Book Funnels: 8 Powerful Strategies to Generate Book Leads

Are you looking to get your business to the next level and get more people aware of its existence? Or looking to get your clients more engaged in your business and find out about new offers from your business? Book funnels setup can make this happen.

There are several ways to generate leads and writing a book is one of these ways. It does not matter what you are trying to achieve or what you are trying to pass to your customers, you can always depend on book funnels to generate leads.

What is Leads Generation?

book funnels

Leads generation is a business strategy that involves getting the attention of regular people and turning them to people that are interested in what your business has to offer. This practice has been in existence for several years and can be achieved in different ways. Book funnels setup is one of them.

Leads generation is a step that comes just before marketing to a target audience. The reason for this is it goes a long way in helping a business to reach as many people as possible and also get positive results.

What is a Book Funnels?

Also known as a lead generation funnel, a book funnel is a marketing technique through which businesses take readers through the process of becoming potential customers and leads by getting them to read a book.

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So long a book funnel is concerned, the reader is a prospective customer. With a book funnel setup, you can help your reader take action that ensures you have a long-standing relationship with them even when they are done reading your book.
There are various reasons people come up with a book funnel. However, a book funnel setup is not considered successful if it fails to generate leads or get people to purchase your product or services.

Why do Businesses Need Lead Generation?

There are several ways businesses can benefit from lead generation. One of the most common ways is that it helps to grow website traffic. While this might not always end up in converting these leads to customers, a lot of times, it actually ends up converting fresh leads to customers. And having an increased number of customers is indirectly related to an increase in profit.

Find out 8 Powerful Strategies to Generate Book Leads

As a business or organization that is looking to make more sales with book funnels set up, there are proven strategies that you can take advantage of to get your business to the next level effortlessly. Some of these strategies are;

1. The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel strategy is one of the most reliable ways that authors use to set up their book funnels. When making use of this strategy, you will be redirecting your audience to a landing page that is under your control. This landing page will definitely not be on amazon.
The landing page can either be used as a tool for selling a book or as a channel that uses the book as a tool for marketing the actual thing you are looking to sell.

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For this method to work, your book will have to be less than the price the average person will spend buying the book on Amazon. If your book is more expensive than the books sold on Amazon, then, this strategy will not work.
Selling your book for less than the price that a book is sold on Amazon might not seem like something you will willingly do. However, since the aim is not just to make a profit but for the book to generate leads, it is okay.
If you come across people that are willing to pay for your book even if they want to pay a reduced price, then, you can be sure that you are making progress.

What is an Upsell?

An upsell could be a coaching service associated with the book to be bought, a masterclass that offers more details, a course that accompanies the book, a workbook with the book being sold, and the book in an audio version.
When looking to make customers respond swiftly, you can give them upsells and add-ons at discounted prices.

Additionally, you do not need to sell the book. You can simply make it free and downloadable.
When looking to give out a book for free, ensure your customers fill a form that contains their email addresses. Once you have their emails, you can send them a download code.

2. The Retargeting Funnel Strategy

The retargeting funnel might not exactly be called a funnel. Nonetheless, it can generate leads by using a book.
To make use of this method to generate leads, you will need to put up a Facebook ad. This ad will be used to direct potential customers to an amazon page where your book will be sold.
When using a Facebook page to direct people to Amazon, you can be certain that to a great extent, you will not be able to sell as many books to pay for the cost of the ads on Facebook.

However, since the aim of the ads is not to sell books, you do not have any problem.
On Amazon, it will be impossible to know who paid for your book and who did not. The aim is for people to click on the ad and not to buy the book.

Running a retargeting Ad 

When an ad gets run on Facebook, you can tell the number of people that liked and clicked on the ad. These people are the ones interested in your book.
After finding out the number of people that clicked your ad, the next thing to do is create a second ad with those that clicked on the first as your targets. At this point, your next action is greatly dependent on what you are looking to achieve.

Are you more interested in a marketing course?

If yes, you will need to offer a mini-course for free.
So, regardless of what you are looking to sell, the likelihood of your ad being successful is high because of the previous ad you ran.
The reason for this is because the ad is targeted at a certain audience. Also, people will consider you an expert because they are aware of the fact that you are an author.

3. The Free plus Shipping and handling Funnel

This is a very trusted strategy. This strategy does involve the use of free books. Instead of simply offering books for free, it makes use of an offer that involves offering a book for free but getting customers to pay for handling and shipping.
To an average customer, it might look like the book is being offered for free. However, the truth is you get the payment for the book in form of shipping fees and handling.

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This method of marketing stands out because readers value printed books more than ebooks. Also, the likelihood of people reading a book completely increases because it is a physical book that people can go about with.
That’s not all. If people think that what they need to do to enjoy the content of a book is pay a shipping fee, they tend to value that book because they consider themselves lucky to get something of value by simply paying a shipping fee.

4. Your Content has to be optimized

When looking to generate leads from a book, such a book has to be well written. Also, it should have the right information. However, beyond having the right information, it should contain information that provides answers to the questions on people’s minds.
Furthermore, your book must be properly copy-written and should be search engine optimized. This way, it will be easy for your target audience to come in contact with it.

5. Take Advantage of Quizzes

It is almost a rule of thumb that the average person does not know enough about themselves and is looking to constantly learn more about their personalities. You can take advantage of this to generate leads.

How is this possible?

When looking to make use of a book funnels set up in generating leads, you should not just take advantage of it because you are looking to grow your business. You must be ready to offer real value. If you make use of simple random questions, you might fail to offer value and what you advertised might seem like some form of deceit.

6. The Right Colors are Important

When writing a book to generate leads, it is important that you have the right content. However, beyond just having educative content, colors are of utmost importance. It is great to choose very beautiful colors.

However, beyond just choosing beautiful colors, you should choose colors that are consistent with your brand. The use of colors that are consistent with your brand makes it very easy to promote brand awareness.

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7. Give Offers that are Time Sensitive

The average person is used to coming across deals that seem very time-sensitive but end up not exactly being as time-sensitive as portrayed. Well, in this book funnel setup technique, you will have to make your material time-sensitive and mean it. Unlike other deals that offer people some days or weeks to it, you can reduce yours to some hours and keep it that way.
When you do this a couple of times, your target audience will have a feel of how serious you are with such moves.

8. Look Out for Leads Manually on Social Media

This book funnels setup strategy is effective. However, it is very time-consuming and is not one a lot of people might want to give attention to. The fact that a lot of people might not want to take advantage of it might seem bad.

Nonetheless, you need to look on the bright side. Since lots of people might avoid giving its attention, you can take advantage of it if you have the time for it as the competition will be noticeably low.
There are several hot leads hanging around various social media platforms. So, if you are a busy person, feel free to get someone in your team to get in touch with them manually.

The Takeaway

So long as you are involved in book funnels set up, there are several strategies you can make use of in generating leads.

Regardless of the strategy, you decide to make use of, you can be certain you will achieve great book funnels set up if you make out time to master it before implementing it.

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