How to Write Introduction of an Article (Tips and Examples)

I had to do something because reading one article yesterday (I won’t mention names, please) made my eyes roll in boredom. The writer talked about a vegan diet and started pretty discouraging to me; I didn’t get any information; it was that bad. This is the reason I had taken it up to tell everyone how to write an introduction for an article.

The internet has much information on how to write introduction of an article, and you might get lost when trying to find the good news when it comes to this. The question which lies here now is how to get your readers hooked by your introduction.

Simply compelling the audience to read your article is in itself a skill on its own. If you’re not good at it, you very well deny yourself all of the juicy gains when it comes to the internet, such as more subscribers and paying customers. Even potential promoters—business people and consumers alike need something pretty catchy to make them tap on your content on reflex.

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Subscribers or consumers are kings when it comes to the internet, and there’s a need to respect that power they do hold. With that knowledge in mind, there’s also a need to create contents that pique their fancy. Not all the boring or random stuff they find online—in essence, there’s a need to have style and a need to be catchy, especially when it comes to the introduction of an article.

Well, let’s get to the basics on how to write an introduction of an article in a more spectacular way, in a way that makes your readers twitch with excitement. Because as far you got them with the introduction, then everything falls into place.

How to write a catchy introduction of an article

introduction of an article

It would be helpful to list them here to get a better insight elaborately;

  1. Make sure to keep the first sentence short and precise; unnecessary words or sentences are a no, no.
  2. It isn’t nice to repeat the title.
  3. Make your introduction brief; everyone gets bored when people babble.
  4. Make sure to use the word “you” at least once.
  5. Do give at least two sentences to clear out what the article talks about.
  6. Do give at least two sentences to explain why the article is pretty essential to the reader.
  7. Indirectly, refer to an issue your article covers, which your readers might feel attached or connected to.
  8. You can tell a little story, but don’t make it so intense.
  9. You can use some stat to convey the message.

1. A Catchy Opening Line

Well, to have a good introduction of an article, all you need to open is a short and precise first sentence. The second your reader hits the page; there’s also a high likelihood that they’ll be leaving the page, especially if you failed to set the stage right.

The one single purpose for the first sentence is to entice the reader to read what you have to offer, or the following sentence at least.

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When that’s done, it sets the stage right for the rest of the article, giving you a good edge in gaining a new customer. When it comes to hooking the reader, it takes extraordinary, calculated steps—so don’t rush it; that’s how to write introduction of an article.

And in this step, if you do fail, your readers won’t be able to scroll. And if they don’t scroll, they won’t engage in your content in any way.

2.Do say something Unusual

I guess you’ve heard this advice repeatedly that you might be tired of it. The recurrent saying of ‘create a hook’ and ‘grab the reader’s attention.’ But how can you write an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention? Most times, we have all of the ideas in the world, which come zapping in our minds, and we are like, ‘Yes, we got it!’. But in such cases, such unnecessary words do not make a good introduction in any way.

IN ESSENCE, what I’m trying to say here is, say something quite peculiar, something not expected. If your first sentence is pretty odd enough to make the reader continue to read your content, then you’ve done one heck of a job. But if you start dry and dull, then you might lose potential subscribers.

3. Is This for me? 

Yes, I started with that subheading because that’s one way to pique your reader’s interest. For example, when you tell someone whatever you do, please don’t place a complete stop at the end of your sentence; the first thing they do is analyzing and trying to find out why that’s unnecessary.

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This is another way to get your readers hooked on the content. It’s a psychological method, and the same psychological tactic works pretty well when writing your introduction.

4. Make the Story short

In some cases, readers tend to be more in tune with your content when you tell a story. Here’s a scientific basis to it, according to the theory of neural coupling, some parts of the brain are in tune when a reader thinks about the same physical and mental activity that a character in the story does.

Stories (and you can make them personal too) make readers interested in the article and keeps them reading what you have to offer to the very end. However, always find a way to make the story as snappy as possible.

5. Adding the Fun fact

When writing an introduction, you need to add some trivia to it. For example, I recently read an article on the same subject as mine that the first American movie to show a toilet being flushed on screen was Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 psychological horror classic, Psycho.

This technique is one good way to grab your reader’s attention in the start, tell them something they don’t know. It’s also the most commonly used How to write Introduction themes in a whole lot of marketing writing.

And this makes sense; all it does is establish the general topic of the content in a fun way and offers the reader something excellent and pleasing to think about or put in memory.

6. Keep the introduction short

When it comes to how long your introduction should be, there’s no standard way. But one thing I’ve observed is this; all readers do have short attention spans. They’re somewhat impatient and desire to get to the crux of the article—in essence; they tend to dislike writers who beat around the bush.

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Your readers are looking for information on issues they need solutions to, so don’t write like you’re writing a research paper, going in detail when it comes to everything.

7. Two sentences are needed to articulate

This is the spot where you tell the reader what the article is all about. Tell them the stuff you’ll be discussing in that order, what are the things the reader would learn, and the likes.

Make sure to lay it out to help set the reader’s expectations and help them decide whether they would want to read the article until the end.

And when it comes to this, do not be scared of writing plainly and descriptively.

8. Two sentences are needed to explain

When it comes to the content of your article, we all know how important that is, right? Let your readers know clearly why it’s pretty important to read the information you desire to serve. You might very well force some readers who would otherwise have bounced to keep on reading the information.

Here are some takeaways on how to write an introduction

The next time you think about the steps on how to write introduction of an article, you need to keep in mind what type of introduction would make you want to read the article.

In your case, do you like your articles long and drudgery?. Does a wordy first sentence make you want to read more of your writing? Well, no.

In my case, if I find such articles, I’ll be like, ‘No, this article is going to take my time, because the writer is beating around the bush. So, I will need to check up an answer quickly’ and bounce from the page. And I don’t think everyone likes long, exhausting stories.

In most cases, if you check up on an article and decide to read past the introduction, your primary purpose is to read on something more unique. The only stuff you desire to hear at the moment is what does the article has to offer when it comes to your issues.

You wish to be placed in a position where the remainder of the article is to be read and analyzed. Something that solves your issues and changes your life.

When it comes to how to write introduction of an article, they can be pretty hard, and writing the best ones can take some time. In some cases, you may find yourself having to rewrite the subject severally before you are satisfied with the result.

And remember, you don’t need to give up on yourself. Keep on honing your skills till you’re perfect in the craft. And you do have to remember; it’s all worth it if it does mean having a few readers.

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