Get Paid Writing Articles: 30 Sites That Pay Writers $200 and Above

Do you wish to make money writing from home? Well, you’re in the right spot. This article deals solely on the thirty websites and blogs you can get paid writing articles. Now, it doesn’t matter if you want to get paid to write reviews, tutorials, or lists. Many websites and blogs pay writers who give them good content or deliver according to specified guidelines.

When it comes to these sites introduced shortly, you can get paid to write almost anything. The list that’s been made below is comprehensive and offers a list of sites in numerous categories, spanning from writing, ceramics, wellness, etc.; they are much!

Now, if you’re the kind that’s tired of writing for peanuts and also ready to learn how to get paid writing articles, then this is for you.

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We (as writers) are tired of the small payments given to writers no matter how good they are in writing and delivery; that’s why this list had to be collated so that the information can be shared—with people who are willing to make a change.

So, let’s move on!

30 Websites You Can Get Paid Writing Articles ($200+ and Above)

1. Listverse

get paid writing articles

Listverse is a list-based website that pays you 100 dollars for a given post, and that includes even if you’re not an expert writer in a chosen field. All you need to do is include a bit of humor into your post to give it that edge when making submissions, and you must also have a passion for writing peculiar but unusual things—that’s the ultimate key to succeeding in the site. It is a nice website you can get paid writing articles on various niches.

2. Penny Hoarder

For this site, if you love to write on finance topics, then Penny Hoarder is just the right place for you. When checking this site, it was observed they didn’t make public their payment figures. However, when you’ve participated, the editor or the person supervising your work would bargain with you on this. And they are known to have an online contribution form so that you can submit your article without hassles. You can get paid writing articles on this site from the comfort of your home.

3. Godaddy Garage

The payment method isn’t indicated in Godday Garage. And if you’re the type looking for part-time online writing for money job, I reckon to consider doing this. This site is wholly suited for freelancers, web professionals, and business owners.

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You can make an article stating how to make a website, web designing, and the likes. According to some sources, payments start at 100 dollars per article and depend on a variety of stuff included in it.

4. Funds for Writers

First of all, payment is done on Check or PayPal. Funds for Writers is looking for practical content aimed at supporting writers to get paid writing articles. They are known to prefer articles that support writers becoming famous in particular genres, writings related to building profitable businesses, and all articles related to writing and success.

Articles are expected to be short and precise, around 500-600 words; it shouldn’t go beyond that. And the pay is 50 dollars per article. The pay is also through Check or PayPal, as said from the start.

5. Michelle Pippin

get paid writing articles

Michelle Pippin is an amazing website that offers writing from home jobs. All payments received are done via PayPal. Michelle Pippin is a business blog looking for writers and contributors who are willing to get paid writing articles of some form that improves the site and the lives of their audience in general.

They are specifically interested in articles from experts who have first-hand experience with a given topic and must be a native English speaker.

Topics that should be written on this site should be about making money writing, financial tips, business productivity, etc.

6. Bitch Media

This is a feminist site—so ladies, if this is your forte, then do consider this. The mode of payment when it comes to this online writing platform is unspecified. Still, according to some sources, payments can be about 200 dollars and more.

The Bitch Media’s main mission is to provide feminist ideals to the populace, also sharing pop culture. So, they tend to search for writers who can help them further this particular mission. If you are looking for an online writing job, you can explore the site.

Word count is from 1200-1300 words, all depending on the type of article.

7. Writers Weekly

In this online writing platform, Payments received are wholly done through PayPal. Writers Weekly is the right spot to begin and earn good cash if you want to make money writing. This site isn’t a blog; rather, this site is an online publication spread to paid subscribers.

Now, suppose you have some knowledge that shows people how to make money writing. In that case, you’re immediately needed on Writing Weekly for immediate employment.

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They do pay 60 dollars per article delivered—and they only pay on acceptance. They are known to accept writers from every walks of life. So, you can get paid writing articles on the website.

8. Better Humans

We all need some self-help articles in our lives. Now, if you know how to write detailed articles on self-improvement, then Better Humans is just the right spot to hang around and get paid writing articles on hot topics. Who knows, I may love to read one of your posts when on the site (smiles). It is an amazing website you can get paid to write content.

9. Insteading

The payment method here is unspecified. When it comes to Insteading, you can make money writing on gardening and homesteading. Insteading seeks freelance writers to contribute frequent posts for 50 dollars per accepted article.

And the word count is around 1000-2000.

10. Color Bloq

Color Bloq deals mainly with trans and queer people of color. They are known to build a safe media space online and a safe media space offline. And they pay up to 500 dollars for all nonfiction essays and articles.

The word count is 1200-2000.

11. Daily Yonder

Daily Yonder is for people willing to make money writing by sharing information with people living in the countryside in the United States. They are known to cover areas like education, economic development, broadband access, etc.

Their pay, when done with an article, starts with a minimum of 200 dollars.

