Book Promotion: 16 Different Ways to Promote Amazon Ebooks as a Beginner

Book promotion is the most challenging aspect of book publishing. As a new author with no strong social media background, you will find promoting your book online and offline difficult.

Promoting your book is crucial to your book’s success because when readers see it and read it, they can talk about it. The beauty of book promotion is that you will start getting results as soon as possible once you start promoting your book. And at a certain stage, you will realize that your books are still selling even without promotions. That is because you have gained your buyer’s trust. Also, your fans now know you and the genre you write on.

Nevertheless, book promotion is not an easy task that you can wake up one morning and start doing and then start getting results immediately. It is a long journey that you will embark on, which will reward you in the long run. And book promotion can be expensive, with all expenses likely coming from your pocket. But you will always recoup your money if you do it right.

This article will reveal the 16 different ways to promote your amazon books as a beginner. I have tested most of them and have found them to be reliable. However, if you are yet to write your book, learn how to write and publish books on amazon.

Also, you might not start getting results immediately after implementing a few of them. Some might take time before yielding results. Above all, you will always smile at the end.

Let’s get started.


It is a way of reaching out to people and giving them your book. It might be for selling purposes or for giveaway purposes.

If you want a stress-free promotion, check out the top online book promotion websites that you can use to promote your book easily.



I decided to put this as number one because it is crucial. If it is not gotten right, you might get frustrated along the line.

Trying to utilize all these marketing plans at a time will be exhausting. It will be like trying different things at a time without any set goal. It might lead to a poor result or no result at all. Most of them might not be effective because of one factor or another. It is why you need to draw a plan on how well to reach your target audience where they are—drawing a plan for your book promotion will help to identify your readers and how to reach them. It will serve as a template that you will use to promote your book.

How to Draw A plan for Book Promotion

  • Identify your target audience.
  • Identify ways of reaching your target audience.
  • Set your book promotion budget.
  • Set your daily target.
  • Start your promotion


It is the most powerful way of running a book promotion. Publishing a guest post on high-authority websites with your book link embedded in the post will help you to drive massive traffic to your author page. It will help to increase your book sales. The beauty of this is that your link will be there forever unless something happens. Whenever a reader stumbles on the link, the reader might end up buying your book. It is one of the avenues of increasing book sales.

How to use Guest Posts to Increase Book Sales

  • First, search for blogs in your genre or any genre that you think is suitable for your book.
  • Contact the blogs and send them an offer of a guest post.
  • Most of the blogs have requirements for a guest post. So read their requirement. The link to any website’s guest post requirements is mostly at the bottom or header section of the website.
  • Once your offer is approved, write a detailed blog post relating to your book. Add your book link inside the post. Make it look like a natural link.
  • Once you finish writing the blog post, write a short bio, and use the opportunity to introduce your book. E.g. Benedict is the author of “How to Write a book”. You can reach him at Bennyselfpublishing.
  • Then submit your guest post to the website.


It is a perfect way of promoting your book. However, it might require you to create a blog. There are different ways that you can promote your book through a blog.

How to Promote Book Using Blog

Design a Website: You can use a website to promote your book. Design a captivating landing page that can draw the attention of visitors.

Create a blog post: Create a blog post around your book title. If your book is in the cooking niche, you can write articles on how to cook or other related articles.

Utilize Call to Action: Utilize a call to action in your blog that will link to your book page. This call to action might be in the form of “Get my Ebook on how to cook” or anything pointing to your book.

Utilize Pop Up: It is a powerful way of running book promotions on a website. You can add your ebook link in the pop-up with a compelling sales copy that can draw visitors’ attention.

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Running a Facebook promotion is an avenue of showing your book to many readers. The more readers you have for your book, the more ebook sales. Book promotion using Facebook ads is a good way of promoting your book.

How to use Facebook Ads for Ebook marketing

  • Create your Facebook page.
  • Create a book promotion post on your blog. It can be a blog post.
  • Share it on your Facebook page.
  • Click the boost post below the post on Facebook and start your ebook marketing.
  • However, you can also start your Facebook ebook promotion from your Facebook Ad manager. If you know how to utilize the ad manager, you can create your book promotion campaign from there.


Host a webinar for your book. It is another avenue for promoting your book. There are various websites that you can use to create and host webinars.

