25 Amazing Freelance Writing From Home Jobs to Explore

The world has a dramatic change, and it is all happening right before us. We see more and more persons embrace freelance writing from Home jobs in some capacity annually. Check this out. Do you know fifty-nine million Americans freelanced last year, with a generated income of about 1.3 trillion dollars? Awesome right?

Whether you’re looking to escape from that tight work schedule or earn some side cash, freelance writing from home jobs are the best option for you.

But here’s the drawback, searching for work online typically means searching from website to website, which can be pretty tasking if you ask me.

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Nonetheless, as job opportunities get more competitive and new job sites pop up here and there, it becomes pretty hard to identify a more legit online freelance platform. This is the reason I took it upon myself to thoroughly research each opportunity and bring you the best freelance writing from home jobs that you can find online in 2021.

Please note, in this article, we’ll be sharing the list randomly. And for some of the jobs or skills mentioned, we’ll provide you with a rough estimate of the earnings and the various sites that you can apply for the gig or search for a job.

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1. Upwork

writing from home jobs

Upwork was known as oDesk and is a one-stop hub to get all types of writing gigs. Upwork is a writing platform known for freelance jobs. It makes it cost-effective and easy to find, hire and work with the best of professionals around the globe.

So, whether you seek jobs in creative writing, technical articles, specialty articles, etc., you can find a job on this site.

I can speak for myself because I’ve used Upwork to get jobs, which was under creative writing.

When it comes to Upwork, you can set your rate from as low as five dollars-300 dollars and more.

2. Bookkeeper

Are you the type interested in finance and nothing else? Then this is the site made for you. Most businesses these days need a bookkeeper to help them track and manage their finances.

Bookkeepers do tasks like recording expenses, income, preparing financial reports, and invoicing clients. And to find your first freelance bookkeeping job, you need to do two things, reach out to local businesses around your vicinity or check out sites like FlexJobs, Indeed, and Accountingdepartment.com. The hourly earnings are from 25 dollars-50 dollars. Bookkeeping jobs are one of the freelance work from home jobs that you could explore.

3. BloggingPro

writing from home jobs

The BloggingPro platform is known to cater mainly to bloggers. However, online freelancers can find the latest blogging, journalism, creative writing, etc., or simply working as content strategists.

4. FlexJobs

This online platform was briefly noted in number (2). FlexJobs is a career site that is geared toward people looking for flexibility in a job. They are known to focus on freelance work from home jobs, and part-time jobs. In addition, FlexJobs is known to post jobs that are scam-free and flexible.

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When it comes to wages here, it’s based on the word count, level of expertise, advertiser, and the kind of work.

5. Freelance Writing Jobs

writing from home jobs

These are also known as freelance writing gigs, which help authors and writers find jobs that pay pretty well. The FreelanceWriting platform is known to hand-pick job sites, company websites, and classified ads, that is, way more than just writing jobs. They are known to include positions that might probably not involve writing of any type.

6. An Online Beauty Advisor

We all know there’s an increasing trend in beauty and the beauty industry in general. And this has never been a better time to consider becoming an online beauty advisor—yes, writing on this.

Why not begin this journey by sharing your expertise and knowledge in skincare and beauty routines which would surely build your confidence and clientele? You can also consult clients globally or locally, all depending on your niche. At the same time, you make a brand around you that does increase your presence in the marketplace. This is absolutely an easy freelance writing from home jobs that work for you, only if you’re passionate about the field.

7. Press Release Writing Jobs

This is explained as a written statement to the media. It is used by a business to announce accomplishments, introduce them to the public, or make a launch. This area continuously needs good writers to fill in the space and deliver friendly contents that get the people’s attention.

You have many choices; you can write a press release for a new meal delivery service or any company of your choice. However, most companies need a good writer to get the word about their product to a city or even the world.

For instance, most publicity firms do charge thousands of dollars to write simple press releases. But, on the other hand, you can get a gig of 325 dollars per release. So, in this case, it would be better to set your price to at least 200 dollars to get the attention of these businesses which need your services.

8. Contently

writing from home jobs

This is a content marketing platform that connects freelance writers with different brands. To start with this, you need to create an account and showcase your portfolio. Once you make it through the screening process, you’ll become eligible to receive varying job opportunities.

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Contently is said to work with some of the most successful brands globally; we have the likes of Google, Walmart, Coca-cola, etc., working with them. So this site is good, only if you have the experience and are looking for a staff writer position. The website is among the top freelance writing from home jobs that you can check.

9. We Work Remotely

Even though We Work Remotely doesn’t cater to only proofreaders and writers, it is known to seek the presence of various content writing, Copywrite, editing, and blogging jobs. Additionally, it is said that companies need to pay at least 200 dollars to post a job on this platform. So you can expect to find quality clients when it comes to this site.

10. Contena

writing from home jobs

Contena is a paid membership site known to consolidate editing, proofreading, and remote writing jobs for freelance writers to choose from. The membership fee begins at 42 dollars per month. It gives you much access to the Contena scout and Contena Academy, a search tool to find all types of freelance writing from home jobs. You are also guaranteed to get your refund if you aren’t satisfied with the service after 30 days.

