Online Work From Home Jobs: 11 Unique Jobs That Pay Daily

The question most often asked via my email is this, “Please, are there any online jobs that pay daily, weekly, or within hours?” Truth be told, when I get these questions, I don’t know how to place them or thread the words, so I had to do my little research and throw in the answer in this kind of way.

But before we do proceed, here are just a few things you need to keep in mind;

  1. Do not think online jobs that pay daily are free piggy-banks. On the contrary, they’re known to be cheap or pay low—and that’s because the work given to you is simple. So, when you want to do this, make sure you consider these only as side-gigs and not some actual job.
  2. Some of the companies prefer to deposit your cash through your PayPal account. And suppose you aren’t familiar with PayPal. In that case, I strongly advise that you read our post on creating a PayPal account and the benefits of using one.

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With that said, here are some high-paying survey sites to begin making that quick buck;

  • Harris Poll Online
  • Survey Junkie
  • Swagbucks

List of Internet Jobs that pay daily

jobs that pay daily

1. Survey Junkie

This is one of the most famous internet jobs that pay daily. All you have to do is take online surveys.

SurveyJunkie is known as an online website in which you can start up any time and at any hour.

It’s available to people all over the world and is known to pay its users daily. Now, getting your account created on the platform is particularly easy. All you need to do is provide a few basic information needed to complete your profile and link how you wish to get paid.

jobs that pay daily

They are known to ask just a few questions, such as experience, education, and online interests as preferred, etc. these questions will be used to determine your overall eligibility for online surveys. And the stuff here is, you may not qualify for all their survey, not to worry. This is something that happens on the internet.

However, for every online survey that you do complete, you do get specific points.

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And these points can be gotten either as cash or in the form of gift vouchers from various brands.

Why this is a bit catchy to most users is this, you can get paid daily! It’s a website I highly recommend.

2. OneSpace

jobs that pay daily

OneSpace for freelancers is simply a site that offers various online jobs that pay daily. They are known to give transcription, content writing, and many other jobs that suit all freelancers.

3. Clear Voice

If writing is your kind of stuff and you wish to get a job that pay daily as a side hustle. Then it is high time you check up on ClearVoice. This company is said to pay you to write with various brands. So all you need to do is make sure you fill out all the necessary information. You can also set your rate. And the company is said to help you get good jobs through its various talent network.

All of the assignments that you would be given will match your expertise as well as your rate. All you need to do is update your profile. Then, upload some of your sample works and get paid immediately.

4. Lime

jobs that pay daily

This is a site that you get a job that pays daily all by charging electric scooters. That’s all you need to do. The Lime company is said to have three chargers which you can work with. All you need to do is head to the website and apply—it’s as simple as that.

They are known to pay from 5 dollars to 15 dollars per scooter. And the company will offer you an app that will permit you to track the scooter’s locations daily. You can also get paid the same day if your job is duly completed.

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5. Gig Walk

Similar to a field agent, this company is known to provide similar side jobs that pay daily. Gigwalk is also known to use the mobile app as a platform. All you need to do is go around various businesses, stores taking videos or photos, checking price tags, etc.

6. A Better Call

jobs that pay daily

A better Call is a longstanding B2B service company that offers various virtual call service jobs such as cold calling, lead generation, appointment setting, etc., for experienced staff. The pay is around 20 dollars an hour.

7. Crowdsurf

Crowdsurf is known to pay you to caption videos right from your house. The pay is said to be flexible, and payments are made once per week via PayPal.

8. Transcribe me

jobs that pay daily

This is something much more interesting than filling up online surveys. But, as the name suggests, TranscibeMe is all about getting paid daily for typing down an audio that you hear on clips. But one thing you have to know is that this doesn’t sound as easy as you might want to think.

Before you begin earning on this free online site jobs that pay daily, you’ll have to clear the qualification exams.

When first signing up on the website, you’ll find documents that guide you on the basic transcription process that they do-follow.

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Their pay is around ten dollars to twenty dollars per hour for each audio that you transcribe. It is somewhat higher for specialists in medical or legal transcription. However, this is the case that needs more training and expertise on your part. You do have to note that this rate is per hour of audio that you do transcribe.

And the effort that’s involved in four minutes for every one minute of audio.

For this job, a good grasp of the English Language, typing speed, and punctuation are all necessary to achieve.

You can also become a transcriber in foreign languages like French and Spanish if you are also fluent.

The pay is said to be higher too with these skills.

Lastly, it does take some time to find good gigs and build up a profile and a job that pays daily.

9. Slice the Pie

jobs that pay daily

Slice the Pie is known to offer the chance to earn by simply listening to music, which is the best free online job that pays daily.

This is one good way to make that extra cash off the internet for those who like listening to music.

Now, on this website, musicians need to upload the work they desire to let other people listen to. As for you, you are their audience, and all you need to do is listen to the given music and offer a rating and a review.

Reviewers, just like you, are said to be ‘scouts’ on this website. But, most of the time, all you’ll have to do is listen to the work of new artists who are still making a name for themselves in some way.

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The artists who do get the highest ratings are then part of the website’s showcase. So the scouts also get a chance to support these artists in some way apart from taking money out of their pockets to finance them.

In return, you can expect free music and merchandise. You also have to listen to a minimum of ninety seconds of a given track; only then will you be eligible to drop down a review and supporting the artist.

And, the more precise, clear, and thorough your review, the better your earning opportunities would be. In addition to the music, this online job platform permits reviewers to look at fashion too.

The pay is also said to be from 4 cents, but it’s said to increase as you review the more. A small amount of at least ten dollars must be in your account before you make any withdrawal. It also allows anyone over the age of 13 to sign up and earn some cash. The only limitation here is PayPal, which is a must if you wish to get paid.

10. My Points

jobs that pay daily

MyPoints is said to be among the best reward programs known to pay in gift cards and cash. It is another wonderful internet jobs that pay daily platform that you can harness.  The app alone is said to have paid its users over $200 million since its creation. And currently is ranked the highest paying free online job that pays daily in the world. In addition, each purchase you make at stores linked with the program can earn you about forty percent back.

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You also have the liberty to make money by taking surveys, participating in given polls, and engaging in various ads. The app is also said to pay you to play all types of games. And the payment is made via Gift Cards and PayPal to more than 1000 retailers. So, if you are one crazy online shopper, then this platform is just the right one for you.

11. Easy Shift

This is an online job that pay daily too, and all you need to do is complete quick jobs at shops, and local stores called shifts via your cellphone. It entails taking product photos, examining them, checking the price tags, and reviewing them. You can earn up to twenty dollars per single shift on the EasyShift platform.

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