Online Book Promotion: 12 Free and Paid Best Book Promotion Sites to Promote Your Amazon Books

First of all, congratulations on writing your book. But the journey has not ended yet. It is just the beginning. Now that you have finished writing your book, it is now time to start your online book promotion. It is time for you to reach out to your target audience and show them your book.

But it is not an easy task to reach out to your audience. You will require a strategy to reach out to your audience. Online book promotion is one of the best strategies that you can use to reach out to your audience and show them your book. But it might be a bit difficult starting an online book promotion.

That is why I will explain to you what book promotion is all about and the various free and paid platforms you can use to promote your book. You can also check out 13 Best Social Media Platforms to Promote your book.

Let’s get started;

What is Book Promotion?

Book promotion is a way of marketing your book to your target audience. It is a way of reaching out to people and showing them your book. If they are interested, they will purchase. It can be via online book promotion or offline.

 Is Book Promotion Necessary?

As a first-time author or already established author, promoting your book will help increase your book sales and garner more readers and followers. No matter how good your book is, if people are not seeing it or buying it, nobody will notice your book. It might sound like you wasted your time writing the book. You might get frustrated along the line, especially if you want to make book writing a full-time job.

It is why you should promote your book to reach as many people as possible.

In this article, I will be revealing the 12 best online book promotion websites you can use to promote your book. I have used most of these book promotion websites and found them effective. However, only a handful of them is free, while the majority of them are paid book promotional sites.

However, no matter your option, you will always get a good result.

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How does Book Promotion Work?

To promote your book, you visit any online book promotion website. Most websites are free, while some are paid book promotion websites.

Most websites require authors to sign up, fill in their book details with the book cover and description and submit their book. These books then undergo reviews by the editors before it is approved for promotion.

However, the paid sites might be different. Authors might be required to pay before submitting their books for promotion. In contrast, the majority of them will require authors to submit their book link (probably book link on Amazon or any other book store), and then they will review the book before approving it for promotion.

However, always read the terms and conditions of each website before opting for their services.



online book promotion

Freebooksy is the right place to promote your book if you are looking for new readers. It is a free online book promotion website that you can use to promote your books. The website has over 300,000 registered readers in mystery, romance, fantasy, non-fiction, literary, and kids and teens genres. You will always find new readers for your book on the website. To promote your book on the website’s homepage, you will add your book together with a short description and book cover.  You can learn How to design a best-seller book cover. If your book is free, it is a fantastic website where you can promote your book.

Visit Freebooksy


online book promotion

One of the leading and most expensive online book promotion websites. But guarantees a good and excellent result.  The site sends out daily emails to its subscribers. And they offer discounts to their subscribers.

Their subscribers sign up for the book category that they are interested in. So, their email is optimized to show subscribers the books in the category they subscribed to.

In other to be eligible for Bookbub promotions, you need to have a book in one of these retail stores; Kindle (Amazon), iBooks (Apple), Kobo (Walmart/Rakuten), Nook (Barnes & Noble) GooglePlay. They are the websites that Bookbub runs a promotion. So, I highly recommend Kindle since it is the most popular platform. Also, you can run targeted promotions based on a country like; the USA, UK, etc.

Visit BookBub to start your book promotion.


Bargain Booksy

online book promotion

One of the online book promotion websites that guarantees a good result. It is less expensive when compared to BookBub. However, there are only three non-fiction categories offered on the website; Cook Book and Nutrition (list of 81,000 for $25), Self Help and How-To (73,500 for $30), and General Nonfiction (77,000 for $25).

To qualify to promote your book on the website;

Your book must be priced between $0.99 and $5.99.

Your book should be above 50 pages.

Your book must pass its editorial review process.

Visit BargainBooksy


Red Feather Romance

online book promotion

One of the best websites to promote romance books. If you have written books that can make readers blush, Red feather romance is the best place for you to promote your book. Each promotion is featured on the Red Feather Romance homepage and also on their various social media platforms.