Websites to host a webinar

You can use these websites to create your webinar; Facebook, Instagram, zoom, live storm, GoToWebinar, and ClickMeeting. However, most of them might be expensive to use. But I will be talking about how to use Facebook to host your webinar since it is free.

How to Host a Webinar on Facebook

Using Facebook to host your webinar for upcoming book promotions is very easy. It is something that you can do by yourself. And the amazing thing is that it is free.

To host a webinar for your book promotion;

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Go to your main business page.
  • At the top, you will see “event.” Click on the event.
  • Set up your event.
  • Make sure to schedule it on a date that people can attend it, usually on the weekend.
  • Invite people to your event.
  • Publish your event.


Giving away free book copies is another way you can promote your book. When you start book promotion as a new author, it will be nice to give out free copies of your book. However, you can request for review from your readers.  You can use those reviews for your landing page optimization when promoting your book.

How to Do Book Giveaway

Using this method for your book promotion is very easy. The first thing is to identify your target audience and how to reach them.

The major places to identify the target audience are Facebook groups, Instagram, and Twitter. On Facebook groups, create posts highlighting that you want to give your book for free in exchange for reviews.

The more you give free copies of your book, the more your book’s popularity increases, leading to more sales in the future. As more people read your book, they will soon start buying your other books. Alternatively, you can give a few chapters of your book for free and offer a discount on the full book’s purchase.

NOTE: Target people under your niche when doing a free giveaway so that your book won’t end up in the hands of people who dump it without reading or reviewing it.


It is another avenue that you can use to market your Ebook. Using this method will help you to reach more people at the same time, increase your book’s popularity.

How to have others sell your book

  • Locate ebook marketers online or offline.
  • Reach an agreement on book commission with them.
  • Send your book to them to add as an affiliate link or to sell in their platform or offline shops.
  • Integrate your sales funnel in your Ebook in multiple places to learn what buyers think about your Ebook and build your email list.


Using a mini coaching course is the best option if you are learning how to promote Ebook as a beginner. It doesn’t involve a lot of money or resources. Promoting books with a mini-course will help you to sell your course and, at the same time, sell your book. It is like using one stone to kill two birds. It is a win-win situation.

Although you can also offer your Ebook for free to those that purchase your course.

How to Create a mini-course for Ebook Promotion

  • Start by writing your mini-course.
  • Create a landing page for your course.
  • Run a Facebook promotion for your mini-course to garner traffic.
  • Offer your Ebook to your readers. When a customer buys your mini-course, he gets your Ebook for free or at a specific discount.
  • Sell your Ebook.


Email outreach is another excellent way of promoting a book. However, it will require you to build your email list, which might be a little difficult. But the result is worth investing on the long run. Sending your readers an email about your latest book release will help to increase book sales and, at the same time, build your email list.

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How to Promote Ebook using Email Marketing

  • Offer people something in other to get them to sign up. It can be a mini-course, Ebook, or anything.
  • Make the story exclusive. Like, something that will draw the attention of people. It is essential because you want to get them to sign up. And if what you are offering is not enticing enough, people won’t sign up.
  • Build your email list; you can use Getresponse, MailChimp, Convertkit, or any other email marketing service provider to build your email list.
  • Once you start getting sign-up, send out a routine email to your subscribers. You can start by telling them about yourself and what you do, and even ask them about themselves. The goal is to get your subscribers engaged.
  • Then start introducing your book to them.
  • Sell your book to them.

NOTE: Don’t start by spamming your subscribers with things like “Buy my book,” etc. Start by making them your friend and building trust.


If you are looking for the quick and fastest way to promote an ebook, YouTube is the best option. Review your book and post it on YouTube. It is an avenue to increase book sales at the same time, increase your subscribers.

How to Promote Ebook Using YouTube

  • Start by creating a YouTube account.
  • Make a review video about your book.
  • Include the URL of your Ebook in the video.
  • Upload your video on YouTube.
  • Share your video with friends.
  • Drive massive traffic to your video using social media.
  • Sell your books.
  • Also, you can add videos of friends reading your book, screenshots of reviews from readers, or anything that can sell your course inside your YouTube video.

If you want to build a long-term friendship with your readers, start by creating videos where you talk about yourself, your career, your work, etc. Offer helps and solutions to problems through your videos. It will help you to drive traffic to your account quickly. Then gradually market your book. This way, you will build a strong community.


