Hemingway Editor Review: Is the Free Writing App Worth the Hype?

What is the function of the Hemingway editor app? Well, its primary function is to tighten up your words, making them pretty concise and more impactful.

For a start, the name “Hemingway” is gotten from the master of brevity himself, which aims to make your writing clear and bold. It is said to be an in-depth grammar checker, just the same way as ProWritingAid and Grammarly.

Hemingway is known as a minimalist and pro-writing software tool known to improve style and substance.

When making corrections either on the app or pasting content on it. It is said to highlight your work using a variety of colors. Each of the said colors is said to correspond to a different kind of improvement. Thus, making the Hemingway app to be a good writing aid app.

How to use Hemingway Editor

hemingway editor

The Hemingway editor is said to highlight your words, formatting, and phrases which could all be improved. In addition, the Hemingway editor is known to opt for precise, clear, and descriptive writing suggestions.

The Hemingway editor is used in two primary ways;

  1. Paid: By using the Hemingway desktop app
  2. Free: By applying the Hemingway editor

For this article, I’ll be putting more light on the free online editor.

Firstly, the Hemingway online editor is known to offer two modes;

  1. Edit: this is the area in which Hemingway is said to highlight potential changes or improvements to words or sentences and access the overall clarity and readability of your work.
  2. Write: This is used to minimize all distraction-free compositions in the writing environment.

And for most people who may desire to compose short but straightforward pieces in the Hemingway writing environment. And the reason for that is because there is no login or cloud backup for your work. So if peradventure, your browser crashes, there’s a likely tendency that you are bound to lose everything; and that can be pretty distressing.

And by clicking on the Edit option, you have the liberty to access the full range of the Hemingway online editor option; you can also access the full range of Hemingway editor analysis features on writing.

The edit option is comprised of three sections;

  1. Summary of Heming’s editor findings which is on the right hand of the screen.
  2. Formatting options: which are located at the top of the screen.
  3. Colored Highlights: This is at the center of the screen and indicates the kind of improvement Hemingway believes you should make on the writing piece. This helps everything from the corrections of mistakes to weak verbs to splitting up the long, incoherent sentences.

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A closer look at the Writing App

Summary of Findings

The Hemingway editor is said to summarize your information on the right-hand side of your screen. It is said to analyze your content to access its readability score and grade level.

According to the creators of Hemingway, the average American is said to have a tenth-grade reading level. And making sure that your writing is below this readability grade level would make it available to all Americans. But, of course, you may also use the grading it provides to write for lower-reading or higher reading audiences.

Formatting options

The Hemingway editor is said to offer formatting options like the various headings, italic, and bold, quotes, numbered lists, and the attention catchers—all of these are essential for bloggers alike. You can make your writing clean and smooth by using the Hemingway editor and applying the above formatting options to get your text ready for publishing.

Colored Highlights

This stage gives highlights in website or app sentences, which may contain particular mistakes.

The Red highlights on the Hemingway editor indicate it can’t be read in any way. They are said to be complex sentences similar to the yellow but said to be way more unclear and imprecise.

The Yellow highlights are said to indicate long sentences which are hard to be read. For this part, Hemingway is said to advise you in splitting or shortening the words.

Green highlights indicate the use of passive voice. This is a good alternative for some sentences. Still, when it is overused in a given work, it makes your writing less confident.

The blue highlights are when a word is highlighted in blue by the Hemingway editor—this is when Hemingway feels that your word is generic or weak. And by hovering over the blue word with the mouse, you would be able to see the suggestion given to you.

How does Hemingway Editor work?

Now, before you get into the Hemingway Editor benefits, I’ll like to brief you around on how this platform works;

  1. Visit the Hemingway editor website, and you have the option to paste your writing directly onto the website, or you can download the desktop version to use anytime you wish. And you also have to know, if you wish to be able to download and save what the Hemingway editor is correcting, you will have to download the Hemingway app for your desktop to be used by you.
  2. Proceed by pasting your writing into the Hemingway editor directly from the writing software tool that you’re using to complete your manuscript fully.
  3. Next up, do determine whether or not to take the advice suggested to you in the various colors. For this part, this tends to be the most challenging part in using the Hemingway editor. And the reason is, you can’t take all the suggestions because then you might probably lose the way you want your writing to be.

So, knowing what each of the colors suggests to you in the editor will surely help you decide on the advice to take and what to leave for stylistic purposes.

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Benefits of the Hemingway Editor

Let’s know more about the benefits of the Hemingway editor app to help us understand what the platform has to offer, and they are;

Writing sounds much better:

A lot of what makes the Hemingway app unique is that it aims to help your writing look perfect and read more clearly and precisely. One issue with various people’s writing style is that it seems clustered—a whole lot goes on, on the page.

The smoothness of all writing is a good skill in writing, and many people do not possess such. So, therefore the Hemingway editor app does make it easy to see where you’ve gotten the procedure wrong.

And once you do know what to observe and what habits you tend to take to make the wrong mistake, you can correct them as you proceed and have a smoother read when you observe your work.

Simple to Use

The Hemingway Editor isn’t difficult to use. On the contrary, it’s way easy as copying and pasting; that’s all you need to do when it comes to it.

All you have to do is copy the writing you have and drop it into the editor. And that’s it; the work is done.

And technically, your writing piece has been commented on, and it’s now up to you to make the necessary changes suggested to you by the editor. And as far as to use, the Hemingway app editor is the easiest in the market.


Yes, the Hemingway online editor is entirely free on the website. All you need to do is head to the Hemingway app and paste your writing in the space that has been given you to do so. When done with that, you’ll immediately see what needs to be edited.

Used by anyone

If you can write copy and paste, you need to know that the Hemingway editor is meant for you. And that’s because this editor works by giving peculiar suggestions within your sample, and you’ll have to be able to read and decipher what each piece of the suggestion also denotes.

Nonetheless, as long you have the freedom to copy and paste your work and understand the tips given in the app, you’re able to use it.

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Why Adverbs aren’t allowed in the Hemingway Editor app

All sort of adverbs is a destructive element in writing because they seem weak and can often be replaced with something more intense or emphatic, a more precise word to reflect what you’re trying to say.

If you want your writing to be meaningful and impactful to your audience, you’ve got to use strong verbs instead of adverbs so that your audience gets your point.

For example, He ran to the storeroom to grab the keys to the box, or He rushed to the storeroom to grab the keys to the box.

Observing both of these sentences, they both say the same thing. But the second is said to be more robust due to its more appropriate verb than an adverb.

Now, what is the point in this? The Hemingway Editor app is made to find the minor errors you make and helps you to write with more intrigue and clarity. You don’t have to worry about missing these errors when you’re self-editing because the Hemingway app editor helps you to clear and duly point them out without hassles in any way.

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