How to Self-Publish a Book on Barnes and Noble Press

I know at this point, you’ve heard about the publishing platform Barnes and Noble Press. It is a free, fast, and easy-to-use self-publishing platform dedicated to those looking to self-publish their books online. Nook Press is the former name of Barnes and Noble’s main website. It is designed to allow authors to publish and sell print books or ebooks to there thousands of readers worldwide. If you are new to self-publishing, Barnes and Noble press will help you to create your book.

Before we proceed, I’ll like to welcome you to the world of self-publishing on Barnes and Noble Press. In this post, I will be sharing in detail how to self-publish a  book on Barnes and Noble press and every other resourceful tip that will help you to be successful on the platform. So, let’s get started;

How Effective is Barnes and Noble Press

  1. First of all, your e-book will be available on all Nook e-reader devices.
  2. Barnes & Noble Press is said to have a paperback and hardcover book printing tool, which offers to deliver copies to your doorstep within one week of your order. And it depends on your printing options, which may range from the cover finish, page, size, etc.
  3. When it comes to Barnes and Noble press, it’s said to have over a million readers.
  4. All sales reports are gathered for you in a corner of the website, revealing how many units were sold, all royalties earned over time, etc.
  5. Once your book is on the Barnes and Noble Press platform, it’s pretty easy to sell paperback or hardcover copies through the website. However, it wouldn’t be made available in the stores.
  6. You can sell your e-book at any price. Actually, it doesn’t have to be only on Barnes and Noble press site. You can order copies and sell them within your locality.
  7. Various author tools are offered on the site, ranging from blogs, royalties’ calculator, and the likes.

How does Barnes and Noble Press stand out from the Competition?

One of the critical things I’d found out while using Barnes and Noble Press is the way it has all the features to execute given tasks in your book. I’d found out it had an editing toolset in the platform. Authors can easily upload a word document, edit the document, and publish to e-Pub without any form of technical skill or sets.

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By using these tools on the platform, authors can easily edit and update their e-book as new editions, get marketing information and address other content needs. The author doesn’t have to re-upload files in any way, all they have to do is add some changes on-site and repost, and it’s done!

Self-publishing in Nook Press also offers a secure collaboration feature so that authors can share their work with people in their community who help to make their book clear and straightforward.

Step by step process of self-publishing a book on Barnes and Noble Press ( Formerly Nook Press)

I believe you may have known that Barnes and Noble press self-publishing platform is formerly called Nook Press. And through this website, you can upload and sell your various book types.

Step 1

Create your Account

First of all, you need to start by creating an account at Barnes & Noble Press. And if you already have a Barnes and Noble account, you’ll be able to use the same login for your Nook Press account (former platform).

When done registering, sign in to your Barnes and Noble press account. 

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Step 2

Create a Project

Now, you need to create a project ( publish a book).

i. Start by clicking on “Projects” at the top of the page and click on “Create a New Book

barnes and noble


After that, you will be taken to the next page where you will choose your book type.

ii. Select Print or ebook type

barnes and noble

After selecting your book type, the next page is where you will add your book title.

iii. Proceed to add your book title.

barnes and noble

You will be taken to the interior page where you will upload your manuscript

a. Uploading Manuscript in the Interior page

You have the option to choose to drag and drop a manuscript or upload your manuscript in doc/Docx, e-pub, or HTML.

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Once the file has been formatted correctly and ready for upload, all you need to do is click on “select from my computer“. This will immediately show an upload dialogue.

Click the “Choose a file to upload” and locate the manuscript file on your computer, then proceed to click, ‘Upload manuscript file.” It would take some time for your file to be uploaded and converted to epub.

barnes and noble

After converting your file, the system will offer you the option of downloading the “Epub“. You can download it and review your book. That’s to ensure your book is still in order.

Secondly, you can decide to check your book preview on the page and confirm that the format is accurate.

After that, accept the icon that says ” I have reviewed and approved my manuscript“. Then click on save and continue

Choose your sample format, then click save and continue ( if you don’t have a sample format, you can choose the default sample).

