Epub vs Mobi: 3 Powerful Website to Convert Epub to Mobi

Epub to Mobi Converter is one of the major resources that authors are searching for online. However, is Epub to Mobi a better format? Well, there’s no doubt that the best e-book format to use in publishing your book is ePub. And just because it’s the best e-book format to use, that doesn’t mean it is the only one you’ll have to use. Now, here’s why;

EPub files do not work on Amazon Kindle services. Instead, Amazon is said to use a proprietary format called AZW3, which is formerly called MOBI.

This is essential because, as you have guessed, Amazon is said to be the largest retailer of e-books. They are known to sell about eighty percent of digital books worldwide.

Two main reasons you might want to convert the Epub file to AZW3/MOBI. 

  1. To publish your book via Kindle Direct Publishing, which is said to permit readers to purchase it on Amazon and go ahead to read it on their Kindle device.
  2. To send your book directly to someone who desires to have a look at it on Kindle Unlimited.

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In either way, you’ll have to use Amazon’s e-book converter and the Kindle previewer. Not only does this tool convert your ePub file into AZW3 or MOBI format, but it is said to show how it looks on various devices.

For this post, I’ll explain the differences between all e-book files, and I’ll dive into how to convert Epub to Mobi.

 Epub to Mobi Converter

The standard file format for all e-books is ePub. The ePub format is free, open-source, and based on HTML and CSS, which are all the standard languages for web code. It means its widely and easily accessible to all users alike.

In addition to that,  the Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) has issued standards to ensure ePub books look pretty nice on all platforms.

Epub files are said to function on various e-book apps and readers, including Apple books, Sony e-readers, and Kobo. Of course, there is a caveat, too; each retailer adds its standards to the IDPF’s needs, which can very well make things a bit complex. But generally speaking, ePub is the general e-book format.

And one of the retailers that don’t support ePub is Amazon. Instead, they are known to use a proprietary AZW, AZW3file, and MOBI.

AZW3, also known as format eight, was released to the public in 2011, and it is the newest Amazon e-book format. As for AZW and MOBI, they are said to be older types. Nonetheless, the kindle app and all kindle devices are known to support these file types.

You might want to say this is becoming too technical. Still, you have to know that this has to be stated out because much of these technicalities cause huge problems in the long run.

For example, you have a book, and you desire to transfer it to someone’s Kindle. This process is known as ‘side-loading. It’s more or less a system that uploads and downloads, and instead of going through the web, you transfer content between both devices. In this case, you might be deemed to use a USB cable, WI-FI or Bluetooth.

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If you desire to convert an ePub file or transfer it, then the person’s Kindle will not accept it. In this case, you will have to convert the file to MOBI before transferring the file.

Differences between MOBI and Epub

Before we delve into how to convert an Epub file to Mobi, we need to take a good look at the differences to understand the overall concept better;

What is an Epub? Its full meaning means ‘electronic publishing,’ an open standard, free, open-source file format based on XML, CSS, and XML. It is said to be the universal gold standard for all types of book publishing. Unlike MOBIs, Epub books are said to be read by various devices, including Sony e-readers and Android devices. The International Digital Publishing Forum created an epub in the year 2007, which replaced the OEBPS.

What is MOBI? MOBI files are simply a file extension created for e-books but strictly on Amazon. Mobile e-books are said to use XHTML and do include Java-script. MOBIs are said to be in a larger file size than Epubs. The name is said to come from the company Mobi-pocket reader, which Amazon-owned from 2005-2016; at this point, Amazon had to shut it down. MOBI is said to have spawned various variants, like the KFX and AZW3.

How to convert Epub to Kindle.

Converting Epub or the Epub converter is known to have a dedicated web page in which you can convert ePub to kindle quicker. To use this Epub converter to convert your ePub files to the Kindle format, you need to do these;

  1. Head to the Epub converter website and choose a file to convert
  2. Choose to convert to>MOBI, then select convert.

How to Convert Epub to MOBI.