Visit Red Feather Romance



online book promotion

With over 30,000 subscribers, BookSends is a reliable website that you can utilize to promote a book. The only issues are that all non-fiction books are joined together, and the price of the promotion changes by the book’s sale price: $0.99 books are $40, $1.99 books are $60, $2.99 books are $80, and Free books are $75. However, it is one of the most difficult places to promote books because of its editorial review rules.

For your book to be qualified for their promotion (which doesn’t guarantee acceptance), your book must:

  • Be on Kindle
  • Have at least 5 Amazon reviews, with a “high overall average.”
  • Have an attractive cover
  • Be more than 50% off AND be priced at less than $3 for the promotion.
  • Not be a novella or short-story collection.

You can visit BookSends to read more about their book promotion services.


online book promotion

It is one of the free online book promotion sites you can use to reach thousands of readers. It allows the promotion of fiction books. The incredible thing about them is they offer deals to authors whose books are doing excellently well on their site. These deals are worth thousands of dollars.

Visit Inkitt


Indie Author News

online book promotion

It offers free and paid options for book promotion. It allows for the promotion of fiction and non-fiction books. The website has thousands of readers, and you can use the website to promote your books.

Visit Indie Author News



online book promotion

With over 300,000 readers, Riffle is another online book promotion website you can use to promote your book. However, to promote your book;

Your book must:

  • Be at least 50% off,
  • Have a professional, attractive cover design.
  • Have customer and editorial reviews.

There is only limited availability on the site, meaning there is no guarantee that your book will be accepted after you meet all these requirements. Book promotion costs $150 for some genres (not all) on the website. However, it is one of the best book promotion websites that you can try. You can visit Riffle to promote your book.

Visit Riffle Books


New In Books

online book promotion

One of the best online book promotion websites for new ebooks. If you are planning to release a new book or recently released a new one, New In Book is a place to run your book promotion. Their book launch package includes placing your book in their weekly newsletter and on their social media pages. So, it is a place to go if you are looking for sales, publicity, or reviews.

Visit New In Books to promote your book.


Books Butterfly

online book promotion

It is another site where you can promote your book. However, it is not free, but you can get a good result with their premium subscription.

Visit Books Butterfly to learn more.

Buck Books

online book promotion

It is a wonderful website where you can promote your book. To qualify for online book promotion on the website, your book must be $0.99 and have more than 23 pages. Also, should have at least 10 reviews with 4 stars or higher. Read the requirements in the picture above.

Visit Buck Books and submit your book.


Many Books

online book promotion

A great site to promote your book. However, your book must have at least 10 reviews of 4 stars. Also, your book must have a professional book cover. Above all, it is a website you can use to increase your book sales.

Visit Many Books today to start promoting your book.

How to Get the Best Result From Your Book Promotion

Write a Captivating Book Description

Don’t be in haste to submit your book to any book promotion website. Calm down and write a captivating book description that will draw the readers’ attention and make them order your book. Book description will give buyers a clue about your book. So, you must write a description that will convince buyers to buy your book.

Design a Unique Book Cover

Design a unique cover that can attract buyers. Your book cover is the first thing buyers see before reading your description. A unique cover will always attract readers to your book.

You can design a cover using Canva or hire professional designers on Fiverr or Upwork. You can also check my post on designing a unique book cover.

Unique Title

It is the first thing you should consider before writing your book. Always use titles that are attractive and captivating. Check my post on how to select the best title for your book.

Final Words

Most of these write up might not be precisely accurate because most of these websites change their policies from time to time. So, please read the site’s terms and conditions before opting for their services.

Also, if you don’t have the fund to pay for these online book promotion services above, you can also check my post on 16 different ways to promote books. The majority of them are free and easy to do.

You can give these sites a shot if you have written your book and it is not garnering any sales. It might be the sales breakthrough that you have been waiting for. And when promoting your book, don’t be in haste; calm down and analyze the results you might be getting. Most of them might be positive, while some might be negative. Whichever result you get, always analyze your result and know where the fault is coming from. Your negative result might be a result of a bad book cover or shallow book description, which you need to work on before you can get a good result.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

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