15 Best Websites to Hire a Book Translator

You might never consider the job of a book translator important until you have a need for one. You do not have to wait until you have a need for a translator before knowing how and where to hire the right book translator.
You see, hiring the right book translator is more important than a lot of people think. A lot could go wrong if a piece of document is not properly translated.

And trust me, you do not want to deal with badly translated documents.
You might not know the best websites to hire a book translator if you do not need one frequently and this could become a major challenge when you finally need one.

So, to save you the stress of searching for a book translator, checkout these 15 websites to hire a book translator. But before then, 

What is a Book  Translator?

A Book translator works by taking a text written in one language and translating it into another language. This is very beneficial if you are trying to reach more readers outside of your geographical territory. And translating a book into various languages will not only reach more readers, it will also boost book sales. 

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Findout 15 Legit Websites to Hire a Book Translator

1. Unbabel 

book translator

Unbabel is one of the most reliable websites for people looking to hire the services of book translators. This makes it first on our list. This website makes use of freelancers, Neural Machine Translation, and machine learning to ensure your content is properly translated. So, you do not have to worry about the quality of work you will get.
When you make use of this site, serving customers in several languages will not be a challenge. Furthermore, when looking to patronize this website, you can always make a choice from three services. They are FAQs, hat, and Tickets.


Freelancer is one of the famous websites where you can hire professionals for various projects.  This site is one of the best spots to get a translator even though it might not seem strongly associated with translators.
There are several amazing reasons why you might want to get a translator from this website.

One of them is the abundance of alternatives to select from. Since there are several options, the price for translators on this website is generally lower than what is obtainable on other platforms.
This website has a beautiful interface. So, you do not have to be experienced at using such websites to easily get what you want. That’s not all. There are laid-down factors that will help you discover how good a freelancer is without even working with them.

3. Upwork 

book translator

If you fall into the class of clients that want to be properly protected when working with a freelancer, Upwork is a platform you should consider. It is a major website in the world of freelancing and has a strong reputation for producing top-notch freelancers.
When you search for translators on Upwork, you can be sure you will not be settling for poorly qualified translators as this platform has a review system that can help your selection.

So, if a translator has a reputation for not doing so well on a job, you can always bypass such a translator.
This website has a user-friendly interface.

Also, you do not have to spend a long time searching for what you need. You can get results narrowed down really easily.

4. Fiverr 

On the surface, Fiverr might seem just like any other website where you can hire book translators. Well, if this is what you think, you are far from the truth.
Fiverr is an amazing platform for anyone looking to work with great book translators but is on a lean budget. Additionally, if you are on a very tight deadline and need your work delivered rapidly, Fiverr will be good for you.

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Fiverr is a freelance platform that offers you virtually everything you need. Beyond just offering what you think you might need. It is home to several translators. So, you can be certain you will get very good value for your money.

5. TranslationDirectory 

From the name of this website, it is obvious what it is all about. TranslationDirectory is very successful regardless of the fact that it might not seem the most modern freelance website.
Every month, TranslationDirectory gets attention from up to 130,000 visitors. The implication of this is it is a trusted website and one you should try out if you are looking to translate a piece of document.
The amazing thing about this website is translators do not have the freedom to choose who they work for. This implies making a choice from a pool of translators is not as confusing as it might be on other websites.

6. TranslatorsCafe 

book translator

This is a force to reckon with in the world of websites that can help with translation. Beyond simply being a website where you can get the best translators to help with your document, this website is strictly dedicated to translating documents. The implication of this is the likelihood of getting bad jobs is very slim.
TranslatorsCafe is not a very large community. So, there are fewer jobs to handle. This might not mean much. However, the fact that there are not so many jobs on this site means translators can focus properly on the jobs at hand.

7. ProZ 

With over four million visitors every month, ProZ is a website that has the right hands to handle your translation jobs. This website is not a pushover regardless of the fact that it does not come at number one in this article.
There are no automations on this website.

So, it works by translators putting up their profiles and customers putting up jobs. When these activities are carried out, the customers and translators can build a connection.
As a client looking to get the services of a translator, you can choose the very best as this platform makes it possible to tell who is a better translator from the pool of many translators.
Translators on this platform are able to build their profiles by taking part in contests.

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When they do this, they are able to build their reputation among their colleagues and earn the respect of clients.

8. TextMaster 

Book Translator

This is a very modern website and definitely one you will want to work with if you are a millennial. From the outside, there is a lot you might not know about TextMaster.

However, one thing that seems very obvious is translators on this platform seem very content working on it. This means they can be trusted to always give their best and you will always get value for your money.
This is not a platform where everyone that claims to be able to translate can get a spot on as it painstakingly chooses those that it allows to work.

This is a good thing for clients as they will not have bad hands handling their jobs.

There, however, is no denying the fact that it might not be very good for aspiring translators.

9. OneHourTranslation 

OneHourTranslation has been existing for quite a while and has up to 270, 000 visitors every month. Since coming to the scene, it has built a reputation for providing top-quality jobs.
Since this website has been in existence for quite a while, its interface does not seem so modern.

Due to this, people from the younger generation might not be very comfortable visiting it. This might not mean much as the quality of its delivery speaks volumes.
This platform pays a lot of attention to the professionals that work on its site and has a plan to help them grow.

Growth on this platform is fun for translators as it seems structured like a game. Since translators enjoy the entire process of working on this platform, it always reflects in the quality of their jobs.

10. Gengo 

This platform has about 370, 000 visitors every month and plays an active role in ensuring translators get the job done properly.

This is possible because this website gives translators educational resources that help them work better. That’s not all. Gengo also gives translators guides for a couple of languages which enhances the final delivery.

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11. TheOpenMic 

TheOpenMic did not start out as a service-based platform. Before expanding its horizon to include customers, this website was simply a platform for translators to hang out.
Also, beyond the fact that you can get your job done by trusted hands, you can also enjoy the advantages of belonging to a community.

12. Smartcat 

This website is a lot of things to different people. For the purpose of this article, we will not be focusing on all that Smartcat can really do. However, if you are looking to hire the services of a translator, this website is one you definitely can rely on.

13. PeoplePerhour 

Peopleperhour is home to several translators numbering in their hundreds. These translators can be hired for projects of various sizes and time frames. As long as your project involves translating from one language to another, you should try out PeoplePerHour.

14. World Lingo 

The service offered by World Lingo is quite obvious judging by its name. Before translators get a role on this platform, they need to have a college degree. This is in addition to some years of experience. Going by this, you will not have bad hands handling your project.

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15. Tethras 

Tethras might not be one of the most famous translation websites. Nonetheless, it has a streamlined audience. It is not a platform where just anyone can get a piece of document translated. It is open to people that own mobile apps and want to translate languages on these apps.


Sometimes, a book translator is as good as the website you find them on. If you hire a translator from a website that you don’t trust, you might not get value for your money. 

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