12. Nova Scotia Advocate

Nova Scotia Advocate is a website that offers local news in the region of Nova Scotia, Canada. They are said to cover areas from poverty, environment, racism, etc., and they pay a minimum of 200 dollars for a story. You can get paid writing stories on the website.

13. Longreads

This is the best way to make money writing if you ask me because Longreads is an analytical site. This site needs contributors who specify the details. The pay is 250 dollars for a 1000-word article and about 500 dollars more words. You can get paid writing articles like a sponsored post, etc.

14. SitePoint

This is a site that pays you to write articles on coding and programming. The pay starts from 200 dollars for every 500-word count accepted.

SitePoint is an awesome website that programmers looking to get paid writing could explore to make more money online.

15. Bee Culture

If you are a fan of watching bees, you love to take care of bees. Then Bee Culture is just the place for you. For about 1500-2000 words you write, you earn about 150-200 dollars—this is one fun way to make money writing online. Just watch the bees do their thing and write on it! Cool!

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16. Great Escape Publishing

On the Great Escape Publishing website, you get paid writing articles. The payment ranges between 150-200 dollars for every article you write. You make money writing on cash-generating travel posts. And links aren’t allowed, but one thing is for sure you get authors credit.

17. Cracked

You can make money writing if you are the kind that has this humor in you. Payment per article starts from 200-dollars for every 1000 words. Cracked are a good site for both newbies and experienced content developers.

18. The Arcanist

To make money writing on The Arcanist, you’ll need to write micro-stories. The pay is 10 dollars for every 100 words submitted and accepted. You can earn cool cash while writing stories for them.

19. Craft Literary

Craft Literary is known to republish fiction, interviews, detailed pieces on crafts, and many more. Making money through this writing platform starts from 100 dollars for flash fiction and 200 dollars for original short fiction.

20. Readers Digest

If you love sharing your diary sessions, then this is the website to get paid writing articles and stories. All you need to do is send an authentic story about you in a hundred words or less. Pay is said to start from 100 dollars on Reader’s Digest.

21. Introvert Dear

This site needs posts on introversion. Introvert Dear seeks for highly sensitive people to contribute to their website. The pay is 40 dollars for every post that’s accepted. If you love writing about people’s feelings, you could get paid writing articles on the platform.

22. UX Booth

UX Booth has one goal, and that’s to make the world a user-friendly place, nothing more and nothing else. They are known to seek and pay writers who do contribute to this goal. The pay is 100 dollars for every article submitted and accepted.

And they prefer thoroughly researched pieces written from a third-person point of view, and articles should be a maximum of 1800 words.

23. Write Naked

The payment method is unspecified here. When it comes to Write Naked, this blog is wholly dedicated to art and craft in writing. And they are known to pay writers to make money writing articles that do help writers succeed.

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This could span from an interview with a literary giant or figure, trends, writing tips, or writers who have the added experience in their various crafts.

Articles are said to be around 75 dollars for every 450-600 words written.

24. Snel

The payment method on Snel is done through PayPal. This is a web hosting platform looking for people who can offer tutorials to their familiar audience—they need you to deliver articles to help their users grow in the web hosting field.

For every article made, you’ll be paid about 69 Euros, and that is if your work or piece is accepted. It is a wonderful website you can get paid writing articles on anything related to web hosting, etc.

25. Money Pantry

You can make money writing on the Money Pantry platform with an actual payment of 150 dollars per post. They are known to welcome writers at any level of experience—even if you’re just a rookie.

They are looking for unique financial articles, which would be of benefit to their readers. Word count needs to be around the range of 700 words.

26. Money Crashers

They are said to be a personal finance site looking for writers who write at least 3000 words on retirement, finance, real estate, and the likes. The payout is monthly, and it’s done via PayPal. Money Crashers is a good platform you can start your content development journey. You can get paid writing articles on anything related to finance.

27. Polygon

Polygon specializes in giving out content writing topics on anything related to the gaming industry—that’s the way to make money writing on the website. They accept game review opinions and strategic guides in winning particular games. Before you can contribute, you need to pitch your ideas to them. And the pay depends on the word count.

28. International Living

International Living is known to feature articles that offer insight into foreign destinations. Their audience wants write-ups that focuses on the culture, cost of living, environment, etc. The pay depends on the word count. You can get paid writing articles on the website easily.

29. BookBrowse

This website is known to pay for book reviews. If you’re accepted after the interview and all, you’ll be paid at least 50 dollars for a 600-word review. BookBrowse is a good website to get paid to write reviews on various books.

30. Global Film Locations

Global Film Locations specializes in publishing articles on locations and all forms of media. They’ll also like to pay writers who are keen on supporting them on that mission. The pay starts at 50 dollars per article.

These websites above are some of the legit and unique platforms you can get paid writing articles, reviews, stories, etc. If you found the article helpful, drop your comment below.

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