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Universities in Canada are well known for their wise research and great teaching abilities. People are attracted to top universities in Canada because the institutions are known for training smart individuals and students in their training programs. The top-ranked institutions in Canada are versed in Engineering, Law, and medicine. The schools in these faculties have global and international recognition.

However, Canada is a good choice for you if you want to obtain your Bachelor, Master and Professional degrees. Canada has the best universities in the world. 31 out of the institutions in Canada are ranked the best in the world. This region has great and vast opportunities for individuals hoping to obtain a world-class education. Their schools are well-known because they promote international collaboration. Students and educators from different parts of the world come together to help create a global outlook.

Also, Canada is better in the aspect of tuition fees. Their tuition fee is cheaper, and they offer a permanent residency for interested students after schooling.


Checkout Top Universities in Canada

There are many top universities in the world. But here, we will look at the top universities in Canada. These schools are known for their impact on creating a global outlook.

1. McMaster University

Province/City: Ontario

Founded In: 1887

This institution is named after a Canadian senator who donated handsomely towards the growth of the school. The University is named after Williams McMaster. This institution is situated in Hamilton, Ontario. The students from the school all came from more than 90 countries.

The institution has faculties ranging from medicine, engineering, business, humanities, sciences, and the social sciences. The Mcmaster institution’s medical school is well-known and popular. As a student in this school, there is a strong emphasis on research work to target the pressing needs of society. Another peculiar thing about this school is that it holds 70 international exchange agreements with institutions worldwide.


2. McGill University

Province/City: Montreal, Quebec

Founded In: 1821

This institution has students from more than 150 countries across the world. Their main campus is situated at the base of Mount Royal in downtown Montreal. Students in their first year are open to living within the school campus. The school is known to be the first founder of the Nation’s first faculty of medicine. It is the main reason why the institution is ranked first in the world for clinical subjects.

Also, there are about 300 degree subjects for more than 31,000 students at both the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. Students are also open to courses like career planning, training for students with disabilities, etc. The school is known to be the trainer of the singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen and the actor William Shartner.


3. University of British Columbia

Province/City: British Columbia

Founded In: 1908

The University of British Columbia has two campuses. One is the Vancouver campus, and the other is the Okanagan Campus. There are 12 faculties available at the Vancouver campus and seven at the Okanagan Campus. The faculties in this institution include applied science, education, law, music, nursing, arts, medicine, and many others. About 33 percent of the students studying in this institution are international students. The university offers different scholarship programmes for international students, which include the Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award for candidates from war-torn countries.

Also, there are Eight Nobel Prize winners associated with this school.  There are 71 Rhodes scholars and 65 Olympic medallists. The school is versed in training students to become internationally recognized.


4. University of Toronto

Province/City: Ontario

Founded In: 1827

This institution is a top and well-known school because it is in the top 20  of the World University Rankings 2023. 10 Nobel Laureates are associated with this institution. This institution is structured as a collegiate system because it is more like a prestigious institution in Canada. About 25% of the students schooling here are international students.

The university is one of the best in the world for medicine. More than 700 undergraduate degrees and 200 postgraduate degrees are on offer. More than 1,000 different student associations and clubs are available for students to join across the university’s three campuses.

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5. University of Montreal

Province/City: Quebec

Founded In: 1878

The University of Montreal is one of the top universities in Canada. The main language of instruction is French language. It is regarded as the second-best institution in the country because of the large number of students enrolled. There are about 36,000 students in the institution. Also, they have full-time housing for students of all levels, both postgraduate and undergraduate.

The university counts former prime minister Pierre Trudeau and 10 premiers of Quebec among its alumni. Sports are popular in this institution. Students mostly play sports like football, badminton, and hockey.


6. University of Calgary

Province/City: Alberta

Founded In: 1966

This school was founded in 1966, and it’s located in Alberton City of Calgary and 25% of students in the school are international students from over 125 countries. This school is a great choice for every international student because it has all it takes to be chosen.


7. University of Ottawa

Province/City: Ottawa

Founded In: 1848

This institution is known for its flexibility in allowing students to study either English, French, or, at most, both languages. They focus more on cultural equity, inclusion, and diversity. The school has over 35,000 full-time students. This institution is known to be the world’s largest bilingual institution (English and French).


8. University of Waterloo

Province/City: Waterloo, Ontario

Founded In: 1957

The main campus of this institution is situated in Waterloo, Ontario. It is also regarded as a Canadian hub for technology and innovation. It also scores 87.1 out of 100 in International outlook. The population of students in this institution covers learners from Waterloo and different countries of the world.


9. Simon Fraser University

Province/City: Burnaby Mountain

Founded In: 1965

This school is located in Burnaby, British Columbia. It is regarded as one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities in the world. The school has a ratio of 55 to 45 female to male students. Also, 3% of its 27,105 students are international students. The school is most sought-after because of the high percentage of international students willing to study there.


10. University of Alberta

Province/City: Edmonton, Alberta

Founded In: 1908

The University of Alberta is mostly regarded as a public research university. It is located in Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta. The school has a ratio of 55 to 45 female to male students. It also scores 87.1 out of 100 in International outlook. The population of students in this institution covers learners from Alberta and different countries of the world.


Categories of Ranking Canadian Universities

We based our ranking methodology on the following indices:

  • Teaching: This entails the Learning environment of these institutions mentioned. The teaching entails the Learning environment and the level of understanding of the trainees.
  • Research: This entails the institution’s income, reputation, and volume level.
  • International Outlook: This centers on how the institution is viewed internationally. It is the percentage of international students and educators.
  • Industry Income: This entails knowledge transfer to the industry. I.e., how profitable is the institution to Industry and work.



Canada is known for having top universities that offer training programs to students. Canada is one of the best and most popular destinations for study. They usually focus on quality education and training for students, which is why they have international students studying therein. Canadians are welcoming to international students, and they make sure students’ well-being is safeguarded. Also, their classes have smaller groups, making it easier to draw students’ attention. It also helps them to make meaningful contributions through debates and quizzes.


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