22 Romance Short Story Ideas to Boost Your Writing Life

This is a romance plot generator in list form, and it includes big ideas for entire plots when it comes to this list.

And we all know how hard it is to write a romantic story, and that’s whether it is a subplot or straight-up romance—it’s a different kind of book in all its entirety.

To keep the hobble-talk short, I’d like you to know one thing before we move forward, writing a romance story isn’t an easy task. You need to have obstacles that allow your characters to change and grow as individuals and prove how much your characters love each other with much definiteness.

Some of the ideas below are cute romance plot ideas, while others could be pretty dark. In all conclusion, the possibilities are somewhat endless.

Let’s forge ahead, shall we?

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List of 22 Romance Short Story Ideas

1. Write about one of your characters setting up a romantic dinner, and end it with them looking at a framed wedding picture.

2. Write about a first date that surprises both characters, but in different ways.

3. Write about one of your characters missing and the other needs to find their whereabouts and eventually find out.

4. Write about a single mother who works as a waitress at a nightclub to make ends meet. She can’t stand people who get everything handed to them, like snooty patrons, the rich, etc. However, when a handsome and charming club-goer becomes obsessed with her, she is drawn to his mysterious way. After a few coffee dates, she wonders if he could be the one. Still, then she learns that he’s the club’s billionaire party boy owner— a man she’s heard about and hated years before. He swore he’s changed and that he had fallen for her, but she isn’t convinced. Would she trust him to leave his partying lifestyle behind to become a family man?

5. Your character has worked for years to be quite popular with the hairstylist. It’s some good work that pays well and lets her help in the family’s financial struggles. And she loves her work so much. The only downside to her business is that the salon patrons aren’t exactly easy to talk to. Their priorities are somewhat different. Vanity is said to plague every move, and their cavalier attitudes seem to drive your character nuts! No one is worse than the weekly customer: a billionaire who is obsessed with his aged appearance. He’s handsome, and she knows from overhearing a dozen calls that he’s pretty charming too.

So, she doesn’t quite understand why he’s so insecure over a few wrinkles. She tells him as much, and the rich guy is surprised that she finds him attractive. He asks her out, and despite the stark age difference, she finds herself saying yes to him. Over time, she helps him find the confidence he needs. She discovers that she shares much in common, and the love grows.

6. Life is pretty hard, especially for a single mother. Still, your character has made the best of it and took a new job as a secretary for a billionaire. A tragedy rocks his world, and your character is a shoulder to cry on as he heals and falls in love with your character.

7. A music industry mogul hears your character’s voice on a demo album that he receives and signs her up to his label. Your character’s troubled life and past keep him at bay for a while as his friends warn him against it, but true love can’t be held back for long.

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8. Your character is a teacher who loves her job and her students. However, when her contract isn’t renewed due to budget cuts in her district, she finds herself at a loss. Fortunately, a friend of hers knows someone looking to hire a tutor with just her qualifications. She goes to the interview and realizes the job is to tutor and mentor the son of a rich guy. The son has had behavioral issues in school and was threatened with expulsion.

Hence, the single father decided to hire a trained professional to assist in his son’s issues. The more time she spends with the small family, the more she realizes that the son’s behavioral problems stem from his poor relationship with his father. The billionaire is smart, clever, innovative, and a bit stubborn. For a start, he disagrees with the analysis but eventually accepts your advice. The longer she spends in the role as a caregiver to both the son and the father, the more love builds up between all of them.

9. He ran his hand through your character’s hair, commenting on her softness, and from that moment, she was hooked. Your character had no idea that the said man owned a vast empire of real estate and was looking to find the perfect lady to settle down with.

10. Your character is a teacher, and she gets a new student in her class—a shy little girl who needs some extra help with reading. She offers to tutor her after school. She discovers that she lives with her divorced dad, who’s struggling to balance single fatherhood with his work as a police officer. She offers to help out where she can, and romance blooms between them.

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11. Your character is instantly attracted to a well-dressed person sharing an elevator. Still, she doesn’t know how to begin a conversation. So the two of them ignore each other as the elevator pumps up on a floor. Slowing to a stop on the 112th floor, there’s a blackout!

12. She’s a nurse trying to work her way through her student debt and the everyday living expenses of New York. Desperate for cash, she takes a job as a model for a late-night sculpting workshop. Initially, she doesn’t question why the workshop organizer insists on ordering delivery, so she goes home with food. Or keeps making sure she gets the job even though several other people are trying for it. Initially, she doesn’t question anything; when she finally does, how will she handle this attention? Is it terrifyingly or adorable?

13. Gregg breeds greyhounds, and your character had just lost her collie puppy; she needs someone to find him. She calls the dog catcher, telling them if they do see a dog with the following description that she should be notified as soon as possible—and they agree. But she isn’t relaxed, no, not yet. In her frantic state, Gregg appears and offers to help her find her lost dog. She knows Gregg as the sexy neighbor who breeds greyhounds, and she’s overtly excited that her situation makes them close, even closer than ever as time goes on.

14. She’s working her way to the top only way a woman can in this business, and that’s by being haughty and eight times tougher than the men. But when one of those men, who is somewhat weak, begins to soften her heart, she’s anxious. This is the wrong thing to do. Would she take their relationship off the books? Or take the safe path and send him far away.

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15. Write about a romance where the characters pretend to be dating each other to win a reality show.

16. Write about a romance story about the two characters secluded in a place because of the quarantine. They ended up loving each other.

17. Write a romance story about someone falling in love for the very first time.

18. Write about a romance story in which one character is getting prepared to marry her supposed lover but ends up finding her mom kissing her fiancé passionately.

19. Write a romance story about an accident that left one of your characters in the hospital, and the other had to make sure she’s alive or get arrested by cops—tagging it a homicide case. In the event of staying with her in the hospital, he falls in love with her.

20. Write a romance story about two unlikely people falling deeply in love.

21. A blind date goes wrong for your character.

22. Your character is regular at the coffee shop, and the cute waiter keeps misspelling your character’s name. But it’s been too long, and you don’t have a single idea on how to tell him without being goofy or awkward.

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Most times, we all want to read that book that gives us comfort when it comes to the aspect of love, especially to those of us who are a bit unwilling to give our all to the other partner. That sparkle of romance in someone else’s life is all we need.

You know it’s pretty nice to peep on others’ supposed love act—that’s what a romance story does for all of us—keeping it cool for most of us, and at the same time, we cherish the thoughts of actually falling in love. Or who knows, knowing the strategies to use in winning that dream man or woman, or the partner we’ve always dreamt of having.

So, if you wish to write your own romantic story, I hope the romance prompts given above surely helps you!


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