How to Become an Authorized Reseller on Amazon 2023

Wondering how to become an authorized reseller on Amazon in 2023? Then you have come to the right place as this article entails all you need to know about doing that.

Most vendors on Amazon are resellers who have purchased/ bought products from a manufacturer, another vendor/marketplace, or a supplier and are selling them to other potential buyers on the marketplace.

Amazon has become one of the most reliable online marketplaces to purchase a wide range of items such as books, clothes, beauty products, accessories, cosmetics, and more. Little wonder, there is hardly any product that you would not find on Amazon. It is also renowned for its generous refund policy. The popularity of Amazon can be ascribed to the existence of sellers on the platform.

First, let’s get to know who an authorized reseller on Amazon is.

Who Is an Authorized Reseller on Amazon 2023?

An authorized reseller on Amazon is one who has received a stamp of approval from Amazon. An Amazon reseller will source inexpensive products directly from the manufacturers, or any online e-commerce platform and then sell these products at an expensive rate to buyers on Amazon.

To become a verified seller on Amazon, you must do the following:

  • Have a Prime FBA Shipping offer for your customers
  • Have excellent customer service in order to get positive feedback and rating from your buyers 

How to Become an Authorized Reseller on Amazon 2023

If you are levering on becoming an authorized reseller on Amazon in 2023, then you must be well acquainted with your product listing, the overall experience on the marketplace, and as well as the prices of the products. 

You will find out more on the best steps to take in becoming an authorized reseller on Amazon 2023 in the section below.

Tips on how to become an authorized reseller on Amazon 2023

To sell items on Amazon, there are several steps that you must first put into consideration, such as:

  • Work on your rating/customer feedback on your products 
  • Consistently review your dashboard for notifications or new orders
  • Be customer-centric
  • Ensure that the prices attached to the products are always updated 
  • Create an excellent job SEO approach that will improve your visibility on search engines 
  • Be up-to-date and adhere to the guidelines given by Amazon 
  • Keep track of your inventory

How to Become an Authorized Reseller on Amazon 2023

Work on Your Rating/Customer Feedback on Your Products

A seller’s rating is one criterion Amazon uses to measure your success rate on its platform. Once your customers can give positive feedback about any items purchased from you your rating would increase. And this can increase your placement on the offer products page. If your customers give you a bad rating too often, you could lose your authorized license as an Amazon reseller.

Here are some top steps to take in maintaining a positive feedback rating from your potential buyers on Amazon:

  • Use several details to describe your products accurately before uploading them to your listing 
  • Politely notify your customers on time, if there would be any delay in their orders 
  • Ask your buyers to always leave feedback on your offered products and services 
  • Ensure that shipments to your customers take place immediately after an order has been made 

Consistently Review Your Dashboard for Notifications or New Orders

Another criterion Amazon uses to checkmate a seller’s success in the marketplace is the rate of customer service. In other words, you have to be prompt to attend to your customer’s orders, shipping, and other inquiries as this always facilitates good feedback from them. This is why we recommend that for you to stand out as an Amazon reseller in 2023, endeavor to check your notifications frequently to be aware as soon as you get an order.

Be Customer-Centric

Amazon is a marketplace that is renowned for its reputation of satisfying its customers, hence it is often regarded as a customer-focused company. Most resellers use Amazon’s credibility to their advantage by being a vendor on their platform. However, you have to maintain the trust Amazon has in you as a reseller by offering your potential buyers great customer service.

To get great feedback from your potential buyers,  prioritize them first in the aspect of avoiding delays in their orders, and instant communication with them once a delay takes place.

Ensure that you are up-to-date with your product prices

This is another way to become an authorized reseller on Amazon 2023. Whenever there is a change in the prices (for discounts or increased prices) of your uploaded products, change them as soon as possible so that they can reflect in your product listings. Note that some potential buyers will prefer buying cheaper but quality products instead of pricey items.

Create an Excellent Job SEO Approach That Will Improve Your Visibility on Search Engines

Improving your search engine optimization for your products on Amazon displays you as an authorized seller on the marketplace. And this will not only increase your visibility on the Amazon search engine but will also help you convert potential buyers to your online shop. You can get the help of professionals to help you with the optimization if you don’t know how to go about it.

Be Up-To-Date and Adhere to the Guidelines Given by Amazon

The guidelines as given by Amazon tend to change from time to time. And as a merchant in the marketplace, it is very vital for you to follow up on them. Once you can understand how this platform works and stick to it, then you are on your way to becoming an authorized reseller on Amazon.

Keep Track of Your Inventory

If you want to keep getting positive feedback from your buyers, then keep in mind to always track your inventory. It is an integral part of an authorized reseller on Amazon to know the number of products he/she has in stock or know the items that are not available. Take for instance, a customer who makes an order for a product that is out of stock and was not initially indicated to be so. It might turn out bad for your sales or feedback if you are not able to meet up with such a customer’s order.


Becoming an authorized reseller on Amazon isn’t such a bad idea as you can get to make money from selling various products that were sourced at a cheaper rate from either the manufacturers of the products or another marketplace.

Thankfully, since Amazon is a customer-prioritized company, it has become a reliable market for most online shoppers. And once, you are ascertained to be authorized as a reseller on Amazon, they will buy from you.


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