Book Promotion:13 Best Social Media Platforms to Promote Ebooks

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Numerous researches have shown that social media platforms are the best places to promote ebooks. With social media platforms, you can reach out to millions of readers and show them your ebooks. You can also run campaigns targeting various users on those social media platforms.

If you are just starting your book publishing business, social media is the best place to start promoting your books.

Let’s look at the Best Social Media Platforms to Promote Ebooks

However, if you have not written your book, learn how to write and publish books on Amazon.

Also, outside of these platforms, there are still other 16 ways to promote a book. Combining both strategies will give you a quick result.


There are so many social media and content-sharing platforms that authors can utilize to promote their books. Let’s look at those social media platforms.


Facebook allows you to promote anything that adheres to its policies. According to statistics, there are over a billion users on Facebook. This means that you can reach thousands of readers daily by sharing your book only on Facebook alone.

With Facebook, you can share your book with readers, interact with your readers, and sell thousands of your book copies. Facebook book promotion is easy to do.

How to promote Ebooks via Facebook

There are many ways that you can use Facebook to promote Ebooks. However, the most common ways are;

  1. Create a post about your book on your blog and post it on your Facebook timeline, share it with friends, or share it with different groups. You can tag as many people as possible in your post.
  2. Copy your book link in Amazon or any other book store and share it with different groups on Facebook.
  3. Run a Facebook campaign targeting your audience.
  4. Host Facebook events and invite people. Use the avenue to run your book promotion.
  5. Also, you can create a page for your books and invite people to like your page.


Just like the sister website Facebook, Instagram is another website that you can use to promote ebooks. Instagram book promotion is very easy to do.

How to promote ebooks on Instagram.

  1. Copy your book link and share it on Instagram. You can tag people in your post.
  2. Create an Instagram post showing your book.
  3. Run Instagram live video where you will be talking about your book.
  4. Run an Instagram Book promotion campaign where you will target your audience.
  5. Use hashtags in your post and ask people to click on the link on your profile.



It is another social media platform that you can use to reach out to millions of readers. It is very easy to use. One good thing about it is that you can find your specific audience easily with Twitter.

How to promote ebooks on Twitter

  1. Use the search box to find those tweeting stuff relating to your book. You can input keywords relating to your book.
  2. Reach out to them directly via email and show them your book. However, don’t spam them. You can start by commenting on their post before you finally reach out to them.
  3. Tease your followers with mini infographics and images to increase your audience engagement and at the same time, increase your followers.
  4. Change your Twitter banner to your book cover.
  5. Tweet your book constantly. You can start by tweeting your book five times daily.
  6. Run a Twitter campaign to increase your followers or to sell your book.

The higher the number of people seeing your book link, the higher your chances of selling more books.


Learning how to promote books using LinkedIn might be a bit difficult if you are not active on LinkedIn. However, if you are on LinkedIn or you want to promote your book on LinkedIn,

  1. Create your LinkedIn account or log in to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Add your book link to your profile.
  3. Join as many groups as possible and share your book link with the various groups.

If you have book reviews, you can include them in your profile. Also, comment on posts relating to your niche while at the same time introducing your book.

There are also so many influencers on LinkedIn that you can reach out to and show your book. Identify those interested in books or fellow authors and show them your book.


It is one of the easy platforms to promote books. It is a free platform that any author can utilize to promote their books. There are millions of users on Pinterest.

How to promote ebooks On Pinterest

  • Go to Pinterest and sign up.
  • Create your board dedicated to your book.
  • Add your books or blog post linking your books.
  • To promote your pins, Join Pinterest group boards.
  • Follow other pinners.
  • Comment on popular pins.
  • Add a Pinterest link to your blog.
  • Link your Pinterest to other popular social networks.
  • Run contests.


Create a YouTube channel for your books. Make book reviews and post on your YouTube channels. Also, remember to add your ebook call to action in your videos.


It is one of the websites that you can use to promote ebooks. It is a popular website with millions of users. Also, the website allows users to do many things like promotions, add links, etc.

How to promote ebooks using Slideshare

  • Create a SlideShare account.
  • Add your presentation (include CTA in your ebook presentation).
  • Make your presentation eye-catching.
  • Share among communities.
  • However, Scribd will begin operating SlideShare from September 24. So, we don’t know if the current policies will be changed.
  • Read their policies before posting.


It is one of the most popular platforms for authors to use to promote their books. It is a wonderful platform you can use to reach out to a large audience.

How to use Quora to promote ebooks

  • Create your Quora account.
  • Search for topics relating to your niche.
  • Answer the questions that people ask.
  • At the end of each answer, add a CTA which will link to your author page.
  • However, don’t spam the platform. Make your links look natural. You can refer users to your book if you think that your book can proffer a solution to their problem.


The most powerful place to promote ebooks. With more than 2 million users and millions of communities (subreddit), Reddit is the best place to run a targeted promotion. However, the website has strict rules on spam. Read each community’s rules before posting to avoid been banned from the communities.

How to use Reddit to promote ebooks

  • Go to Reddit and create an account.
  • Join communities relating to your niche.
  • Write a unique description of your book and post it in the communities. Remember to include your book link.
  • Reddit has proven to be one of the strictest platforms to use, so don’t spam the group with your book link to avoid being banned.




It is one of the best websites to promote books. Medium allows users to republish their content on the website. All you have to do is to create your account, copy a few parts of your ebook, or write a description about your book and post on medium. Include your ebook link or author page link in your post.


Another website with millions of users. Tumblr is seen as one of the best sites to promote ebooks. One amazing thing about the website is that it gives users full access to their content. Users can create their own Tumblr profile, create their post, format their post, and publish it. If you are looking to build strong followers, Tumblr is the best place to go.

You can also contact other Tumblr users with a high-ranking DA website to help promote your book.


Another wonderful website that you can use to promote ebooks. However, you will need to build your follower. The best way to build followers is by commenting on posts and following people. Once you have built your audience, you can start promoting your ebook.


Just like StumbleUpon, is a dedicated content discovery platform and an amazing place to build exposure for your eBook. The website has introduced many features over the years which help users to reach more readers. You can give the website a try!

However, If these tactics did not work for you or you are looking for a quick result, you can check out these 12 Free and Paid Best Book Promotion Sites.

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