How to Subscribe to Amazon Kindle Unlimited

I guess you’re reading this post for two things, and your search may either strike one of them. You are either searching how much Kindle unlimited subscription is or looking forward to an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Free trial.

Well, this is the right post for that because I will be spelling out the details shortly.

Let’s begin. When you wish to think of Kindle Limited, I’d like you to have the thought that it’s more like the Netflix of the book world. The service offers unlimited access, which makes Kindle unlimited somewhat the same as Amazon Prime video when it comes to functionality—look at it this way, in Amazon Prime video, you’ve got a load of movies. Still, with Kindle unlimited, you’ve got a load of books to read. I hope that spelt it out correctly.

Kindle Free Subscription

When it comes to signing up for Kindle Unlimited free trial, it couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is head over to the website and follow the instruction which pops out or the onscreen commands to create a quick Amazon account.

And if you already have an account on Amazon, all you need to do is click ‘Join Kindle Unlimited.’ And you’re now enrolled for the two months Kindle Free Subscription. And yes, you’ll have a few caveats. For the two-month trial offer, it is valid for customers who subscribe before midnight on June 30th.

Then the second is for old Kindle Unlimited subscribers who are not eligible for the freebie, and they’ll need to pay up to 10 dollars monthly if they ever wish to use it again.

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Steps to Sign-up for the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Trial

So, let’s get down to the basics.

Existing Amazon Customer

Step One: Proceed to the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Website

Step Two: Click the button tagged “Join Kindle Unlimited”

Step Three: Proceed by entering payment information for when the trial comes to an end.

Step Four: Well, you can start reading what you like.

Newbies to Amazon

Step One: Head over to the Kindle Unlimited website

Step Two: Click Sign-in

Step Three: Click “Create your Amazon account.”

Step Four: Follow the instructions given to you.

Step Five: Add your credit or debit card once the freebie is over.

Step Six: You can start reading.

Step seven: Kindle subscription cancel label can be used anytime.

How much is Kindle Unlimited Subscription?

You now know that the Kindle Unlimited subscription can be assessed from the website itself. All you need to do is search for Kindle Unlimited, and you’ll find all the details you want for a subscription.

For the first thirty days, they’re said to be free. And after that trial period, the subscription service is renewed if you fail to click the Kindle subscription cancel button or fail to end your contract.

That said, Kindle Unlimited is 9.99 dollars a month. And a prepaid Kindle Unlimited subscription for six months is also available at the same price. Limited-time discounted deals also frequently appear for this plan, so keep a sharp eye on them.

Suppose you’re also interested in sharing your Kindle Unlimited subscription with friends or loved ones. Then there are prepaid gift plans for six, twelve months, and one year, which are available at discounted rates.

Is Kindle Unlimited Worth it?

Yes, it is. When you have a monthly payment of 9 dollars monthly, there’s nothing better than investing in that.

Most times, the deciding factor for most people when they wish to use Kindle Unlimited is simply on the things to read. SO, if you already read a whole lot of self-published books on Amazon, then Kindle Unlimited would surely be a nice catch to read more for you.

But if you’re the kind who tends to search for the Big five titles, then you’re certainly going to be frustrated by Kindle Unlimited’s less than mainstream selections.

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The other factor which you might consider is how many books you read monthly. As some Kindle Unlimited skeptics point out, the standard prices of many books on Amazon are pretty low; more often than not 5 dollars or less.

This means you’ll have to read two or three KU books monthly for your subscription to be worth your cash. This is money that could be spent on all other good or popular books on Amazon Store.

Is Kindle Unlimited the Same as Amazon Prime Reading?

What is Amazon Prime reading? This is simply part of Amazon prime, which is a multi-benefit subscription that costs 12.99 dollars monthly. It’s said to give unrestricted access to a rotating choice of about a thousand hot Kindle e-books, children’s books, short reads, comics, etc.

What is Kindle Unlimited? Well, by now, you have short know-how of what this entails. But to break the point more clearly, this is simply a standalone subscription-based service that gives unrestricted access to over a million Kindle e-books, audiobook companions, etc., and you’ll need to pay 9.99 dollars, not to forget you also have the liberty to try thirty days free of charge.

Is Kindle Unlimited the same as Amazon Prime reading? Well, the answer is a yes and no, and here’s why. Both Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited are subscription-based services, but there’s a significant difference. And that is;

  1. Prime Reading is part of Amazon Prime (which is a larger subscription)
  2. And Kindle Unlimited is a distinct subscription service in its own right.

Not to forget its cost;

The prime reading costs 12.99 dollars’ monthly

Kindle Unlimited costs 9.99 dollars monthly, and you stick only on this service and nothing else.

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Let’s talk about the benefits;

Kindle Unlimited, as we’ve said, you only have to stick on the one service. On the other hand, Prime Reading offers a range of benefits, and they include;

  1. Free same-day delivery in particular areas
  2. A free two days shipping address, and it must be in the United States
  3. Prime Music; you have unlimited access to millions of songs and playlists
  4. Audible channels: Free access to original audio content and many more.

So, you wouldn’t be wrong if you say Kindle Unlimited is the same as Amazon Prime reading, or it isn’t.

Kindle Subscription Cancel; how is it done?

Okay, maybe you don’t dig all of the Kindle Unlimited benefits, and you want out. Well, not to worry. There’s an adage which says, ‘what’s another man’s meat is another man’s poison.” In essence, you don’t need to feel like you are some old school or a none lover of books just because you wish to use the Kindle Subscription Cancel button.

And you can do this anytime and any day. When you do, you also retain all of your benefits till the next billing date. If perchance you’re cancelling a prepaid subscription, nonetheless, the cancellation will be most effective immediately. And all partial refunds for all unused months will not be given—so you need to take note, and it would be pretty hard to restart it later on.

That said to use the Kindle Subscription Cancel button, here’s what you need to do;

  1. Right on the ‘Your Kindle Unlimited Page’, there’s what we call ‘Manage Membership’ box with an option to ‘Cancel membership.’
  2. The next page will inform you how much longer your benefits are, and you can choose to either ‘Keep Membership’ or tap the “Kindle Subscription cancel’ button.
  • When done with that. You’ll be able to receive an email confirmation of the cancellation.

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Now, you might want to ask, how do I get interested in this and signup for Kindle Unlimited?

The answer is to peruse the content or books included in Kindle Unlimited and see if the genres pique your fancy. And when it does, make use of the Kindle Subscription free tag, and start enjoying a good read.

Yes, try the free trial for a whole month and see the stuff you get to read. Or you can focus your energy on one of the juicy deals which come up often. Read all of the books which make you so interested and cancel till a deal comes up again. That’s what you can do till you’re settled to read content that resonates with you pretty well.


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