Book Publishing Companies: 15 Best Online Book Publishers

Writing a good book is a tedious process. There is a lot you need to do to get the best out of a book and get it ready for online book publishers. After writing a book, you need to spend time editing it severally, formatting, and proofreading it.
When you are done getting the book ready, then, you can consider submitting it to a publisher. You are free to work with a traditional publisher or online book publisher.

While many of these choices are great, submitting your book to online book publishers gives you a lot of control over your book as compared to working with traditional publishers.
There are several online publishers and some are larger than others.

To ensure you get the best from publishing your book, we have put down the 15 largest online book publishers.

Find out 15 Largest Online Book Publishers

1. Book Tango 

online book publishers

Book Tango is a great platform for authors that are looking to build a reputation in the online publishing sector. It is a large platform and houses more than 170,000 titles.

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When looking to make use of this online book publisher, you do not need any experience with online publishing. You simply need to submit your book and let Book Tango take care of the rest.

2. iUniverse 

This online book publisher will not just help you publish your book effortlessly, there is a lot more it can do for a writer. It features a live-chat room that gives writers the freedom of expressing their fears about publishing a book.
Although this feature might not mean much to established authors, it is definitely a feature that will do new and aspiring authors a lot of good.
That’s not all. iUniverse also makes room for author interviews.

These interviews will go a long way in helping you decide if you will get a lot of value by publishing your book on iUniverse.
There is no fixed price when it comes to publishing on this platform. The package you are interested in as a publisher determines how much you will pay.

3. IngramSpark 

online book publishers

This is one of the top online book publishers. From its name, one could erroneously assume IngramSpark has some affiliations with Instagram.

Well, IngramSpark is not related to Instagram in any way and is also way older. It is one of the many successful online publishing firms in the United States and has very broad coverage.
Ingram is more than just an online book publishing firm. It actively disperses Ebooks to iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other highly rated online retailers.

4. Createspace Paperback Publishing 

From this platform’s name, one could easily assume it is simply concerned with publishing hard copies. Well, this platform might be open for publishing hardcopy. Nonetheless, it does more.

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Createspace Paperback Publishing is open to authors looking to publish their books online. It does more. People that are looking to publish their video and music independently can also do so on this platform.
This platform has a great structure and a wide reach.

Additionally, it is affiliated with the Amazon group and this gives it very wide coverage.

5. BookBaby Publishing 

online book publishers

This online book publisher is very easy to use and is, therefore, great for authors that are new to publishing. Bookbaby Publishing is more than just a publishing company. It is also a website for distributing eBooks.

6. Apple Books 

Also known as iBooks, Apple Books is an online book publisher that has a link to iPhone, as well as Macbook users. Also, it is the world’s second-biggest book retailer.
As a Mac user, you will have no challenges uploading your books to this platform. This can be done very directly. Since your system and this platform are run by the same firm. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for people that do not use Mac.
Everyone looking to make use of this online book publisher but who does not use a Mac will need a major book aggregator for submitting files.

7. Scribd

 Scribd is not just a platform where you can publish your book online. It is also a platform that you can trust to take care of the designs of your book cover. That’s not all. It also puts up details about your book so book enthusiasts can see and decide if your book is something they want.

8. Branes and Noble 

This is a major online book publisher in the United States and is in charge of publishing close to 3% of eBooks sold in the United States. This should give you an idea of its reach.

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When you publish a book with Barnes & Noble press, there is no fixed amount that can be gotten in form of royalties. The royalties an author gets simply depend on the price tag of the book. Furthermore, it is usually between 40% and 65% of the amount the book is sold for.

9. Rakuten Kobo Publishing 

Publishing on this platform is relatively easy. Due to this, it is a great online book publisher for inexperienced authors.
You do not need to do much to publish your book on this site.

To get started, you will have to write a description of your eBook. Once you are done doing this, go on and put up the content. This should be followed by fixing a price on your book and selecting important rights.

Once you get done with all this, you can click on ‘publish
Rakuten Kobo Publishing is one of the biggest in the world. However, just beyond being one of the biggest, it is a great platform for people that reside in Canada as 25% of the eBooks sold in Canada are published on this platform.

10. Lulu Publishing

online book publishers

 Lulu publishing might be famous as one of the largest online book publishing platforms. However, that is not the only reason an author should consider publishing a book on this platform. Lulu pays a lot of attention to minute details. So, such things as formatting and packaging are done properly and will end up giving your book the right exposure.

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Every day, Lulu publishes up to a thousand fresh titles. This means it has the experience to meet your publishing needs regardless of what they are.

11. Smashwords 

You do not need to do much to publish your book on Smashwords. Also, you do not have to pay a fee. To publish your book on this online book publisher, the first thing you need to do is sign up. After signing up, you become eligible to publish books on Smashwords.
Smashwords might be strongly associated with publishing books. Nonetheless, it is not limited to simply publishing books. It will help also help new authors market and brand their books.

12. Mindstir Media Publishing 

This firm is one of the most successful online book publishers on this list. It can be trusted to simply help you publish your book perfectly and can do more.
If you are looking to publish a perfectly edited book but are not sure editing is something you can handle properly, Mindstir Media publishing can always come in handy. It handles such things as printing, book design, book editing, publicity, distribution, and marketing.
So, beyond just publishing your book on this platform, Mindstir Media publishing can help it get the attention it deserves.

13. Drafts2Digital 

online book publishers

Publishing on this platform is a stress-free way to publish your book. With Drafts2Digital, the process does not just end with you publishing your book. You can go on to give it the right exposure as Draft2Digital gives you access to several online eBook retailers that will give your book an extra reach.

14. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) 

Kindle Direct Publishing is handled by Amazon and is perhaps the most popular platform for publishing books online. It is a vast marketplace and has a broad reach. Additionally, it is associated with attractive royalties.
Amazon is just one of the many platforms for online book publishing. However, it is more popular than the others and perhaps has no real direct competition.

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Kindle direct publishing is generally known for helping authors publish their books online. Nonetheless, as an author that is considering selling paperbacks, you can still work with this platform. All you have to do is enable paperbacks when you upload your books.

15. Blurb 

Blurb is a platform for various types of books. However, due to its amazing format, it is a great platform for people looking to publish photo books and Magazines.
If all you are looking to publish is an eBook, this platform definitely will be great. However, if you want more and are very interested in aesthetics, you might have to consider Blurb over lots of other famous online book publishers.

The Takeaway

The online book publishers that made it to this article are not the only trustworthy firms. There are lots of others. However, we have carried out ample research and we are certain you will not make a mistake working with any of them.


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