42 Mythological Creatures and Where to Find Them

Mythological creatures have been in existence for several centuries and some are even believed to have existed before the first man. Although there is really no concrete proof of the actual existence of these many mythical creatures, books, movies, and folklores have made them a major part of human existence.

While certain people might assume all mythological creatures are monsters, not all of them are. As a matter of fact, some of these creatures have a reputation for being good to humans.

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It might be difficult to know the exact origin of the many mysterious creatures in existence today. However, knowing a little about them and where they can be found is possible.

That being said, below are 42 mythological creatures and where they can be found.

Checkout 42 Mythological Creatures and Where to Find Them

1. Banshee

mythological creatures

Banshees can be traced to Irish Mythology and are strongly associated with death. In its simplest form, the Banshee is a female spirit and can be found in The Banshee: The Irish Death Messenger

2. Dybbuk

mythological creatures

This mythical creature is definitely one you do not want to encounter in real life. (That’s if it really exists). It is a very popular creature in Jewish folklore.

The Dybbuk is simply a soul of a deceased that has on finished business on earth and has decided to live in a different body to continue with its assignment.

You can find Dybbuks in The Warsaw Anagrams by Richard Zinler.

3. Vampire

mythological creatures

This is a very famous one and its origin might be difficult to trace. Nonetheless, vampires have been a thing since I can remember. Regardless of the fact that they could have some differences in the description, there are some things all vampires have in common.

Generally, vampires cannot thrive in sunlight, have hearts that can be destroyed by sharp objects, and stay alive by feeding on the living.

Since there is no proof of vampires existing in real life, you might never come across one in person. However, you can find one on Dracula.

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4. Nymphs

A nymph is a female deity and should not be confused with a goddess. As a deity, it lives a lot longer than humans. Nonetheless, it is not immortal. Nymphs are strongly rooted in Greek folklore where they can be found.

5. Sprite

A Sprite is a creature with supernatural powers and has its history traced to European mythology. It is a diminutive being and can be found in The Unruly Sprite.

 6. Elf

mythological creatures

An elf is very similar to humans. It is not a monster so it is not in any way associated with fear. This creature can be traced to Germanic mythology and is believed to be blessed with supernatural beauty and magical powers.

You can find one in the lords of the rings.

7. Faeries

Faeries, (also known as fairy) is a legendary and mythical creature that exists in French, English, German, Salvic, and Celtic folklore. It is believed to be a harmful creature with metaphysical abilities.

While there are several attributes associated with this creature (good and bad). The elf is of exceptional beauty and can be found in The Lord of the Rings.

8. Bogeyman

mythological creatures

The Bogeyman does not have an exact form. It can be seen in several forms and might not exactly be scary to adults. Nonetheless, children almost have no choice but to be scared of this creature. Although a scary creature, Bogeyman is known to make children be at their best behaviour.

In as much as a Bogeyman is a mythological creature, there are instances in which a bogeyman is actually a human.

If you are looking to see a bogeyman, then, you should checkout Stephen King’s Pennywise.

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9. Golems

The Golem can be traced to Jewish culture. It can simply be described as a robot that is made from clay. Furthermore, there are various versions of what Golems actually represent. Some stories depict them as robots that protect people.

There are several Golem variations. Of these many variations, the most popular is the Golem of Prague. According to Jewish folklore, this Golem was built to offer protection from the Romans.

You can find a Golem in The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier by Michael Chabon.

10. Oni

mythological creatures

If you think you have no idea what the Oni is, there is a likelihood that you are wrong. This is because lots of people that are active on social media come across this creature frequently.

An Oni is simply a monster with a red face that is used as an emoji by people to depict extreme anger. It is a mythical creature that has its origin in Japanese mythology and is famous as a giant creature that eats humans.

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In Japanese Mythology, Onis are known to carry heavy clubs and people are known to put them away by tossing dried beans around. This creature can be found in the Hell Teacher Nube, a famous manga series.

11. Cyclops

mythological creatures

Cyclops are giants. So, you do not have to see them to tell that they are scary. They come with one eye which makes them even scarier.

According to folklore, Cyclop was not originally blind until he had an encounter with Odysseus which left him blind in one eye.

Although you are most likely to think of X-men when you see the word Cyclops, this character does not exactly do justice to this creature. To have a better understanding of what this creature is like, you should checkout Homer’s Odyssey.

12. Ogre

This creature is as scary as it sounds. (Perhaps even more). It is monstrous and huge. Also, it is known to be very much interested in feeding on human flesh. It is particularly interested in eating the flesh of children.

