12 Best Book Advertising Companies for Promotion Services

Writing a book successfully is fulfilling. However, there is a lot more to being a published author than just writing a book. If you must be considered successful as an author, then, you will need to get your book in front of the world by promoting it. When looking to promote your book on your own, you will likely struggle over it. However, promoting your book becomes easy when you work with one of the best book advertising companies.

There are several book advertisement companies that the average writer has at their disposal. This is definitely good news. However, it might make it difficult for authors to decide on the best firm to work with.

Are you looking to work with the right book advertising company to promote your book? If yes, this article contains 12 best book advertising companies to use to promote your book.

Before checking out the best book advertising companies to use to promote your book, let’s find out what book advertising is all about.

What is Book Advertisement?


Book advertisement is very similar to the advertisement of any product. In its simplest form, it involves paying for media space for the sole aim of promoting books. Adverts for selling books are not limited to just traditional media, they can also appear in digital media. It is really up to the author and book advertising firm to choose the medium to promote there books.

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Book advertisement comes with several benefits and one of them is giving the author the power to dictate what the viewers have access to.

Why do You Need Book Advertisers

There are several ways to create awareness about your book. You could decide to simply sit on social media and spread the news about your book or work with a book advertiser. When looking to promote your book on social media, you might not need to spend a lot of money. However, the same cannot be said about promoting your book with a book advertiser. If you work with a book advertiser, you will be spending money, so, why would you want to spend money when you can also advertise books for free?

Well, working with a book advertiser might cost you money, however, there is a lot you can benefit from working with a book advertiser.

By working with one of the best book advertising companies, you can easily reach the ideal customers. This way, you will certainly get value for every amount you spend advertising. Additionally, there will be a lot of credibility to your book.

Why is this so?

People tend to believe your book is worth reading if you are willing to spend money advertising it. Being able to afford the services of a book advertiser can help you sell your books easily.

Preparing Your Book for Promotion

There are various firms that handle book promotion and these different firms have different requirements. The implication of this is preparing your book for promotion is greatly dependent on the firm you are working with. The requirement for working with the best book advertising companies might not necessarily be needed for other firms.

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To promote your book with certain firms, all you need is an Amazon link. Other sites, however, will need a certain number of reviews on Amazon.

Do book advert firms offer any value?

This is a question I hear every day and the simple answer to this question is yes. Promoting your book is a recipe to making a success out of a beautifully written book.

Find out the top 12 best book advertising companies below

1. Book Raid 

book advertising companies

First on the list of the best book advertising companies is Book Raid. When you work with BookRaid in promoting your book, you can be sure of always getting good value for your money as it is considered one of the best book advertising companies on the planet. In as much as other book promotion sites were designed to offer book writers value for whatever amount they spend in promoting their book, BookRaid is a lot more particular about ensuring that every writer gets value for money when they promote a book with its platform.

When books are promoted on BookRaid, authors do not need to pay a flat fee. Rather, they only have to pay per click. So, if your book does not have any click, you certainly will not be making any payments.

Before going on to promote your book on this site, it should be listed on Google Play, Kobo, Nook, Apple, or Amazon. That’s not all. You can either decide to promote it as a deal book or as a freebie.

2. The Fussy Librarian

The Fussy Librarian is open to people that are looking to promote a free or bargain eBook. In as much as you are free to select the price at which you want your book to be sold on this platform, this platform advises authors to set their book prices in the range of $0.99 to $2.99.

 3. Robin Reads

On this book promotion site is over 190,000 subscribers. The number of subscribers on Robin Reads makes it rank as one of the best book advertising companies. Every book you promote on this site has the potential of being seen by up to 190,000 people. This is a lot and you might want to jump on it.

On this platform, you can promote books that are to be sold for $0.99 or are put up for free. Furthermore, when looking to promote a book on Robin Reads, ensure such a book has been listed 90 days before you decide to schedule an ad. This is important as books listed less than 90 days before an ad is scheduled cannot be promoted.

