Grammarly Grammar Checker: Powerful Guide on Using the Proofreading Software

Grammarly grammar checker is one of those tools which finds out elementary errors you’ve made. Therefore, enabling you to improve your writing, learn as you go, and give almost perfect results. It’s also known to help out when you’re online writing and thinking if that sentence is correct.

We always write, and as we do, we rarely see the mistakes in our writing— I believe you won’t refute this because we are all guilty of this. I’m a fan of using professional editors to improve my writing, and there are things we can do as well to improve on what we have before sending it to an editor.

Proofreading a Book;

Proofreading is the last chance to correct all errors that might’ve slipped past before it’s published. And with the Grammarly editor, this has just been made easier. There’s Grammarly for Windows and Grammarly for Mac.

Let’s get down to the basics;

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Grammarly for Word

Grammarly has an add-in for Microsoft Office, which enables students to add Grammarly grammar checker directly to their Microsoft word document— this is called Grammarly for students.

Now, here’s the stuff, instead of going through the somewhat daunting task of submitting your paper to Grammarly through its website, all you have to do is enable Grammarly Microsoft word once your document is ready to check.

Here are some steps to download its add-in or new app and use it on your Word document draft.

  1. Begin with saving and closing all that you’ve opened in your Microsoft word. This is done since you’ll need to restart it to add the app.

Sometimes, popups in your browser’s settings may be needed to complete the overall process.

  1. When fully done with the procedures in section (a), head to the Grammarly plugin for ms word, which is
  2. Now proceed by logging in with your email and the password for your Grammarly account. Click ‘Log in.’
  3. There’ll be a new screen that opens up. Choose ‘Apps’ from the left-hand toolbar on the new screen that opens.
  4. On the Grammarly App screen, scroll down to Grammarly for Microsoft Office and select ‘Install.’
  5. Be patient, and wait for the Add-in to download at the bottom of your browser window. When done, click to open it.
  6. With this, a popup window might very well be visible to you. It might ask if you wish to run the file. When you see this, click ‘Run.’
  7. Please wait a moment for it, and a popup will open. Click ‘Get Started.’
  8. Do make sure ‘Grammarly for Windows word’ is checked. Click and install.
  9. Be patient; the installation will soon be done.
  10. Suppose your Microsoft Word is already open. A popup will show that asks you to restart Microsoft Office.
  11. If you have Microsoft Office programs open. Then proceed by saving your work, and closing all programs.
  12. In the Grammarly popup window, click ‘Finish.’
  13. When done with all of this, open Microsoft word. You’ll be able to see a small green dot at the upper right of your Home Tab, which reads, ‘Enable Grammarly’— you can now permit it to proofread your work!

Grammarly Log In

grammarly grammar checker

Here’s how to manage your subscription; You can view your subscription details in your Grammarly account. No fuss about this because it is way too easy to do so.

  1. Log in to your Grammarly account.
  2. Click on the Account tab, which is on the left.
  3. Choose subscription.

Wait a minute! We can’t be done discussing this without talking about Grammarly premium.

Grammarly premium

Grammarly premium isn’t free, but the base model of Grammarly is free and helpful so that you can use that when you’re ready or can afford to upgrade, it’s known to offer a Grammarly premium price.

The monthly subscription for a member costs 25 dollars per month. An annual subscription cost depends on the number of users on your team; 3 to 9 members cost 12.50 dollars per month, and 10 to 49 members would cost 12.08 dollars a month.

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Grammarly Premium in Proofreading

Grammarly premium works by identifying other grammar errors that have been overlooked in your document. And these are sometimes a matter of writing style. It’s also known to provide more context behind your potential mistakes and is a useful tool for effectively learning the English Language and line-editing.

Grammarly Premium— is it worth it?

The question mostly asked by beginners is this, is Grammarly premium worth it? Yes, I guess I’ve given you all the details you need under ‘Grammarly premium proofreading.’ So, if you take your writing seriously, Premium is definitely worth the expense.

Grammarly for Mac

Here’s the Grammarly download for Mac;

  1. Open the blank Microsoft word document on your Mac.
  2. Open the Insert menu and click Get Add-ins or Store.
  3. Type in Grammarly for word Mac or Grammarly for Microsoft Word in the search field and click Enter.
  4. Move next to the listing for Grammarly for word, and press the Add tab.

Head straight to your Word document, look for the Grammarly tab on your toolbar and press Open Grammarly. You’re free to use the basic or the paid— depending on your pay.

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Grammarly Customer-care

Do you wish to contact Grammarly by phone or otherwise?

While Grammarly doesn’t have a toll-free number, there’s a way to get in touch with their support team. The best way to talk to their customer support team and, according to all other Grammarly customers, is by telling some of their subsidiaries or affiliations online, for example, GetHuman.

These sites act as Grammarly customer service because when you contact them and tell them your problem, they’ll immediately find somebody to help you out.

And besides calling, the next option would be to seek help through customer service.

If you believe this information is somewhat incomplete and you know other ways to contact Grammarly, do not forget to let me know by posting your comments below; this would surely help others.  Thank you.


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