Content Writing Jobs: 15 Places to Search for Writing Gigs

Getting content writing jobs is not an easy task. It might seem like a task that no one will find challenging. However, if you are not sure where to search for content writing jobs, you might spend so much time at this without any success.

Are you a writer who has always struggled to get content writing gigs? You are not alone, I’ve got you covered. Contained in this article are several places you can search for content writing jobs. This is regardless of the part of the world you are based.

Do You Need a Platform to Get Content Writing Jobs?

Traditionally, if one came across a writer, it will be easy to assume they have already put out a body of works. While this might be what is expected, not every writer is actually a published author. The implication of this is you could be a writer without any plan to publish a book.

If you are a writer that is not looking to publish a book, one of the ways you can make money from your writing skills is by searching for content writing jobs on the many reputable platforms where writers can earn money.

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That being said, let’s walk through the many places where writers can search for content writing jobs.

 Find out 15 Places to Search for Content Writing Jobs

content writing jobs

1. LinkedIn 

Linkedin is not a platform that is famous as a place where writers can get jobs. However, in very much the same way as you can get other jobs on LinkedIn if you are a writer and are looking to get writing jobs, LinkedIn is a platform you should give thoughts.

As a writer on LinkedIn, you will have to be proactive as you might not be able to get anything done by waiting for people to put up content writing jobs. Rather than waiting for people to put up jobs, you will need to reach out to prospective clients and pitch them ideas.

Although you can make good progress without having a premium membership on LinkedIn, you will need premium membership if you must get the best out of this platform.

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Beyond the mere fact that you can always pitch your ideas to your prospective clients, lots of people on LinkedIn put up updates when the firms they are working with are in search of professionals in different fields. This means you can stumble across opportunities if you check your feeds regularly.

2. Listverse 

Listverse is a great site for people that want to earn money from writing. However, it is not a site for just any writer. If you have plans of writing on Listverse, you will need to keep up with trends and have a good sense of humor. These are in addition to generic features such as good grammar.

When you put up an article with a list of 10 items on Listverse, you will earn $100.

3. Writerbay

To get writing gigs on Writerbay, you do not have to write in a particular niche. You simply need to be good at whatever niche you write in. This is important as this platform is concerned about the quality of articles delivered as well as how early they are delivered.

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Since this platform is very particular about the quality of articles, every prospective writer has to pass a test before being qualified to write. Furthermore, you do not need to pay any fees for registration or membership.

4. All Freelance writing 

All Freelance Writing platform has been existing since 2006 and is a great place where people that are new to writing can start a career. On this site, you do not have to write without an idea of how much you will earn from a job as rates are made open.

Although this platform is famous for helping writers earn from their skills, it does more than just offer writers a means to make money from their skills. It offers them tips for making it to the next level in their careers.

5. Scripted 

Scripted is a platform for writers that can handle various content writing jobs comfortably. These writing jobs could be bulk social media posts, articles, and blog posts.

Every writer on this platform has to be comfortable working as a ghost writer. So, if you are not comfortable writing without taking credit for your writing, Scripted might not be ideal for you.

Although an American platform, Scripted is open to people residing in the United States and people in other parts of the world.

There is no fixed amount to be earned on this platform per job. The amount a writer makes for every job is dependent on the type of content being handled, the niche, and the length of the article. Also, payment on this platform is made available five days after a job gets approved. That’s not all. If a job gets rejected, writers could get half pay instead of no pay at all.

6. WriterAccess 

This platform is home to translators, copy editors, writers, and proofreaders. Lots of companies get registered on WriterAccess to meet good writers. This means, there is a regular job flow.

In as much as anyone that can write can earn on this platform, it is a great platform for anyone that is an authority in a particular niche. There are several good writers on this platform. So, if you want to get noticed easily, it is best you put up some of your samples on your profile. You might also want to narrow it down to a niche.

Although narrowing down to a niche can help you succeed on this site, the right SEO skills will also come in handy in helping you succeed.

7. Constant Content 

Unlike lots of other sites in this article where writers are paid to write on a certain topic, writers on Constant Content do not really have to write on an assigned topic.  Rather, they sell already written content. This platform is a link between established writers and top firms.

If you are signing up as a writer on this platform, you are basically supposed to sell your work. On the other hand, if you are a proofreader and editor, you can offer your services to writers that need some proofreading.

8. Freelancer 

Freelancer is definitely one of the most famous platforms for writers looking to make a living from writing. There are several reasons for this. One of them is it has the highest number of users and jobs.  It is open to creative writers, content strategists, editors, copywriters, etc.

Getting started on this platform is easy. You simply need to get registered, look out for jobs in your niche, apply for a job you are interested in, and get started with the job if you get hired.

On Freelancer, the pay is not fixed. It is up to you to define the amount you are willing to make from writing a job during your bid.

9. Flexjobs 

From the name of this site, it is quite obvious what t is centered on. Flexjobs is a platform for writers that are looking to work in a flexible environment. If you do not want to work as a writer full time, you might want to try out this platform.

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Flexjobs is open to journalists, technical writers, news writers, columnists, bloggers, content managers, and copywriters. The pay on this platform is dependent on word count and how technical the job is.

10. Freelancewritingjobs 

This platform was designed for writers that are looking for writing gigs that come with good pay. Although Freelancewritingjobs was designed for writers, not all the jobs it offers are exactly about writing. Nonetheless, they are always related to writing in some way.

The jobs posted on this platform do not come with a payment rate. Usually, the writer has to negotiate with the firm or company that hires them before a price is fixed.

The site does not let people put up low paying jobs. So, you do not have to worry about working for low pay.

11. BloggingPro 

This platform is not only open to bloggers. Nonetheless, it is focused majorly on bloggers. This is quite obvious from its name.

The BloggingPro platform is free and has its jobs properly classified. So, you do not have to spend time checking out jobs that you are not interested in.

To get the best from this site, you might need to have a link to your previous jobs and also a resume as lots of employers look forward to these before giving out a job.

The payment on this platform is usually $15 per hour and is never short of jobs as jobs get updated every day.

12. Problogger 

This platform was designed with bloggers in mind. It is a platform with lots of tools that bloggers can take advantage of to get better at what they do and also enjoy the services of top-level writers.

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Although designed majorly for bloggers, Problogger is a site for writers as bloggers will always be on the look for writers in various niches.

The pay on this site is determined by the type of job being handled.

13. Upwork 

Formerly called oDesk, Upwork is a famous platform among writers and individuals looking to hire writing services. It does not matter the type of writing job you are comfortable handling or how long you have been writing. So long you can meet the needs of individuals or firms in need of writers, you will definitely be able to earn a decent living from writing in Upwork

14. iWriter 

From the name of this site, it is obvious that it was designed for people looking to earn a living from writing. Getting started on iWriter is easy. All you have to do is get signed in. When you sign up, before getting access to the available content writing jobs, you will need to take a brief test. After passing the test, you can go in and select whatever available article you can handle comfortably.

15. Fiverr

Fiverr is an Israeli platform that was designed for all types of freelancers including writers. It is a platform that is easy to maneuver and the least amount one can make working on Fiverr is $5. This is perhaps the reason for its name. It is one of the best platforms to source for content writing jobs.

The takeaway

There are lots of other sites writers can get writing gigs from. However, if you are successful on those mentioned in this article, you can be said to be a successful writer.

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