Checkout 10 Top Universities in Europe for Study

Europeans are known to take over 40% of the best universities in the world. Universities in Europe take over 500 universities out of the 1500 universities across the world.  European universities are unique and well-known because of their district learning environment and international Outlook. European institutions have great research institutes and unique teaching environments.

However, Over 30 European countries have institutions that appear at the top of the table according to the Times Higher Education World University ranking. The United Kingdom takes the lead on this table because it has about 100 universities across the state. Spain followed suit after the UK because the country has about 50 universities all dispersed across the state. Other prominent schools emanate from Sweden, Dutch, French, and German. Italy has about 49 universities in its country, but it doesn’t rank in the top 50 in Europe or the top 100 in the world.

Also, the University of Oxford is regarded as the best university in Europe. The reason is that it’s the oldest University in England. It was established as far back as the 14th century. The school is considered the most prestigious in the state.


Check out 10 Top Universities in Europe

The following are the top universities in Europe. Our ranking is based on the report from the Times Higher Education World University ranking.

University of Oxford

Country: United Kingdom

Founded In: 1167

The University of Oxford takes the lead in the ranking methodology. It was established in the United Kingdom. The school has always been known for topping the International University League table. This will be the 7th year they’ll hold the prestigious position in a row. This school was established as far back as the 13th century.

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Another thing that differentiates the school from others is that it has the largest library system in the UK. The library has more than 11 million volumes. The school has been the most prestigious university in Europe since its establishment. It has many museums and galleries due to the time it was established.

2. University of Cambridge

Country: United Kingdom

Founded In: 1209

The University of Cambridge was established as far back as the 13th century. It is a public research university because it serves the purpose of research for students and educators across the world. Just like other schools, there are some traditions peculiar to this institution. Students with the lowest passing grade were usually presented with a meter-long wooden spoon.

This practice was in existence till the year 1909. Recently, the spoon is now being displayed in ST John College.

3. Imperial College London

 Country: United Kingdom

Founded In: 1907

The Imperial College is considered a school that has a very high international Outlook. It houses students from more than 125 countries every year. It is regarded as one of the international universities in the world. This college is the only school to focus entirely on Science, technology, medicine, and business.

Also, Nobel Prize winners, top scientists, and medallists are products of this institution. The likes of author H. G. Wells and Sir Liam Donaldson.

4. ETH Zurich

Country: Switzerland

Founded In: 1854

The ETH Zurich is regarded as a science, mathematics, engineering, and technology university. This school is unique because it has created international individuals like Albert Einstein. This, the school has a good international Outlook because about 35% of the students are from abroad.

5. University College London

Province/City: London

Founded In: 1826

The UCL is the first of its kind to be established in London. It has its main campus in central London with several facilities across the city. They also have a satellite campus in Doha, Qatar. Apart from being the first in Egypt, it is also the first school to admit students from all walks of life without being secular.

Also, it has been a member of the League of European Research Universities since January 2006. It is currently one of five British members (the others are the universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, and Imperial College London).

6. London School of Economics and Political science

Country: United Kingdom

Founded In: 1895

The LSE has a worldwide academic reputation for training students in economics. Apart from the normal teaching activities, they also engage in cultural, social, and recreational activities. This school is known for engaging in in-depth research and has the highest percentage of the World’s leading research.

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Also, the school is located in one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the world. Students of the school are all accumulated from over 140 countries of the world.

7. University of Edinburgh

Country: United Kingdom

Founded In: 1582

University of Edinburgh is a global University in the world, and they are making a succinct contribution to the world. They also base their students’ training on research in order to boost their experience.

8. LMU Munich

Country: Germany

Founded In: 1472

LMU Munich is a public university in Germany. This school is well known for engaging in research and has a reputation for its extensive range of subjects. You can learn from leading academics at one of Germany’s most renowned universities here. Study in the heart of Munich and gain first-hand, practical experience as you go. The University offers support in all areas of your academic and professional life.

9. King’s College London

Country: London

Founded In: 1829

King’s College is ranked in the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom. For this reason, the admission process is highly competitive. Their reputation is outstanding and distinct from other schools across the world. They have a good reputation in law, medicine, sciences, humanities, and law.

10. Karolinska Institute

Country: Sweden

Founded In: 1810

Karolinka institute is one of the best Medical Universities in the world. It is also regarded as Sweden’s largest medical research institute. It was founded initially as Army Surgeons in 1810.  It is located in Sweden, with the Solna campus just outside the Stockholm city center and the Huddinge Campus to the south.

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How To Choose The Right University in Europe

The following contains the criteria a student must consider before venturing into any European school. These factors affect your decision to choose any school in Europe.

  • Fees: Any institution you intend to choose should have affordable fees. Some institutions have high tuition fees, and yet, the value they offer does not match their fees. Choose a school with affordable fees, which their teachings can match with their fees.


  • University Ranking: The universities with a top ranking from the Times Higher Education World University Ranking are worth trying. These schools have been tested over the years, and they have all it takes to train students to become the best they can be. The highly ranked institutions have the necessary infrastructure to aid students’ training and learning.


  • Scholarship Opportunities: it is pertinent for you to choose a school with a high tendency for scholarship Opportunities. A high opportunity of being offered a scholarship from an institution is a good reason for opting for it. In the end, it will be a worthwhile adventure.


  • Location: The location of a school is enough reason to consider it before applying for the school. A school located in a comfortable and suitable environment would be a good choice for students. Schools in the United Kingdom and Canada are good choices in Europe.


  • Internship Opportunities: it is not all schools in Europe that offer a high tendency of internship opportunities. It is an important point to consider when choosing a school in Europe. When there is a high tendency for internships, it is much better for students to apply for those schools.


  • Graduate Employment Rate: schools with a high graduate Employment Rate should be considered above others. The main reason for schooling is to be employed afterward.


  • Living Expenses: Not all states in Europe have comfortable living Expenses. It is highly important for a student to choose a school with minimal living expenses. This will help students save Costs.



The top schools in Europe were assessed based on their teaching environment, research influence, industry Income, and International Outlook.



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