How to Write a Book Foreword for a Book In 5 Easy Steps

Do you wish to learn how to write a book foreword?

If yes, then, you are on the right page. This article contains step by step approach to writing a book foreword.

An average book is made up of several parts and these different parts are key to the success of the book.

One of these many parts is a book foreword.  It is a part of a book that lots of people assume is not so important. Well, regardless of what people think, you must note that a foreword is not any less important than other parts of a book.

A book foreword is indeed short. However, if it does not get written properly, your book might lose the cutting edge it is supposed to have.
Writing it might seem difficult. However, if you know just what to do, it will be absolutely easy. You simply need to follow the step-by-step process in this article to learn how to write a book foreword.

What is a Book Foreword?

There will be no point in knowing how to write a book foreword without knowing what a book foreword is all about.
A book foreword is a part of a book that plays the role of getting the reader acquainted with the book and the author. It is usually not written by an author. Rather, it is written by someone that the author has great respect for.

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Due to this, sometimes, it is a form of endorsement for the book.
In as much as the author is usually not the one to write a book foreword. However, if the author of the book ends up writing it, they take time to talk about the book and the connections they have with it.
A book foreword is an introduction to the book.

But, it should not be confused with the book’s actual introduction. As a form of introduction, a foreword is usually written to the readers of the book.
As an author, it is up to you to select who you think is best suited to write the foreword in your book. You could decide to work with a colleague or friends.
If you are privileged to write a book foreword, you should treat it with every form of seriousness. Also, you simply need to talk about the book and author briefly and let the readers know what they should expect from the book.

Parts of a Book Foreword

A book foreword is made up of different parts and if you must learn how to write a book foreword, you should know the different parts of it. If you cannot clearly define these parts, then, you have no mastered how to write a book foreword.
The basic parts of a book foreword are;


This is the first part of a foreword and the point at which you introduce yourself. It is usually a couple of sentences long and serves as a chance to talk about how you connect with the book and the author.

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In this part, it is important that you let readers know about your credentials, as well as the things you are famous for.
If you are writing a book foreword for an author you do not have a personal relationship with, you simply need to let readers know what they stand to gain from the book.

The Middle

This is the point where you talk about the book and why it wouldn’t have been written better than any other person but the author.

Foreword Conclusion

This part of a foreword is the point you let readers know why you agreed to write the foreword. It is usually followed by a signature.

Does My Book Need a Foreword?

Writing a foreword can make your book appear like a standard piece of art. However, must a book always have a foreword?

Well, the answer to this question is no. Having a foreword might be great but it is not necessary.
Over the years, several successful books have hit the market and lots of them do not have forewords. In as much as a good number of books have gone on to be very successful without a foreword does not mean your book will do well without a foreword.
If your book will benefit from the elaboration of a book foreword, then, you will need to have one in your book.

Who is Qualified to Write a Book Foreword?

Anyone can figure out how to write a book foreword. Nonetheless, not everyone is qualified to write a book foreword.
If you have just written a book and need a foreword, you can get in touch with any of your colleagues that specialize in your chosen field. Furthermore, you can get in touch with an expert in your field that is not necessarily a colleague.
Although you might look for someone else to write your book foreword, but if you think you want to pass a piece of special information to your readers, you can decide to write the foreword for your book.

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However, in the absence of this, you should leave the writing of your foreword to someone else.

Benefits of Having a Book Foreword

You might have no interest in learning how to write a book foreword if you are not aware of its benefits.

Lots of authors ask the question “must I have a book foreword” because they have no idea of its benefits. If you think there are no benefits associated with having it, then, you are making a mistake.
With a properly written foreword, an author’s brand will not struggle to get established. This is more common if it gets written by an authority in that field.

Beyond simply helping in establishing the brand, it adds credibility to the book.
If a book gets foreworded by someone that is deemed an authority in a particular field, it is only normal for people that have a great deal of respect for the person that wrote the foreword to read the book when it gets published.

So, as an authority in any field, you could write a book foreword someday. This makes it important that you know how to write it.
A book foreword can be a great marketing tool, although this is not always the case. That’s because when a book gets foreworded by a respected person, marketing will be a lot easier.

how to write a book foreword in few Steps

There are five simple steps you can follow when learning how to write a book foreword. If you pay attention to them, knowing how to write it becomes easier.

Step 1:

In this phase of writing a foreword, you need to pass some information to the target audience of the book in form of a letter.

To get started with the book’s foreword, let the readers know why you are the right person for the foreword, how you relate with the author and your contributions towards the writing of the book. All this should be in a couple of paragraphs.
Still in this step, go on to share insight about the book. This should include the things you love about the book, as well as how you think it will be of help to those reading it.

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Additionally, you need to let readers know the value of the book, as well as the background of the author, and how the author contributed towards making the book a great read.
Although already started, take out time in letting readers know what they will get from the book. This should be followed by you signing off.

Step 2

After writing the foreword, you might be tempted to simply send it to the author of the book as a completed job.

While this might make things seem faster, it is not the way to go. There might be a couple of things you might like to correct. These things, however, might be difficult to spot just after you are done writing.
With this in mind, you will need to take some time off after writing. After a couple of days, go back to the foreword and take time to read it. When you do this, you might spot some flaws and errors that need to be fixed.

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Also, you might have fresh ideas about making it clearer and giving it a better flow.
Although a couple of days are okay to edit the foreword, however not everyone has so much time on their hands. So, if you fall into this category of people, just take out all the time you can afford before coming back to edit it.
You can get started by reading it word for word and sentence by sentence.

Additionally, you can activate the text-to-speech feature on your PC. This will get the computer to read the book foreword to you.

Step 3

This is the point where you read the book foreword out loud to yourself. When you do this, you will be able to easily spot errors, as well as sentences with bad flows.
Although reading in your mind is great. You will do a lot better when you read out loud. If you are learning how to write a book foreword for the first time, don’t skip this step.

Step 4

In this step, you will need to delete any fluff. See this from the point of view of your readers. No reader wants a book foreword that contains information that is not needed. This means you have to cut out every piece of information that you know your readers don’t need.

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Step 5

This is the last step in writing a book foreword. As soon as you are done taking out everything that you know your readers do not need, you will need to rewrite it to make it perfect. Once you are done with this, read the foreword out loud again and get it ready for the readers.
A soon as you are done, you can send the foreword to the book author.

The Takeaway

Learning how to write a book foreword is not difficult. With the few steps above, you can be certain that you will have no need to struggle when next you have to write a one.

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