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – forty different Things to Do When You’re Home Alone. These activities are by no means exhaustive and can be tailored to fit anyone’s specific needs/preferences – all that is required is a little imagination.

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