11. Online recruiter

Most recruiters only worked in an office setting, but things have pretty much changed presently. There is numerous freelance writing from home jobs that you can apply to now as a recruiter.

Your primary duties would include posting vacancies and searching for potential employees for your company. However, some verifiable companies do need you to conduct an initial phone interview to screen applicants in advance and pass only the best ones to the relevant manager of the industry or firm. Most of the places to find online recruiting jobs are; Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour, etc.

12. Website Designer

If you are the kind that has a good knack when it comes to website designing, then why not write from home by working for tech companies, NGOs, and the likes. Companies that hire you will surely test your proficiency in CSS, UX, and Illustrator. So do make sure you’re well-prepared in these areas.

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And with just a few skills and the ability to make eye-catching web pages, you can surely make a good income either through writing Courses on website design or designing websites for people. You can sell your course in Udemy, thinkific, etc.

13. Chegg

writing from home jobs

This is another online freelance writing from home job that you can make quick bucks. This platform requires you to be at least a university graduate to tutor. And it offers you weekly take-home pay only made accessible through PayPal.

The base pay is at least 20 dollars per hour with subjects ranging from literature to calculus.

Tutors, on average, make at least 1000 dollars per month. And if you are dealing with a professional subject, then the payment goes way higher than that. Presently Chegg has over one million users.

14. Qkids

If you’re the kind that loves to teach kids, then Qkids is the right one for you—it is both fun and rewarding. What you’ll have to do is teach basic English to the kids, which are aged between 4-12 years old. And this isn’t an easy job to do because the hiring process can be somewhat strict. However, this site is open to job seekers from Canada and the United States.

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15. Verblio

Now, if your grammar is fluent, then this is the job for you. Verblio is open for people above 18 years and above, and you must be a citizen of the United States to apply. They are known to have freelance writing from home jobs available ranging from 300-3000 words. You get paid weekly, and there is no limit when it comes to withdrawing your money. If you’re a new writer, they’ll provide you with a short form of content, and later on, with the much-needed experience, you get higher-paying jobs.

16. TextBroker

writing from home jobs

This is one online job that pays pretty well too. With TextBroker, you can earn based on your author star rating. This does range from 7 cents per word. They also have a calculator to see how much is made by you.

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They are also known to pay through PayPal per week. And you’ll need to reach a small balance of ten dollars before you can cash out. As part of this site’s recommendations, you are also liable to earn quarterly cash bonuses as rewards over time.

17. Clear voice

This is a writing from home job that connects clients with freelance writers. All you need to do here is set up your rates, and that’s it—you are paid weekly or daily based on the amount of work you do take. PayPal processes all payments to you.

18. iWriter

As a freelance writer in iWriter, you can earn as high as 70 dollars per 500 words. You are free to choose the topics that best suit your specialty or background and also have the liberty to decide how much you desire to work.

For now, they currently hire people living in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe. They are known to give an online application form that includes about 200 writing prompts to check your skill. All payments are made via PayPal.

19. Allegis

Allegis is always looking for skilled transcribers, and you might be the one they need. Most of the transcription jobs they offer are in the legal and insurance industries. Payments are made through mailed checks or direct deposits.

20. The HOTH

This site always wants a freelance writer—like freelance writers are hotcake when it comes to The Hoth. To qualify, you must be a native English speaker with experience in keeping your deadlines. All payments are made weekly.

21. Next Wave advocacy

The Next Wave Advocacy is always looking for independent writers to get involved in political issues worldwide. The site claims to be non-partisan, and it’s project-based work, so in this case, there’s a likely tendency you won’t get your hands busy as always. Payments are made weekly only by direct deposit. If you are looking for freelance work from home jobs, you can check the site.

22. Crowd Content

This is a site that consistently accepts content writers. And as a writer on Crowd Content, you can either pick and choose from their marketplace or work on large projects.

Crowd content is known to pay twice in a given week. And payments come through PayPal, and you must have a minimum of ten dollars in your account to receive your first payment.

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23. Hire Writers

This is an affordable site, which means you hardly subscribe or pay for anything. And they are regularly open to all genres of writers. Currently, Hire Writers accept writers from the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Singapore, and America.

Payments are made through PayPal, and it’s done quickly. Nonetheless, you must have a minimum of 15 dollars in your account to have your payment.

24. Content Panel

If you know how to speak English fluently and write, then it would be an excellent option to take a job on The Content Panel. You are free to pick as many jobs as you so wish as pre-approved from their job board. It is an excellent platform to search for freelance writing from home jobs.

Payments are made through PayPal and its made every Monday.

25. Get a Copywriter

Get a Copywriter is often looking for new copywriters to join their overall team. This is the best freelance writing from home jobs platform you can get now because the pay is pretty good. The amount you earn per task depends on the length. They are hiring people worldwide as far you know your onions.

Payments are made every week immediately after your account is at least 15 dollars.

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