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Have you had numerous ideas about different ebook topics that you want to write about but can’t figure out the best topic to choose from? You are not alone. It happens to many people. Often, you realize that all the ideas are excellent. Sometimes, you might have a particular topic, but you don’t know how to convert your idea to an ebook. This article will help you to identify the best topic for your Amazon Kindle ebook.

Choosing the right topic for your Amazon KDP ebook will help you to write your ebook quickly. With the right topic, you could easily draft your outline and write your book. But it is not easy getting the right topic for your Amazon book. When you visit Amazon, you see that there are millions of books published with thousands in that your book category. Then you ask yourself, “Is there still any topic that has not been written?

The truth is there are hundreds of topics that can earn you money when you write on them. These topics can shoot your book to the best seller in Amazon within weeks.

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about amazon topics and how to choose the amazon KDP topic that can fetch you thousands of dollars within a few months.


Finding the Best Book Title for Amazon KDP Book

This step is straightforward but, at the same time, technical. It is easy if you follow the steps by step guide. So, follow the steps carefully.

If you are new to Amazon Kindle Direct publishing, these ways might be your best option of choosing the best topic for your book. But if you are an established author, you might consider the other methods below.

Being the easiest way doesn’t mean that it will guarantee you Amazon bestseller or huge Amazon royalty. You will need to do lots of things if you want to triple your Amazon book royalty.

But with this step, you can be able to compete with books in your category. The more your book is visible to buyers, the higher your chances of selling more copies of your book.

So, how do you select the best topic for your Amazon Kindle Book,

Follow these steps.

Identify your book niche.

It might be under fiction or nonfiction. But it would be better if you narrow down your niche according to the amazon category. Example: Marriage under the nonfiction category. The more you narrow down your niche, the higher your chances of selecting the best topic.

Identify Related Keywords Under the Niche

Let’s assume that my niche is “Computer.” I can use Keywords like “Windows, Publisher, Excel, etc. Get as many keywords as possible.

Search Amazon Kindle Category.

Now that you have Identified your niche. Go over to Amazon and search the Amazon Kindle store. Input the keywords for each search. You will see many books in each category.

Select Your topic

Based on the Best-ranking ebook topics on each of those keywords categories, you can generate your topic.


Niche: Computer

Keywords: Windows 10, Microsoft Publisher, Excel, Share Point. (Each of those keywords has a different category). I type in “Windows 10” in search and so many results pop up. From those results, I can identify the book ranking of the first 20 books and know if they are profitable keywords.

Topic: I realize that the topic “Windows 10 for dummies” has a good ranking with fewer competitors. From that topic, I will generate my topic.

NOTE: Not all keywords are profitable. You might input some keywords, and the sales ranking is poor.

Write and Publish

Now, go back and write your book and publish it.

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Other Methods that You can Use To Select Best topic for your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Ebook

There are other methods that you can still use to identify the best topic for your ebook.

Keyword Research

You can start by doing Keyword research online. There are so many keyword researches tools online that you can use to find profitable keywords that you can write about. It is another way of identifying profitable keywords. The search volume of your keyword will tell you if the ebook topic is profitable or not.

NOTE: Amazon search volume is different from google search volume. But you can always compare both before making a final decision.

After selecting your topic, run keyword research to know the search volume of the keyword. You Can use the popular keyword planner tool run your analysis.

Run Facebook campaign

It is another way of knowing if the topic is profitable or not. You can run a Facebook campaign on the topic and see how people will react to the topic. With that, you can be able to know if people are interested in your topic or not.

Identify your competitor’s website

Visit your competitor’s website and see his best ranking posts. Most of the Amazon best sellers often have blogs that they use to promote books online. You can check your competitor’s blog post and see his best ranking keywords. From there, you can generate a keyword for your book

Find out what your competitors are writing about

You can do this by following your competitors on social media platforms. Check people’s comments about your competitors’ books. It will give you a clue on how to write your KDP book

Search for Related courses online

It is an excellent way of generating an outline for your book. When you are exposed to courses relating to your topic, you will easily understand how to create a catchy book outline for your Amazon Kindle direct publishing.

Craft a unique Amazon Kindle Book

Even with all the methods listed above, if your book is not unique, your chances of becoming an Amazon bestseller are limited.

So, take your time and write a unique book.

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