Ogres can be found in quite a number of fairy tales. Popular among them are Puss in Boots, Gilgamesh, and The Odyssey.

13. Leprechauns

mythological creatures

Legend has it that you will be able to have three of your wishes come to pass if you are able to catch a Leprechaun. This might be the most famous thing about Leprechauns. However, there is more to them.

Leprechaun might not be the most beautiful creatures you will come across. However, they might not be as scary as lots of other mythical creatures in this article.

This creature is not just about getting people scared. It is a creature with a special talent; it can mend shoes. Also, they are known to keep their earnings away from people (they keep them in a pot).

As an adult, you can find Leprechauns in hit-and-miss horror films.

14. Gnomes

Gnomes have a reputation for living underground and in walls. They are cousins to fairies. According to the legend of Heinemann check, Gnomes help the occupants of a town stay lazy by doing all available work in the night.

You can see Gnomes in Truckers by Terry Pratchett.

15. Goblin

mythological creatures

Goblins are famous as greedy mythological creatures. They are also known to be mischievous and temperamental. That’s not all. They have powers that are similar to that of fairies.

Furthermore, Goblins are ugly and will definitely get children scared. They can be found in The Spiderwick Chronicles.

16. Gorgon

In Greek mythology, a Gorgon is a creature that is strongly associated with magic. This creature is a female and almost has the appearance of a human female. However, unlike regular human females, their hair is replaced with venomous snakes.

This mythical creature can be found in Gorgon’s price

 17. Mermaid

mythological creatures

Mermaids can be traced to the escapades of sailors several years ago. They are a mixture of a human and a fish. Typically, their lower bodies are fishlike while their upper bodies are human-like. Also, they are known to be dominant over the world that exists under water.

You can find mermaids in The Moon and the Sun, as well as in The Little Mermaid.

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18. Aquabuamelu

This creature can be traced to Mesopotamia and has a reputation for serving as a guard at the gates of the sun god. It is a scary creature and is a blend of man and scorpion.

You can see this creature by watching The Mummy Returns. However, if you do not want to deal with poor animation, you will have to see Gilgamesh.

19. Minotaur

mythological creatures

The Minotaur is a blend of man and bull. It has the body of a man and a bull’s head. So, you can expect it to be an angry creature. (Indeed it is very angry).

You can find the Minotaur in Inferno.

20. Centaurs

The centaur is a blend of man and horse. It has the upper body of a man as a replacement for a horse’s head. So, as you can imagine it is like a man that has his legs replaced by a horse.

In Greek mythology, Centaurs are known to act as antagonists and usually end up being defeated.

This mythical creature can be found in Artemis Fowl by Eion Colfr.

21. Werewolf

mythological creatures

This creature can be traced to ancient European Mythology. It is a scary creature and has had to take on different characters in various movies. This monstrous creature is typically associated with horrors.  Nonetheless, it still is a recipient of love in some movies.

If you have never seen a werewolf, then, you might want to check out Gemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy.

22. Loch Ness Monster

This creature can be traced to Scottish Mythology and was made popular in the 20th century. So, you perhaps know about it if you are familiar with life in Scotland.  Since this creature is quite recent, you do not need to have been around for a long time to know about it. It is a classic example of an urban myth.

One place to find this creature easily is in books like Richard Barssey’s Nessie The Loch Ness Monster.

23. Griffin

mythological creatures

The Griffin is a blend of an eagle and a lion. It has the wings, head, and front teeth of an eagle on a lion’s body. The griffin is quite a violent creature. If not for this, it would have been perfect for movement. It has some similarities with the dragon as it has a reputation for guiding gold.

Year of the Griffin by Dana Wynne Jones is a place you can find this mythological creature.

24. Phoenix

This creature stands for resurrection and has the same meaning regardless of the part of the world you are. It is related strongly to royalty and can be traced to ancient Roman and Greek mythology.

The Phoenix can be found in Harry Porter.

25. Basilisk

This scary creature is a blend of a rooster and a snake. According to myths, it can kill with a stare and has the power to convert silver to gold. (This might be a useful one).

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If you want to see the Basilisk at work, you might have to watch the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter.

26. Unicorn

The unicorn is closely related to the horse. However, unlike regular horses, it has a horn on its head. Myths have it that unicorns fart rainbow and can be found in Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.

The Last Unicorn is a perfect depiction of this creature.

27. Dragon

Mythological Creatures

This creature is very famous and its fame has made several people believe it actually is more than just a mythical creature. As it stands, there is no proof of anyone seeing a dragon before. Regardless of this, it exists in several myths across the world and has a strong affinity for jewelries.

