Freelance Writing Job: 8 Top Magazines that Pay Writers $100+

The average freelance writer that earns money writing is perhaps used to getting writing jobs from the many online platforms designed for freelancers. Nonetheless, beyond getting jobs on the many freelance platforms, writers can make money writing for magazines.

In as much as lots of freelancers are aware of the many platforms where they can get steady writing jobs from clients,  not a lot of freelance writers are sure of the magazines where they can earn over $100 dollars per article.

Are you a freelance writer looking to make money from writing for magazines? Contained in this article are 8 magazines that pay writers $100+. Let’s find out what they are.

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Is It Hard to Find Freelance Writing Jobs?

Finding freelance writing jobs might not be the easiest of things to do. However, like every other challenge, it is one that you can deal with when you have access to the right information.

What are The Qualifications Necessary to Become a Freelance Writer?

As a person, you have a higher chance of writing unique and thoughtful articles if you have a degree in English, communications, or journalism. However, the most important qualification in freelance writing is having a portfolio to present to your recruiter. It is one of the major things that convinces the recruiter that you are capable of handling the job.

Top Magazines that Pay Writers $100+

1. Tin House 

freelance writing job

Tin House magazine is focused on putting out American fiction. It is open to freelance writers that can submit poetry, fiction, and essays that are up to 10,000 words. It is one of the freelance writing jobs you can apply for.

2. Narrative Magazine 

freelance writing job

This magazine has a reputation for putting out materials in various niches and is open to writers that can stick to its guidelines. Generally, every subject submitted to this magazine has to be between 500 and 15,000 words.

When looking to submit a job to Narrative Magazine, you will have to make use of its electronic submission system. Submissions cannot be made through email or postal service.

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Furthermore, there are various categories under which submissions can be made. These categories are a specific context, Reader’s Narrative, Story of the Week. Also, these submissions must come in specific forms. You can send them in .flv, .mov, .mp3,. mp4, .odf, .txt, .pdf. .rtf. docx, .doc.

In as much as the payment for freelance writing jobs on this magazine is more than $100, the exact amount a writer gets for a freelance writing job submitted is dependent on the exact category they submitted a job under. When a job is submitted under the Story of the Week category, it attracts a pay of $150. This is increased to $400 for the best five stories of the week every year.

If a manuscript is between 500 to 2000 words and gets accepted, the writer gets to earn between $150 and $350. In as much as the length of a manuscript has an impact on the amount to be paid, the nature of the write-up is also given a great deal of consideration before payment is made.

3. Clarkesworld Magazine 

freelance writing job

This magazine is focused on fantasy and science-fiction. All things being equal every word put out by a freelance writer on ClarkesWorld Magazine attracts a pay of 10 cents. Furthermore, every submission to this magazine has to be between 1,000 to 16,000 words.

There are various categories of jobs that can be submitted to Clarkesworld. If you are submitting fiction, then, it has to be between 1000 to 22000 words. Payment is usually through Check or PayPal. However, if you are an international author, you can get paid through wire transfer.

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In as much as this magazine is open to science fiction, to be successful writing for this magazine, there are some contents you are not allowed to put up. If a story has anything to do with sexy vampires, zombies, demonic children, wicked witches, etc., you should avoid posting it in this magazine.

 4. Virginia Quarterly Review 

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Virginia Quarterly Review (VQR for short), is a magazine that pays writers up to $1000. It is open to writers that are proficient in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. Furthermore, every freelance writer that is looking to get their work on VQR should be willing to put out a write-up that is between 2000 and 9000 words. While the pay for short fiction is usually $1,000 and over, the payment for poems is usually about $200.

5. Confrontation Magazine 

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Confrontation Magazine was established in 1968. At the establishment, its major concern was getting good writers that were living in the shadow of already established writers into the limelight. In as much as it has a strong interest in unknown writers, it still receives writing jobs from very well-known writers.

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There is no barrier to the age of people that can get their works published in this magazine. So far, confrontation magazine has published the jobs of Nobel Prize winners, as well as the job of a 14-year-old writer.

This magazine has a reputation for helping relatively unknown writers get into the limelight. It is a magazine that is open for submission in three major categories. They are non-fiction, stories, and poetry.

The payment for every submission on this platform is $250. Also, submissions are not supposed to exceed 7,200 words.

6. The Puritan Magazine 

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This magazine is constantly in need of writers to submit reviews, poems, essays, and interviews. Amazingly, you do not have to reside in a specific part of the world to have your work published in this magazine.

There is no fixed payment for freelance writing jobs submitted to this magazine. Generally, the payment for an interview is $100, $200 for essays, $100 for reviews, and $150 for fiction.

Payments on this magazine are usually issued by cheque or PayPal. Payment can also be done in CAD. The implication of this is writers who are unwilling to have payments in any of these forms do not need to submit their work to this website.

As a writer of the Puritan Magazine, you do not have to make any payments before you are able to submit your jobs. Although you do not have to pay any amount to submit your jobs to this magazine, if you want to take part in a competition, you will need to pay a small fee. This fee is usually $20 and if you emerge a winner in poetry and fiction, you will receive a prize of $1000. However, if you come second, you will get a fee of $200.

7. Nashville Review 

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Nashville Review is run by MFA students and is an online literary magazine. It publishes nonfiction, art, comics, poetry, and fiction. If you are looking to submit your work to this magazine, you must note that it should not exceed 8,000 words. Additionally, once your work gets published, you will be paid $100.

This magazine has reading periods. So, if you must successfully have your work published, it is important that you know what its reading periods are. If you are looking to submit nonfiction, poetry, and fiction, you should do this either in September, May, or January. After making your submissions, you should expect a response in 4-5 months. Although there are specific times for submissions in non-fiction, poetry, and fiction, you do not have to wait for a particular time of the year if you want to publish a work in Arts and Comics.

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When looking to have your work published in this online magazine, you do not have to pay a fee. Additionally, you do not have to put any contact or personal information on your manuscript.

Although Nashville review does not accept jobs that have been previously published, it is okay if you submit a job to this magazine and another magazine simultaneously. However, if your job gets published in another magazine before it is approved on Nashville review, you simply need to drop a note through Submittable.

8. Iowa Review 

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Iowa Review magazine is open to freelance writers that can submit poetry, plays, excerpts, self-contained novels, graphic novels, flash fiction, and short stories. It scrutinizes every submission and pays writers $100 after their work gets published.

As a writer that is looking to submit a non-contest manuscript to this magazine, you will need to make your submissions between the 1st of September to the 1st of November. If your job is submitted at another time, it will not be given attention.

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When looking to submit your work to this magazine, you will have to pay a fee of $4. Also, submission cannot be done through email. That’s not all. Every paper submission must be put in a stamped envelope. Additionally, it is okay to submit one freelance writing job to this magazine and another platform. However, as soon as it gets published on another platform, you will need to get in touch with Iowa Review to pull down the submission.

The Takeaway

Having your work published in magazines as a writer is a lot different from getting jobs on the many online platforms for freelancers. When looking for a freelance writing job, you simply need to get registered and look out for writing jobs that you can handle. However, when working as a writer for magazines, you need to have a finished product and simply submit it for publication.

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