How to Write a Romantic Book for Your Spouse

As an aspiring author with a flair for romantic books, I came up with this article to help fellow writers (aspiring and otherwise) pen down the perfect love story for their spouses. This article would discuss how to write a romantic book for your spouse.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture your love in a book written just for him/her? You can, and all you need is the following steps!

1. First, get yourself some paper

2. Then, take up this pen …

3. Now, imagine all the feelings you have ever had for her, and put them on paper …

4. Next, imagine all the things you admire about her and write them down …

5. Finally, fill the pages with your deepest thoughts about love for her, and then hope that she gets it!

Now go get another piece of paper because what you just did was terrible. For one thing, you’ve just wasted a good pen on nonsense, and your spouse isn’t going to want to reread all that love gibberish.

How to Write a Romantic Book for Your Spouse

For another thing, you have no idea what she wants to see! You can’t write her a romantic book if you don’t know what kind of things interest her. There are millions or billions of human interests, and you cannot cover them all. The best romantic books are those that appeal to a specific person at a specific time in their life.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to write a book for your spouse!

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Let’s take a look at the first step:

1. Start your story with how you met your spouse. It’s best to use the “Fashion, fortune or family” approach that never fails. Alternatively, you can also narrate an adventure of your courtship like …

2. Write about what you love most about your spouse. If it is his/her charming personality, tell a story that shows that. If it is the way her eyes twinkle when she smiles, tell a story to show that.

3. Describe his/her best physical feature and why you love it so much. For example: “I love the mole on her tummy because it reminds me of our first kiss.”

4. Write about your courtship. Where was it, how did you meet? The more creative you are in thinking about how to present it, the better.

5. If there are any memorable dates that you’ve gone on, tell a story of one of them. You can also take this chance to correct any misconceptions that people may have about your spouse. For example: “My spouse is not lazy; she just has low blood sugar levels.”

6. Write about your wedding day and how it made you feel. If you already have children, write about how they affected your marriage (or vice versa).

7. Describe why you fell in love with his/her personality traits. Illustrate with stories that show his/her lovableness.

8. Write about how he makes you feel now. Why do you love him more now than before?

9. If you’ve had difficult times in your marriage, use this opportunity to express how he helped overcome them and make you a better person because of it.

10. Write about what you hope for your spouse. If it is to be successful, tell a story about him/her achieving his/her dreams.

11. Write about how you fell more deeply in love with him/her after marriage, especially after having children.

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12. Use nature as an analogy for the strength of your feelings towards each other. For example, “When he holds my hand, I feel like the earth is firmly standing on its axis.”

13. Add one of your love poems or songs that show how deeply you care for each other. It’s best if you had written it yourself. If not, use one that has special meaning for both of you.

14. Describe him/her sleeping. It could be something as simple as, “I love watching her sleep.” However, if you have a story to go along with it that shows how beautiful she is, then that’s even better.

15. Tell about an incident when he/she showed just how much he/she cares for you. If there were witnesses, mention that. If it is a sweet memory, retell the story as if you were just recalling it.

16. When he/she calls or texts, what do you feel? Describe those feelings and how much it means to you that he takes an interest in your life.

17. Speak about his/her best personality traits again, but this time, compare them to your own. How are the two of you similar? If you are too different, how does it work out for the best?

18. Have you ever felt afraid because he/she was doing something that exposed him/her to danger? Tell a story about that experience and why it makes you feel so much for him/her.

19. What are your plans for the future? How do you see it unfolding with him/her in it? Tell a story about how he/she is essential to the fulfilment of your dreams and goals.

20. Write an acrostic poem using his/her name as the first letter of each line.

What Makes a Good Romance Story?

Love is a powerful thing. It can move mountains, rip out hearts, and make someone get down on one knee to get the ring they want to put on their crush’s finger. Love can be found in many places; books are one of them. But love stories, especially those about romance, tend to be formulaic. They follow certain conventions and clichés that can make them seem unoriginal and dull.

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But, if you know what to avoid, you can create the type of love story that makes hearts flutter and people go crazy. Here are some things to help get your creative juices flowing;

The Two Loves

One of the most common ways to structure a romance novel is having it focus on two characters who fall in love. This is often done through opposites attracting, or the “I hate you/I love you” trope. The two characters are usually quite different from each other, but they form a bond that becomes romantic over time.

The Rock-Paper-Scissors Dynamic

Another formula that’s used in many romance stories is having characters fall for each other through the dynamic of Rock-Paper-Scissors. In this type of story, one character is usually a man and the other a woman. The characters go from being enemies to having feelings for each other, to finally getting together as a couple. This pattern can be seen in many types of stories that have come before.

Head Over Heels

Another often-used trope is the “Cinderella” trope, where there’s someone who falls in love with a rich partner. This person can be poor or lower class, but either way, they find themselves falling for someone the complete opposite of them. Examples include but are not limited to “Beauty and the Beast” and “Cinderella”.


People are often drawn to stories where love can be found in unexpected places. This means that two people who would never normally expect themselves to fall for each other do so at some point in the story. These characters can come from drastically different worlds, or they might just seem like polar opposites.

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Love at First Sight

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether or not love is real, especially when it comes out of nowhere. Love at first sight stories relies on the idea that people find themselves falling in love instantly and want to pursue a relationship with this person no matter what.

The Hard Work

Even after two people fall in love, they might find that it’s difficult to be together. This is often because of their own faults or the faults of the people around them. It’s a common trope for a couple to have to work hard at their relationship because something is constantly getting in its way. Such things could be arguments, misunderstandings, or even trying to survive a disaster.

Letters and Proposals

Another romantic trope is for love to be expressed through letters or proposals. In this scenario, there’s someone who has an idea about how they feel for another person, but they can’t figure out how to tell them. This character will then write a letter expressing themselves which usually leads to some sort of romantic activity.

Physical Tension

Sometimes it’s difficult for people who are attracted to each other to express their feelings. This can be for many reasons such as shyness, a lack of confidence, or being unsure about how the other person feels. In this scenario, there is going to be a certain amount of physical tension between the two people until they finally get together.

Long Lost Lovers

When a couple falls in love and then something tragic happens to them such as a war, accident, or sickness, they can find themselves separated from each other for many years. Once both characters have overcome the tragedies that tore them apart and finally reunited with each other, their feelings are still just as strong as they once were.

Final Thought!

Just make sure to print out a physical copy of your book! Remember, paper is the universal gift for a reason. Your wife will love a romantic book made with a little extra effort. It’s worth it in the long run, and you get to spend more time together! That’s what romance writing is all about! Wishing you the best of luck on your journey to spice up your relationship with these tips on How to Write Romantic Book for Your Spouse.

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