Book Cover Design: Simple Tricks to Creating a Bestseller Book Cover 

Creating an amazing Amazon book cover is the first step in making money on Amazon. An attractive book cover design draws the attention of buyers quickly. It is why in other to succeed as an author publishing books on Amazon. You need to create a unique book cover. You need a book cover that will draw the attention of buyers and rank you above your competitors.

But you might wonder why most best-seller books don’t have a unique book cover at Amazon. The truth is that established authors write most of those books. These are authors that have huge social media fans. Whether they draw a map as a cover or design a unique cover for their book, they will always sell their book.

Why is it so? It is because they have developed the trust of their readers. But what about you, that doesn’t have such a fan base? One of the ways that you can establish such trust is by creating a cover that convinces the buyers to buy your book.

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In this article, I will be revealing the secrets you can use to draw the attention of buyers to your book through your book cover. With these secrets, you are confident that the buyer will open your book page once your book appears in search.

Let’s get started.

Creating a Bestseller Book Cover Tips

Understanding the Book Title

First, you need to understand the book title that you are writing. When you understand your book title very well, you will know how to design your cover. Take your time and analyze the title.

Turn yourself into a Buyer. 

How is that possible? Well, you are the first buyer of your book. So, you need to see yourself as a buyer. And as a buyer, you should ask yourself questions like; Why should I buy this book? If you can understand what you want as a buyer, you will know how to design your cover.

Check Magazine Headlines

Have you come across some magazine designs? You will see that the topics and the design make it impossible to bypass the stories. Sometimes, you don’t want to read the magazine, but once you look at the design, you won’t know when you opened the headline. Study the way that most magazines are designed.

Spy on your competitors

It is time to check out your competitors. After all, they have been in the industry before you. You need to know how that best-seller book cover was designed. You need to know what buyers are genuinely interested in buying.

To do that,

  • login to (Make sure that your browser is set to incognito mode)
  • Type your title in your search.
  • Open the first ten books that appear in the search (you can open more if you have the time)
  • Check their sales ranking. The sales rank will tell you if the book is selling or not.
  • Click the ebook/book sales ranking to open the category.
  • From the category, study how your competitors designed their cover.
  • Pick the one that interests you, go back and create your own book cover design using the same format (Always check sales rank because it is the easiest way of knowing books that are selling)

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste someone’s book cover design. This research aims to give you a clue on how to design your book cover.

Other Things to Consider When Creating Your KDP Book Cover Design

book cover design

There are other things that you should consider when designing your cover.

Don’t copy Peoples Book cover Design.

Don’t copy other people’s book covers, brand covers, or logos. Example: I want to design a windows 10 book, and I go and use the Microsoft Windows 10 logo as my picture. That is very wrong. It can lead to a ban or a bad review. Design your own cover

Book cover Font

Fonts add beauty to a book cover. When designing your amazon book cover, use a font that depicts your book ideas. Sometimes, you can buy a premium font for your cover.

Font Size Of your Book Cover 

Even though you use a beautiful font, watch out for the size. Don’t use something too short or too bold. Make your font visible to your readers when creating your book cover design.

Color Combination 

It is one thing you should look out for when designing a book cover—most especially font color. Your font color and entire book cover should be visible and showcase the book’s ideas. If you don’t know how to mix colors when designing your cover, use pictures to avoid creating an awkward-looking book cover. You can ask your friends to check your color combinations.


First, avoid copyright infringement images. There are free websites that you can use to get copyright-free images, like pixabay that you can use for your book cover design, etc.

Also, when downloading an image, use an image that depicts your book’s idea. Avoid pictures that don’t relate to your book or images with poor resolution. You need sharp images for your book cover design.


The layout of your book cover design should be well-organized and responsive. The right way of understanding how to structure your layout should be by spying on your competitors.

That’s it; you have successfully created your book cover design. If you have any questions, drop them in the comment box below. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest amazon book ranking tips.

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