12 Tips for Writing an Effective Book Review

Convincing someone through a short message is an art. However, when someone is talking to you face to face, you can convince him through arguments.

But making this thing happen through the messages is a little tricky. First, one has to use the most effective words that can attract the reader’s attention.

Either a student or blogger or a teacher is writing a review on a thing to tell it to other people; you must have this art to deliver his message to others through his words.

Before going to depth, you must know what a review is and why a Book review is important. So, let’s discuss the review first.

What is a Review?

Review is the outline of a long topic. That means one describes the whole story in short and delivers the message in a short time.

Sometimes a person may be short and try to read the whole book or article in a hurry.

This thing can damage his concepts, so he may not understand the topic properly. For this, he can read the review of the entire content.

It can help him save time and give him the central concept of the complete content in a short message.

12 Tips for Writing an Effective Book Review

Writing a good review needs a lot of effort. So here, we will discuss the 12 best tips that one must follow to write a compelling book review.

These tips can help the readers. They can follow these tips to make their review article successful.

book review

1.     Understand the author’s point of view. 

The first and foremost that one must follow is reading the book and understanding what the author says.

It is the most critical point because one can’t discuss what is discussed in the book without having the right idea.

So, understanding the author’s message is essential, and this is only possible if one reads the book thoroughly

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2.     Write quality content.

The thing that makes content effective is its excellent quality. Therefore, if one writes content with low quality, there are no chances to get good ratings.

To make the quality good for the review, check plagiarism so the duplication can’t affect it.

book review


Avoiding plagiarism is an essential task as it can make the content unique and effective for the reader.

The user will have something new to read that can attract him toward your review. Try to rephrase sentences that make the content different from the others.

3.     Get the important points.

After reading the entire book or content, the next thing is to take the main points of that content.

This will ease the writer, and he can explain the ideas more effectively to engage the readers.

The main points are the extract of the whole book so, explaining those points can provide an edge to write the review in the best way.

4.     Read the related books.

While giving a review on anything, one must take ideas of it from different resources.

By doing this, he can properly understand that specific thing and tell others more conveniently.

The same is in the case of writing a summary. When one writes a review of a book, you should read some other text related to it.

This can make it easy for him to deliver the message effectively in short words.

5.     Give an introduction.

When a person has completed reading the book and understood the author’s point of view, the next thing is to start writing.

So, to make the review effective, one has to start it from its introduction. Giving an introduction about the topic is the best way to engage the audience.

While giving the introduction, one has to talk about the basic concepts related to that book. This thing will absorb the reader.

6.     Always start it with the summary.

The summary is the juice of content. This thing tells the long story in short with saving the time of a reader.

To read the best review of a book, it is necessary to start the summary. This thing can have a positive impact on the entire content.

When the reader gets the basic concepts of the full content, it will make it easy for him to understand the whole review.

It can save the reader from understanding the long content and quickly read it with reasonable consideration.

7.     Include the quotes.

Including quotes is the best method to grab the attention of a reader. Then, when the reader sees the sections, he will leave everything there and first read those quoted lines.

To make the review effective, try to add the quotes in it. Readers mostly like such lines that are mentioned in the commas.

book review


They even try to underline such speech marks as they tell the whole article’s worth in small words.

Try to include quotes somewhere on a page, so the reader’s attention doesn’t get diverted from there.

8.     Avoid redundancy.

Redundancy is the factor that makes the content dull. So, while writing the review, try to evade redundancy.

Sensible arguments

book review

If a person uses the exact words in every line, it will divert the reader’s attention and stop reading the content leading to a bad review.

9.     Sensible arguments.

Try to make the arguments that make some sense. But unfortunately, some people add such words that don’t make any sense.

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It kills the entire structure of the review, and the readers even don’t like such things. So, keep it straightforward and shorter.

Try to convince the reader in a concise but most effective way. This is the actual power of the best review.

Otherwise, a review with no sensible arguments is only a wastage of time for the reader.

10.  Mention the things you liked or disliked.

While writing a review, be honest with the author and the readers. Always mention the pros and cons of the book on which you are doing a review.

The author spent a lot of effort to write the book, so mention his plus points for appreciation and cons for readers so he can avoid the bad things from that book.

It can also help the author to make his content better. So, always mention the things you like or dislike in the book.

11.  Give ratings.

Don’t forget to rate the book. This will be appreciated by the author and comfort for the reader as well.

A reader can easily make estimate the worth of a book by only reading the review of it. So, don’t forget to give ratings.

12.  Proofread.

The last important thing that one must do before publishing the review is to proofread it thoroughly.

book review

The mistakes that were made unintentionally will be removed, and this will make the content 100% readable.

Also, remove the grammatical mistakes while proofreading, so the readers don’t face any issues while reading.

Final words

While making comfort for the others and writing the review of the book to save their time, remember to follow these tips.

These tips are the best guide, and one can write a good review after following these steps.


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