4. BookBub

This site has subscribers that run into millions. So, it is a platform that can be trusted to give authors a great deal of exposure. If you promote a catchy book on this platform, it has a chance of becoming a best seller.

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Although BookBub has a lot to offer authors, it has very high standards. You will need to meet these standards before your book can be considered for promotion. Since there is really no guarantee that your book will meet the required standard for promoting books on this site, when coming up with a marketing plan, you just might not want to plan around this site.

5. Audio Thicket

From the name of this site, it is obvious what it was designed for promotions. In as much as this is a site for promoting books, it has audiobooks in mind. Audio Thicket is one of the best book advertising companies for audiobooks.

On this site, you can be sure your book will be seen by the right target audience. This is because it has various email options for different listeners.

6. New In Books

New In Books was designed to promote books that have just been released. So, if your book was released in about 90 days or will be coming out soon, you definitely should consider New In Books when making promotion plans. This site cannot exactly be said to be the best book advertising firm. Nonetheless, it stands out on the list of the best book advertising companies as it caters specifically to books in audio format.

New in Books has several packages that authors will definitely enjoy. Some of these packages are social media promotion, an SEO-optimized Book Recommendation List, a weekly newsletter for the new releases, etc.

7. Red Feather Romance 

Have you just released a book on romance and want to enjoy the services of some of the best book advertising companies? You should consider Red Feather Romance. The name of this site is enough explanation on what it is focused on. Red Feather Romance was written to meet the promotion needs of romance book writers. It is open to audiobooks, as well as eBooks. That’s not all. It can also be used in promoting priced books and free books.

8. Bargain Booksy 

Are your book over 50 pages and you are ready to give buyers a discount? You should consider promoting it on BargainBooksy. Bargain Booksy is famous for promoting books that are sold between $0.99 to $5.00. It is a great platform for people that are looking to enjoy a hike in sales.

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When a book is promoted on this site, you can be sure it will be seen by up to 317,000 people. This is regardless of the genre the book is in.

BargainBooksy has various promotion plans and regardless of the promotion plan, your book will be featured on its homepage. This feature covers a brief description of your book, as well as its cover. This is in addition to promotion on social media accounts and via daily emails.

9. Freebooksky 

Freebooksky is a platform for authors that are trying to reach fresh readers with their books. It has more than 539,000 registered readers. So long your book is more than 50 pages and you are ready to let readers enjoy it for free, you should consider Freebooksy in your promotion plans.

Every time your book gets promoted on this platform, it will be posted on Freebooksy’s homepage. A brief description of the book and its book cover will be featured in this post. This promotion plan also involves putting out the book on social media and letting readers know of its existence through its daily mail.

10. Smith Publicity 

Smith Publicity was founded in 1997. Since coming into the book promotion world, it has built a reputation as a reliable book promotion site. It has worked with several book authors (famous and unknown). This platform has promoted books from various genres and is known to make use of book publicity services and innovative strategies in successfully promoting several books.

Although generally known as a platform for promoting books, there is a lot Smith Publicity can do for authors. It can come in handy in helping authors build their brands. It can lead to a skyrocketing in book sales and can develop opportunities for speaking engagements.

Although Smith Publicity is simply located in New Jersey, it is not focused on just a local audience. It has an international reach and can always be trusted.

11. JKS Communications 

JKS Communications was established in 2000 and has successfully promoted over 700 authors since getting established. This large number of successful books easily places it on the list of some of the best book advertising companies. Furthermore, it works with independent authors and authors that put out their books traditionally.

12. Jane Wesman Public Relations

This firm might be the last on the list of best book advertising companies. However, it is not the worst on this list.

Based in New York, United States, Jane Wesman is a PR firm that can come in handy for people looking to get their books out. Although generally known as a site for promoting your book, Jane Wesman Pubic Relations is into internet publicity, Magazine/ Newspaper campaigns, and special events, etc. This site does not just get your book out. It can also help with your branding as an author.

The Takeaway

You do not have to be an experienced author before taking advantage of one of the best book advertising companies already mentioned in this article. You can promote the very first book you write with one of the best firms around.

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