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Biography of Brian Tracy and Net-Worth

Brian Tracy. That name would surely ring a bell to so many people reading this. Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American author and motivational speaker. He was born on January 5th, 1944, In Prince Edward’s Capital, Charlottetown.

He is a Canadian-born self-made millionaire who runs his own company that trains both individual and organizational development.

He made his company assist people and corporate bodies in achieving all of their objectives.

Let’s dig deeper;

Where did Brian Tracy go to school?

Brian Tracy is said to have completed his education at

the University of Alberta. And most of his teachers do say he was pretty bright and articulate when he was in school. So, it is no surprise that he’s an author.

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What’s the name of Brian Tracy’s Company?

The name of Brian Tracy’s company is Brian Tracy’s International. This is a company that’s said to have an outstanding reputation in helping people become more sure of themselves and fostering or nurturing young people for business. Brian Tracy has also served as the CEO and Chairman of the company since its creation in 1984.

The Location of Brian Tracy’s company?

The company is headquartered in San Diego, California.

How much is Brian Tracy’s net worth?

He is worth 15 million dollars. And a major parcel of his wealth is attributed to his well-known seminar training called “The Phoenix Seminars,’ which airs on all household Media Channels such as NBC and FOX.

He is also said to earn from his consultancy services, the “Brian Tracy international” and his role as the president of other companies.

Apart from making a great deal of cash from his books, the speaker and author is also a real estate negotiator who has done many businesses with multi-billion dollar agencies.

What does it specialize in?

The company specializes in coaching key factors which are crucial to all in achieving success. In addition, for the last thirty-five years, Brian Tracy International has been focused on only teaching people how to manage their time and develop some form of self-esteem. It’s also said to teach leadership skills and be creative in all spheres of your life.

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Is Brian Tracy the President of Three companies?

Oh yes, he is. Before establishing his company, Brian Tracy worked as the CEO of a development firm that was worth over 200 million dollars. That career hype of his has made many business people trust him with their organizations, and presently, he’s currently among the big leagues in three multi-dollar companies.

How many books has Brian Tracy Written?

He is the author of over 70 books. All of his books have been translated into more than seven languages. His bestselling book called “Psychology of Achievement” is said to have been translated to more than 20 languages.

And his book has sold more than 9 million copies worldwide, and he’s also a New York Times bestselling author for his outstanding piece ‘Eat that Frog.’

Is Brian Tracy a governor?

No, he isn’t, but the entrepreneur was part of the 135 candidates eyeing the governor’s seat in California. He ran as a single candidate, and one of his political goals at the moment was to make California one of the most business-oriented states in the country.

He also pursued to reclaim integrity when it comes to governing the state. He had his eye on correcting the dysfunctional health system of the state of California.

Has Brian Tracy retired?

No, he has no intention to do that. The seventy-five-year-old public speaker has just recently said he’s not planning to take a break anytime soon from public speaking. He said he loves to talk, and give motivational speeches, so why quit at this hour.

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Nonetheless, it has been discovered that he wants to slow down soon due to his age but hates staying at home all day doing nothing when he could motivate thousands of young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Is it true that Brian Tracy is a high school dropout?

Yes, he is. When he was still very young, Brian didn’t have the luxury of playtime like all other kids his age—he hardly had toys to speak of. And that was because his family was under; they had so many financial problems that they couldn’t solve, or they looked forward to finding a solution.

Brian Tracy and his three brothers didn’t have the luxury of having nice clothes to show off like kids his age would do, and they mostly depended on charity. This challenge in his family forced the young man to quit high school and begin working hard jobs to put food on the table and sustain his family.

One of my favorite quotes from Brian is, “The more you think about success, the more you become successful.” and I definitely would say we all agree on it because look at what he has become today. He’s stupendously rich, with enough to feed his family and his extended family.

What does Brian Tracy do for fun?

He loves reading but loves it more when he can travel. Brian Tracy is a man who loves to tour the world in his spare time. When he was 20 years old, Brian traveled out of Canada, landed in North America, and headed towards England.

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He traveled for a total of eight good years while passing through France, Spain, and to the Sahara Desert, where he almost died due to extremities of the weather—you know, very hot in the daytime and very cold in the night.

Brian Tracy didn’t stop there. He toured South Africa and stayed there for two whole years. He left South Africa and headed to Europe and then the Middle East, where he passed through Singapore and settled in Thailand for another two years. Presently, Brian has visited more than 80 countries worldwide since his lifetime.

Does Brian Tracy have a degree?

Yes, he does. And even though he didn’t finish his schooling in his young years. Brian Tracy does have a master’s degree in business. When he was thirty, Brian decided to set his goals straight and headed back to school; he applied for a learning position at the University of Alberta, Canada.

He was immediately accepted and had a master’s degree in Business Admin. And as soon as he was done with that, he created his first coaching program afterward.

How many languages does Brian Tracy speak?

The commended motivational speaker is said to speak at least four languages, and his goal is to speak at least seventy-two languages.

How many books has Brian Tracy read?

Brian Tracy is so thirsty for knowledge, and he’s said to read more than 7000 books on various topics such as psychology, history, and economics. He previously stated that he starts his days by doing some spiritual reading and spares about four hours a day to read his favorite books.

Brian Tracy also asserts that most of his fluency and intelligence can be attributed to reading books and persuades young people who look up to him for inspiration to read more often than they’ll be successful. He gives these three favorite books for others to read, “Think and Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill, “Maximum Achievement” by Brian Tracy, and “Power of Positive Thinking” by Vincent Peale.

Is Brian Tracy Married?

Yes, he is. He met his wife, Barbara Tracy, at the University of Alberta when he was doing his master’s degree. The two have been married since 1979 and are blessed with four kids.

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Has he ever won an award for his documentary?

Yes, his documentary has won one. “The Brian Tracy Story” was declared the best documentary film in the 39th Annual Telly Awards. The film was said to document the life of the world’s greatest coaches, and it also gave a little light on how Brian made it his utmost goal to be successful and help others claim their goals.



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