The next page is your cover page.

b. Barnes and Noble Press Cover Page

You’ll need to choose a ‘cover image‘ for your manuscript. However, if you have a cover in your uploaded file, you can skip this page. Make sure you pay close attention to the rules listed on this page. First of all,

  • The cover image file must be between 5KB and 2MB. If you do try to upload anything more significant than 2MB, it will bounce off, or in essence, it won’t work. If you’re having trouble getting your cover image show correctly, the chances are your file size is way too big.
  • The height and width should be at least 1400 pixels.
  • The Bernes publishing platform accepts jpg and PNG files.

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When you do have your cover image ready, next up, you click on “select from my computer” This would bring up a system dialogue box where you can select your photo right from your computer. Then proceed by locating the image you wish to use, then click “Upload Cover Image

You’ll immediately see a question, which would ask you, “Would you like to add this cover image to your manuscript?” Like I said before, you can say no if you already uploaded an epub file with a cover image.

But if you didn’t, maybe you’re uploading a txt or doc file, and you didn’t place your cover image into the document, then it would be correct to say, “Yes” here. That’s it, you have successfully uploaded your cover.

barnes and noble

Review: After uploading your cover, you can review it. You can download the epub version or preview the cover on the page.

After reviewing your cover, tick ” I have reviewed and approved my cover” Then proceed to save and continue.

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c. Barnes and Noble Press Book Details Page

The next page is your book details page. It is where you add your necessary book details like;

About the book: Here, you add things such as; subtitle, publisher name and date, edition number (if you have)and book description.

barnes and noble

Author & Contributors: You add contributors details on this page and also brief details about the author.

Categories: It is a page where you select your target audience, choose your categories and choose keywords for search engines. Do adequate research before filling this page. On the issue of keywords, you can use a keyword planner tool to search for keywords related to your title.

Once you are done filling this page, click “save and continue” below to proceed to the pricing page.

Pricing:  This is the page where you set your book price. Add your book price and click save and continue. barnes and noble

Rights and other information: On this page, you select whether you want Digital rights management (DRM) encryption in your book or not. The DRM prevents unauthorized copying of your epub file. So, I always tick “Yes” to protect my book from piracy.

Next, you tick whether your book is public domain content or not ( I tick NO since my book is not public domain content). Then, you tick whether you have an ISBN number or not. Since I don’t have, I go with NO.

After that, proceed to click save and continue.

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Editorial Review: For this, you need to enter any Editorial Review you might have. This section isn’t critical, but having some review does encourage readers to purchase your book.

You can enter at least five editorial reviews. All you have to do is enter the first and the last name of the reviewer, the source of the review, and the excerpt you want to use.

To add another review, all you need to do is click on the plus sign that says “Add Editorial Review” at the bottom of the page.

d. Barnes and Noble Vendor Form

Publisher: Add your publisher name and website on this page. However, if you don’t have a publisher name, you can just enter your name.

Proceed to click save and continue.

Tax and banking information: On this page, add your citizenship information. If you are not a US citizen, indicate so. Then add your taxpayer information and your banking information below.

barnes and noble

After that, proceed to save and continue.

e. Barnes & Noble Press Review and Publish Page

This is the page you review all your information, if there is anyone that is not accurate, you go back and edit it

barnes and noble

After reviewing all your information, if they are correct, you proceed to publish your book.

Barnes and Noble Press will review your book and make it available for sale on the platform.

However, If you aren’t ready and still want to make some changes, all you need to do is wait for the specific release day. Save your information and click ‘Back’ to head to the central Barnes & Noble Press Page.

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The project would be immediately listed on your projects tab along with all other NOOK Press projects.

From your project dashboard, you can update your manuscript, edit the book details, edit the current price, etc. You can also publish and un-publish your book if you wish.

If you are editing, once you’re through, you can hit the Publish Button!

When that’s done, it is only a matter of time before your book will be LIVE on the platform.

That’s it, you have successfully published your book.


My book is Live on NOOK press; now what?

Well, if at any point you wish to make some changes in your book, doing so is simple as it seems. For example, updating your book information is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is log into your account, go to your project page and select the book you want to modify and edit.

After your title goes live on Barnes and Noble Press, you may be interested in promoting your book to gain needed sales reviews. Barnes and Noble Press is said to offer specialized marketing tools on the website. You can choose anyone and promote your book.

Also, you can seek the services of top Book Advertising Companies for your book promotion.

If you find this article helpful, do share it and drop your comment below.


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