Eight (8) Best Hardcover Printers for Authors

This is one of the several issues in the writing hub, and that’s, “How do I make the best hard covers?” In this post, we’ll break down the various hardcover printers for authors in the market, using them to your best advantage.

There are various options to choose from, so get ready to find which hardcover printer works for you.

8 Best Hardcover Printers for Author

McNaughton and Gunn (Offset)

McNaughton and Gunn is an established printer in Ann Arbor, Michigan. And trust me, they wouldn’t disappoint you when it comes to quality. Yes, you can order an offset print run for 250 to 50,000 books, or you can make use of their new digital printing services and ask for a quote of 25 to 750. If you’re looking for some quick and easy hardcover printer service, then this is for you.

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CPI Print (Offset)

CPI is the best sport to get your hardcover printers if you’re in Europe. And trust me, this wouldn’t look out of place on the shelves. CPI assures a high-level quality to all self-publishing works. So, whether you need a hardcover, paperback, color book, etc., CPI print can meet those needs.

IngramSpark (POD)

IngramSpark is the largest book distributor and wholesaler in the United States, and this is why most Print-on-demand services go through Ingram to access retailers. And by using Ingram’s print-on-demand services, you can very well access their global distribution network without paying an intermediary.

Its extensive network also includes brick-and-mortar bookstores, so they’re one solid option if you desire to see your book in some retail stores. And for note, this is one hardcover printing service that allows you to take the bull by the horn.

KDP print (POD)

Yes, Kindle direct publishing is also amongst the best hard book cover printers you can find in the market.  And unlike IngramSpark, there is no such thing as upfront costs with KDP Print. They offer free publishing tools which help book formatting, free ISBN, and online previewer.

The interface is pretty simple to apply and suitable to have KDP print and all other features in a single place. And as with most Amazon services, the shipping here is so quick and reliable—not to forget the print quality is topnotch.

What’s better about all of this is, when you use KDP print, your book is available on all Amazon websites in Japan, Europe, and the United States. And that’s because Amazon is still the top book retailer, which accounts for roughly half of the United States print book sales and over 80 percent of all e-book sales, which is valuable placement.

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And if you wish Amazon to be your sole retail, then KDP print is the best option here. However, their network isn’t as comprehensive as IngramSpark.

Bookmasters (Offset)

Bookmasters is only for all offset hardcover printers, and this is the manufacturing or printing arm of Baker and Taylor publisher services. They’ve been functioning for more than forty-five years, which means they’re a printing company with a whole lot of experience.

They also tend to make quality books at reasonable prices, and the authors do have much flexibility with options such as trim size and cover finish. Most authors around here don’t need a hardcover, but if you wish to have unique copies, you do have to know you’re going to sell many books, or if you believe in quality cover for your book in all rounds, then Bookmasters is the best alternative.

Bookbaby (POD)

Recently, Bookbaby has been a pretty popular choice to so many self-publishing authors, but it isn’t what we’ll recommend here. Yes, the customer service is pretty good, as is the quality of their product. But one thing we love about this hardcover printer is the pretty attractive price.

And here is it; you are expected to make a minimum order of twenty-five books before you qualify for POD, and there’s also a 399 dollars’ setup fee on top of your print order.

Bookbaby also justifies this price tag by touting its extensive network. But the one thing they aren’t so vocal about is that they tend to access their network through Ingram Book Group. And they do so for the same fee, which is then transferred and charged to you.

Color House Graphics (Offset)

If it’s high-quality color printing that you’re after, well, you’ve got the best catch. It also has black text printing and bookbinding, and color House Graphics is pretty functional to provide all of the color text and beautiful covers you need. And it also inserts if you need a digital print of fewer than 500 copies or an offset print of 500 and more. So, if you’re seeking quality results, then this hardcover printer shouldn’t be ignored.


Lulu is said to distribute paperbacks to Barnes and Noble, Amazon, its book store, etc. But all of these come at a price. One drawback about Lulu is its low royalty shares. In essence, if you plan to print a small number of book hardcovers, then Lulu is the site that offers a printing discount. And, of course, if you do deliver yourself, you wouldn’t have to pay Lulu for much distribution.

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Nonetheless, if you wish to get a good hardcover binding or color interior, Lulu is the best catch. And the printing quality is pretty neat! In essence, Lulu is more like the better the content, the less you have type of hardcover printer.

How to Choose the Right Hardcover Printer?

These should be your main goals when making a choice;

  1. Make sure your book is in stores: If you wish to see your book in a bookstore, it would be better to use the hardcover print of IngramSpark. IngramSpark would indeed offer a vast distribution network that will provide you a better chance of accessing all other bookstores like Barnes and Noble.
  2. Fulfilling large orders: You should select the offset print if you are getting large orders or demand for your book. This helps in getting a better per-unit cost. We also suggest using Color House Graphics; this is the best for this type of stuff. And that’s because their storage and shipping service does help you avoid all indie author’s nightmares. What’s that? You might want to ask, well, 4000 copies of your book in a box with no use—jeez, that can be heartbreaking.
  3. Increasing Royalties: Even though e-book has had an exponential increase over the years, paperback still holds the mantle in some way. So, if you neglect readers who love to touch, and feel the pages of your book, then you might probably be missing out on lots of cash.

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So, to stay on the safe side, printing your book when it comes to this is a good investment. We recommend you use POD services, and the best type for this is KDP print—you definitely can’t lose with this. And that’s because KDP distributes directly with Amazon, and you don’t have to pay a fee and can also receive roughly 60 percent of your list price.


So, deciding on which hardcover printing service to go for depends solely on your goals and nothing else. This might mean picking more than a single POD or Offset service for some. However, it all depends on making arrangements with your goals and working towards them for your success.

If you have any questions, please do not fail to drop a comment, and I’ll answer immediately.

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