You can always see a dragon in Temeraire series by Naomi Novik.

28. Chimera

The Chimera is a blend of a snake, a giant, and a lion. This creature can be traced to the image formed in the minds of people when they look over a distance at three animals positioned adjacent to one another.

The Chimera can be seen in Quiddithc through THE Ages by J.K Rowlings.

29. Hydra

There are several beliefs that the hydra is more than just a mythical creature. Nonetheless, there is no proof of this. This creature which can best be described as a snake has a reputation for replacing a cut head with two heads and can be found in The Sea of Monsters.

30. Zombie

Mythological Creatures

The Zombie has its origin traced to the 20th century and has its name from Haitian mythology. This creature is very infectious and is a corrupted form of an actual human. Although living, the Zombie can best be described as a corpse that is simply interested in eating human flesh and infecting humans through its bite.

You will most likely appreciate this creature if seen in Dawn of the Dead.

31. Pontianak

Pontianak is famous in Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia in particular).In as much as several people are not clear what exactly the Pontianak is, it is believed that it is the souls of women that died during pregnancy.

This creature has a humanlike appearance – is long, has pair skin, and lank hair. Also, it has a reputation for luring and killing men.

Want to find a Pontianak? Then, you should take a look at Singapore-set Pont by Shrlene Teo.

32. Babadook

The Babadook is a pale-faced creature with long limbs and fingers and always appears with a black coat and hat. It is also called Mister Babadook and is famous for a blend of depression, grief, and anxiety. This creature has a reputation for attacking people that go through a book that refers to it.

The movie “The Babadook” clearly depicts this creature.

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33. Baba Yaga

This creature has its history in Slavic culture. It has the appearance of a deformed old lady. According to Slavic folklore, this creature has chicken legs and lived in a hut.

Baba Yaga can take various characters. Sometimes good and other times, bad. Also, you can find it in Baba Yaga: Terror of the Forest

34. Amarok

Mythological Creatures

This creature can be traced to Inuit mythology and has the appearance of a wolf. However, it differs from the regular wolf since it is a giant creature. According to folklore, it attacks people that are daring enough to head into the woods alone at night to hunt.

Flora and Amarok do justice to this mythical creature.

35. Black Shuck

The Black Shuck is considered a representation of the omen of death. It is a ghost dog and is known to have thunder accompanying it.

The Black Shuck which was released in 2018 will help you have an understanding of this creature.

36. Black Anni

mythological creatures

The Black Anni is definitely a scary one. However, it might not pose a threat to adults. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for children.

The Black Anni can be found in caves and loves making a meal out of children. Also, it disappears with naughty children.

37. Candyman

This creature is highly intelligent and is a serial killer. It is immortal and moves around with a wield hook. It can be traced to New Orleans and is known to cause victims death.

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This creature is depicted in ‘The Forbidden’

38. Satyr

Mythological Creatures

The Satyr has its history in Greek Mythology. It is a male spirit and has a tail, as well as ears that look like those of a horse. This is in addition to an extreme erection that is permanent.

There are different representations of this creature. It sometimes has human legs. Other times, it has the legs of a horse.

Satyrs always moved around with the god Dionysus and love dancing, as well as music and can be found in Hercules, a 1996 Disney movie.

39. Fauns

Mythological Creatures

This mystery creature is half goat and half-human. It can be traced to ancient Roman mythology. It is also known as the goat man and has the head, arms and torso of a human accompanied by the tail and legs of a goat.

The Faun can be found in ‘Afternoon of a Fau’

40. Bigfoot

Also known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot is famous in American and Canadian folklore. It is huge, has the appearance of an ape, and is believed to live in North American forests. The Son of Bigfoot is a great place to see what this creature is like.

41. Kraken

This Karken is a scary monster and is believed to be so big it could feed on maritime crews. In as much as there are various descriptions of this monster, it is generally believed to be a monstrous squid.

This creature is traced to Nordic Folklore and can be found in Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep.

42. Abominable Snowman

Mythological Creatures

Also known as YETI, this creature has its origin in Asia and lives in the mountains. In as much as lots of Asians believe in its existence, no one can testify to actually setting eyes on it.

This mythical creature might have never been seen. Nonetheless, you can take a look at it by reading ‘The Abominable Snowman’ by R.A Montgomery.

The Takeaway

There are several mythical creatures that are believed to exist but are not covered in this article. These creatures can send cold chills down your spine and hopefully, you never get to see them in real life.

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