Book Title Generator: 6 Awesome Title Generator Websites for Authors

 Being able to conceive an idea about a book and coming up with something amazing at the end is great. However, it is not devoid of a great deal of stress. While writing an amazing book requires a great deal of work, sometimes, the book is not completed when the book gets ready as several writers deal with the struggle of coming up with a catchy title.

Are you looking to put out a book but are not sure what the title should be? You are on the right page and we’ve got you covered. Contained in this article are some of the best book title generators. Let’s find out what they are.

How to Create a Catchy Book Title

Crafting a catchy book title is not rocket science. However, you might struggle at it if you have no idea how it’s done. Below are some tips to help you create catchy book titles without a lot of struggles. If you are finding it difficult in picking the best title for your book, you can check my post on Tips on how to select the Best Title for Amazon KDP books

1. Ensure Your Title cannot be forgotten

If your title is boring, it is only a matter of time before a reader or passerby forgets it. However, the same cannot be said about a catchy title. The implication of this is to work towards ensuring that your book title is a lot of fun.

Making titles easy to remember might not always be easy. However, you can make things a lot easier when you make use of alliterations

2. Pick Inspiration from the Characters in Your Book

If you are writing fiction, you can depend on the characters in your book for inspiration. If you are not sure how to go about this, you might want to include the name of the hero in the title. You can come up with a title that has the name of the hero, alongside their achievements or qualities. When you do this, you can always be sure the title will stick to the minds of readers.

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In as much as making use of the hero’s name in the book almost seems like the way to go, there are no rules that state you must use the hero’s name. If the antagonist has more impact on the book, then, you might have to make use of their name in the book title.

3. Your Book Title Should Offer a Solution to a Problem

It is quite easy for an individual to pick interest in a book if they think it provides solutions to their problems. If this is anything to go by, then, having a title that is a solution to the problems on the minds of people will definitely be catchy.

If you can make your readers know that there is something they can achieve from reading your book when they see your book title, I can say you have successfully written a catchy book title.

If you must always write a catchy book title each time you put out a book, there are questions you must ask yourself. Some of these questions are

  • Does your book have what it takes to provide a solution to a major challenge?
  • Can you make a change in someone’s life from your personal experiences?
  • Will readers learn a much-needed skill when they read your book?

4. Take Advantage of Subtitles

Sometimes the title of a book is not very clear. In situations like this, you can make your book title catchy by making use of subtitles. The subtitle explains what the outcome of reading the book should be.

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You need to ask yourself some questions when crafting a subtitle. Some of them are;

  • In what way can the subtitle shed more light on getting the much-needed result?
  • Does the subtitle give you room to talk more about your outstanding ideas?

What is the Importance of a Great Book Title Generator?

As long as engaging your audience is concerned, titles are expedient. A lot of times, your audience has no idea what is in your book. So, they get to engage with your book if they find the title catchy.

If a title is considered boring, people might not be able to associate with it. With book title generators, you can ensure that your audience is not bored or put off by your title. Hence, giving your book a fighting chance in the midst of several competitors.

In as much as you do not exactly need to strictly follow what title generators for books have to offer, you can use it as a foundation to coming up with a strong and engaging book title.

Best Book Title Generators

There are several book title generators scattered all around the web. This is a good thing. However, the many available title generators for books on the web might make it difficult for the average writer to settle for the best.

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To make things easy, I have put together some of the best book title generators. Let’s find out what they are.

1. Sumo’s Kickass Headline Generator 

book title generator

Sumo book title generator can be trusted to offer you an engaging title. It comes with several fields that you can fill out to come up with the ideal title that meets your needs. Some of the fields that you get to fill out are your desired keyword.

Additionally, with this title generator, you are free to select the heading style you want. Some of the alternatives that this book title generator has to offer are DIY, controversial, playful, How to, etc.

 2. Awesome Titles Headline Generator 

book title generator

The Awesome Titles headline generator is known to generate titles from the keywords in your book. To make this possible, you will have to enter these keywords into the fields provided.

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With this book title generator. You can generate as many as 700 alternative titles. Some of the alternatives might not be grammatically correct. However, beyond this extra need to edit, you will be getting very catchy titles.

3. Copywriting Course’s Book Title Generator 

book title generator

To get the best out of Copywriting Course book title generator, you simply need to type your keywords into the available field box. With this done, you will come across lots of titles being generated.

This tool does not come with refresh buttons. The implication of this is you will have to make use of the initial; alternatives. In as much as the lack of a refresh button might seem like a form of limitation, you are free to make a choice from up to 100 book title alternatives.

 4. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

book title generator

This book title generator is one of the most efficient you will find around. It generates great titles by putting together the keywords you typed into the field box.

When you make use of the Portent Idea Generator, you only get one title for each trial. Nonetheless, the various sections of the title are outlined. This way, you can always make alterations to get the perfect title.

5. Fantasy Name Generator 

book title generator

When you make use of the Fantasy name generator, you get the chance to make a choice from 10 random book titles for a single genre out of 10 available genres. The implication of this is you get the chance to pick from 100 book titles across 10 genres.

This book title generator is basically for books under the following genres;

  • Sci-Fi
  • Romance
  • Non-fiction
  • Mystery
  • Humor
  • Horror
  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Children
  • Adventure

6. Ruggen Berg Title Generator

book title generator

This tool is very easy to use and was specifically designed for comic books. The implication of this is if you are struggling to get an appropriate title for your comic book, you can settle for this tool.

The Ruggen Berg title generator is easy to use. All you have to do is follow the little instructions on the site. By simply following the instructions on this site, you will be able to have access to five titles at a time.

The Takeaway

You can say goodbye to the days of having to struggle to come up with the right title for every book. Next time you find yourself struggling to generate the right title for a book, feel free to make use of any title generator for books in this article.

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