The system called caliber is known to convert ePub to MOBI. And it also converts every other e-book format into whatever e-book format you so wish. In addition, caliber is said to work perfectly on Linux operating systems and macOS systems, to name but a few.

How to convert ePub to MOBI by using Caliber;

  1. Download caliber and install it on your computer
  2. Open caliber and choose ADD BOOKs
  3. Open the folder which contains the ePub file you wish to convert, select the file, and then select OPEN. The Epub file is immediately added to the Caliber store or library.
  4. Choose Edit metadata to activate the Edit metadata dialog box.
  5. In the change cover section, select an option to select a variety of front covers for your MOBI e-book.
  6. Then adjust the information in the title, publisher, author, and tag text boxes to fit your overall needs and make it way easier for you to search your e-reader for the said book.
  7. Choose OK to return to the caliber store or library.
  8. Go on to select convert books to open the convert dialog box.
  9. Choose the output format drop-down menu and choose MOBI.
  10. It is time to select OK to return to the caliber store or library.
  11. Choose the format to increase the list, and then choose MOBI to find the converted file.
  12. Choose the MOBI file and choose to save it to disk to save the MOBI file to your computer.

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Why should I convert my Epub to Kindle?

You may need to do this to preview how your e-book will generally look on a Kindle device. You don’t need to convert to MOBI to publish on Amazon’s large e-book marketplace.

So ensuring you have properly converted your file formats is necessary, but not as complex as it used to be in its former times. Most book retailers are said to accept PDF, Epub, and all other file formats.

Amazon’s large marketplace is known to accept various file types or formats, including Epubs. It converts them to the latest version of MOBI (azw3). However, the conversion software is pretty nice, and it’s safer to convert your Epub to an Amazon-friendly file before you go ahead to publish.

These are the areas people do say, ‘You need to convert your e-book to MOBI?’ Nonetheless, MOBI is pretty outdated too. AZW3, AZW, KPF and KFX are the modern offspring of MOBI.

Now, before you upload your manuscript to Kindle direct publishing, I advise either using the kindle previewer or Kindle create to convert your e-book into KPF, which is said to permit you to see exactly what kindle users will see when they do read your book.

Kindle Creates are known to allow you to edit the look of your book and also the feel. Kindle previewer permits you to review how your e-book looks on kindle devices, but more as a desktop application.

Why do people choose the Amazon marketplace, and why is it so essential? Well, that’s because it commands over eighty percent of the market share of e-book sales, as noted in the preceding article.

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So converting your Epub files to MOBI (AZW3) files or the newer KPF is important to the launch of this e-book. When you do access Amazon’s vast array of e-book marketplace, this means it ensures your e-book looking pristine, clear, and perfect in all categories.

Top three Tools to Convert Epub to MOBI

There are good tools out there that convert Epub to MOBI. It gives you the freedom not to send your manuscript to a potentially unsecured server.


Epub to Mobi Converter

This is one of the best ways for all conversion to just one book at the same time. ZAMZAR is a browser-based, free conversion tool that converts Epub to various file formats or another format. Of course, that doesn’t exclude only e-book formats either.

All you need to do is upload your e-book to ZAMZAR, and they’ll immediately let you download your newly formatted file.

2. Calibre

Epub to Mobi Converter

Calibre is one of the oldest available e-book managers out there now. It’s said to be secure, reliable, and great for all your file conversion needs. It’s one of the best tools for any e-book reader. It has many features that improve the way you handle and adjust your e-book without hassles of any kind. And it’s free; its ability to convert ePub file formats and all other formats cannot be compared.


epub to mobi

Also known as the Epub to MOBI converter is simply a tool that can turn all Epub files into a MOBI file. All you have to do is upload your Epub file, and enter your email address, as indicated, and receive a MOBI file immediately after the conversion is done—it takes a few seconds. Reedsy is easy to use. You can try it.

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