Top 10 Websites to Freely Download E-Book Templates

About 80 percent of people in the world cannot do without reading. I believe that reading is the best way to get and execute knowledge from a given source. It’s all too nice if we could freely download e-book templates from sites without any hassles of formatting, and the likes.

The crux here is, when it comes to downloading free e-book templates from sites, people need to know where the goldmine is. This is the reason I’ve made my research—thoroughly checking for details when it comes to this matter and duly compiled a list for your use.

Before we do proceed, let’s look at the meaning of an ebook template.

what is an e-book template?

An e-book template is simply a predesigned document that includes all of the elements of a book such as; layout, headings, color scheme, typography, etc. With a given template, you can tweak these elements to make nice e-book designs for your given brand.

Ready to move forward? Good!

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Wait a minute! I have to also make you know this, each of these templates is sure to make you freely download e-books and share content so that others would be able to enjoy it. The templates I’ll be sharing are complete with their chapter page, table of contents, call-to-action page, copy pages, and the likes.

Top 10 Websites to Freely download e-book templates


download e-book templates

VISME is simply an informative visual presentation tool, which you can freely download e-book templates.

With a free version, you’re able to get at least six simplistic and modern e-book designs. VISME also has a drag-and-drop feature, making it easy for you to tweak or customize the given templates and add them to your logo.

Suppose you wish to have more template images, sizes, watermarks, etc., and all sorts of customization options. In that case, this site can be pretty handy.

You can get their standard version for as low as 14 dollars a month or a complete version for 25 dollars a month. The Export Format is JPG and PDF.

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Some of the disadvantages when it comes to this site are;

  1. If you freely download the e-book version, your e-book would surely have a watermark.
  2. The charts, widgets, templates are all limited in the free version.
  3. You have the liberty to make five e-books. And after that, you’ll need to update to the paid version.


download e-book templates

Blurb is a book design software that provides masterpieces to your delight—and yes, I said that!

They are known to have e-book templates and designs that need to be paid for. But not to worry, they have free downloadable e-book designs. All you need to do is, open an account with them, then proceed by downloading the Bookwright software, and you can tweak the e-book designs, which can be modified. When it comes to Blurb, it can be exported in PDF format.

Some of the disadvantages when it comes to freely downloading e-books from this site is;

  1. If you’re looking forward to having an e-book beyond the norm, then you’ll have to pay a price of at least 4 dollars—which is pretty cheap if you ask me.


download e-book templates

When it comes to penning down your thoughts in words and presenting them as an e-book or article, this platform offers you one of the best ways to express your feelings. TEMPLATE.NET, as the name does suggest, is an online directory for all sorts of templates, ranging from business card designs, website design templates, and the likes.

But I guess what you’ll wholly find when it comes to this article is e-book designs. The directory is known to have lots of free downloadable e-book templates and paid e-book templates, and most of them can be fully tweaked. The Export Format is in EPUB, DOC, and AI.

Some of the disadvantages when it comes to this site are;

  1. You must surely give credit with a link to the site. And if perhaps, you’re printing the e-book, there must be some way to give the needed accolade or credit to the site.
  2. And just like most other tools, you have more avenues to tweak, and some of the best designs are only in PRO PLUS plans and PRO.


download e-book templates

LUCIDPRESS as a user-friendly platform, which you can use to create and freely download e-book templates. You can get at least five modern e-book templates with a somewhat limited tweak or customization with just the free version.

When it comes to LUCIDPRESS, you’re able to find more exquisite looking free downloadable templates, and their drag-and-drop feature are known to make tweaking your book way easier.


download e-book templates

When it comes to Snappa, I’ll say this isn’t exactly a site to freely download e-book templates, which means it isn’t an e-book design software app. But one thing is for sure; they do offer free e-book templates.

And ideally, that shouldn’t be kept on the back burner as it is very necessary. We all know that an e-book design is very important because it does increase the rate at which your book is accepted in the market. Without it, your book is as good as nothing. And being that it is the first part of the book readers are going to see.

So, when it comes to your e-book designs, could you not treat them lightly?

6. Xara 

download e-book templates

Using this platform, you can step up your e-book marketing strategy, which is done by creating neat, attractive-looking e-book templates. There are many free downloadable e-book templates to choose from.  Xara  is one of the platforms to download e-book templates.

Xara makes a professional e-book template. When using Xara to write an e-book as PDF for publishing, do make sure the font is safe—that’s needed. Make sure you do not use many visuals because if you do so, the file could bloat.

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However, is the case, you can personalize, and brand templates with the tools present for the free version.

And if you wish to have more tools, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version, which is 12 dollars for a month for the PRO, and about 16 dollars for the PRO plus.


download e-book templates

This one can be somewhat misleading. Their table of contents and their subheading show that they have one section for templates in their post, but they offer mostly image files.

Fizzle aren’t known to have source files in any way to download and adapt, which means they aren’t e-book templates; they are inspirational images or visuals. However, you can still use this to inspire your design, but one thing is for sure, you’ll need to get it all together right from the basics—and it isn’t going to be so easy.

8. BestinDesign Templates

download e-book templates 

The e-book templates found here are made for InDesign, a professional designer feature used by various book publishers and magazine producers. So, finding a good template that works for this program can have a little issue. So, BestinDesign is only good for experts that are pretty good at designing templates.

The templates are said to range from catalogs to brochures to even standard books and covers various topics.

This means there’s always something for you when you freely download e-book templates here.

They are known to have numerous templates, and having or subscribing to an account on their site is just 6 dollars a month, so it might be worth the time if you do find the one you so like.

9. Small Biz Trends template

download e-book templates

There are only two e-book templates when it comes to Small Biz Trends, which means you don’t get a lot when it comes here. One template is made for reports and a corporate style, while the other is pretty modern. They’re also simple and offered in .docx format directly from the article.

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And do not be alarmed if they don’t look all too great—this website has been kept on this list because it’s free. So, if you like the free but somewhat professional stuff, then this is the site for you.


download e-book templates

Although Creatopy has been termed the banner maker, that isn’t all there is to it. It’s pretty intuitive and a top-notch graphic design tool that lets you make clean and spectacular designs; and collaborate with them right on the website.

The site is said to come with numerous downloadable e-book templates, which can either be said to be free or paid, thereby giving you the avenue to create social media posts, display ads, and lots of printed materials.

And this is the site you can also find e-book covers, fourteen of them are completely free for you to edit and download in PNG or JPG formats—there are also more formats available in the paid plans.

And here’s the catch, most of the e-book cover on the site looks pretty good and follows the latest design structure. You can export the format in PNG and JPG.


So, there’s no need to go through the painstaking process of creating a nice e-book right from scratch—no. There are a variety of ready-made freely downloadable e-book templates online; they are also known to ease the process of discovery and help to create a sustainable e-book for your specialty. These sites above are some of the major places to download e-book templates.

There’s no need to involve your designer or buy costly software like Adobe InDesign and the likes. So, with these suggestions as described above, you’ll surely be having an e-book that’ll grandly hit the market prompt!

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