A podcast is a good way of promoting books. However, you will need to understand the techniques if you want to get excellent results. Podcast has proven to be a reliable way of reaching out to the target audience. There are podcasts on virtually every topic, including shows focused on telling stories – commonly known as audiobooks.

How to Promote Ebook Using Podcast

  • Start by reading your work and recording it with your phone or PC.
  • Once you have recorded it, publish it on different platforms like; google play, iTunes, Sticher, etc.
  • Use services like Libsyn,, or anyone with RSS feed to deliver your content to subscribers.
  • In your podcast, talk about your book and tell people where they can purchase it online or offline.


It is an avenue to promote your book offline. If you have tried online book promotion and it didn’t work for you, you might consider offline book promotion. And the best way to do that is to go on a local book tour.

How to Utilize local book Tours for Book Promotion

  • First, identify the places you can sell your book offline.
  • Visit the places and promote your book: for example, libraries, schools, churches, seminars, or event centers.
  • Show your book to them while explaining what it is all about.
  • Make sure to dress nicely and go with a printed copy of your book.
  • One of the best ways to start is by donating your book for free. It will help you to build your friendship and trust with them. Later, you can start selling your books to them.


Group promotion will allow you to reach out to more readers. There are many platforms with communities/groups where you can promote your book. One of them is Facebook groups. There are numerous Facebook author groups where you can promote your book.

How to promote Ebook in Facebook Groups

  • Join many Facebook author groups.
  • Don’t spam the groups with your book links.
  • Share your book with the groups while following the group policies.
  • Share your book with groups. Most Facebook author groups allow for book sharing once a day. Some prefer sharing book links in one post, while others comment with their book link in the post.
  • Also, you can join group promotions on other platforms like Twitter or Instagram. There are various writing communities on Twitter or Instagram that you can join and start promoting your book.


A landing page is a tool that sells books. Although it is not part of the actual promotion, it is one tool that will drive sales to your Ebook. In book marketing using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your book promotional video will draw the attention of people to your Ad, while the landing page will sell your book. Your landing page or sales page is the first page your buyer’s visit when they click your Ad link on social media. Sometimes, your landing page can serve as your order page, depending on your page setup. So, create a unique landing page for your book promotion.

How to Promote Ebook Using Landing Page

  • Buy a domain and hosting or use free tools to create your landing page, such as Leadpages, MailChimp, Instapage, Wix, Weebly, Convertkit, etc.
  • Create a UNIQUE landing page for your book promotion.
  • Start your book promotion.


Google AdWords is one of the fastest means of promoting a book. With Google AdWords, you can reach out to millions of readers monthly. It is a perfect tool for immediate conversion.

With Google AdWords, you can target the people you want to show your book to and show them your book. You can also target your audience based on country, location, or language.

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Also, google Adword allows you to attach relevant keywords to your Ad.

For example, If your Ebook is “Learn how to cook.”

You can target keywords like;

  • Cooking.
  • Learning how to cook.
  • Cooking for couples etc.

You can target long-tail and single-word keywords.

How to promote Ebook Using Google Adword.

  • Go to Google and sign up.
  • Set up your account together with your billing information.
  • Create your Ad and launch it.


Although it is not part of the actual book promotion, it is another cool means of promoting Ebook. Retargeting Ad is like a way of showing your Ad to people that have already visited your website in the past but failed to purchase your book. You can use your retargeting ad to reach out to them again and offer them an irresistible deal.

It is very good if you publish books from time to time. You can use your retargeting Ad to announce your upcoming book to your old visitors.

To know those that have visited your website in the past, you can install a pixel on your website and track those abandoning visitors with Ads across the internet. You can also customize your campaign to show specific Ads to those sets of visitors.

How to Promote Ebook Using Retargeting Ad

  • First, install pixels on your site to track all visitors.
  • Go to your campaign and create a retargeting Ad. Facebook is one of the social media platforms that allows users to create retargeting Ads.


Book publishing is not an easy task. However, book promotion is the most difficult task because you are trying to convince someone to buy your book. But once you start getting results, you will forget all the struggles you passed through.

If you have tried promoting your book in the past and didn’t get any results, or the results were not encouraging, try these methods above. I believe that you will get your desired result when you try half of it. Also, you can read more on the best social media platforms to promote books

I hope this article was helpful.

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