Ten Different Types of Writers— Where Do You Fall Into?

When it comes to writing, which is an art, no two is ever and would never be alike. Some types of writers can churn out at least 20 chapters before breakfast, while others need weeks or months to organize the ideas they have in mind and produce a good outline.

While some love a particular notepad or pen that brings up their ideas, they can’t do much without this. And some give their best or have that eureka idea when they are out in an open space or checking out the environment around them.

However, there’s no hard way when it comes to this, except if you don’t write at all! Here are some types of writers that you certainly identify with. So ask yourself which describes your writing style!

Find out Ten different Types of Writers

The Fast Pacer

For these types of writers, when they do get an idea, they know how to garner it and run with it simultaneously—and they tend to do it pretty fast. Their talent stems from their ability to use and articulate ideas clearly and pretty quickly. However, I wouldn’t deny that they do need a good editor when they’re done.

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One writer I’ll consider in this is Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond novel. He was fast in delivering Bond novels at an average of about six weeks for each installment.

And of course, a writer’s speed may verily change depending on what type of book they’re writing and especially books that do not resonate with them. This includes how much research they do have at first and many factors that come into play. But in general, once a Fast Pacer gets a hand on that pen to paper, there’s no stopping them.

So, you might be a Fast Pacer if you do one of these;

  • You tend to be a runner when it comes to tasks, that is, waste no time executing a given project.
  • You’re never at a loss for words when writing in your craft.
  • You’re highly productive when it comes to writing good content.

The Creator

When it comes to this kind of people, they’re ingenious in churning out good ideas. The creator takes a picture, starts from the beginning, and lets the rest flow out of there.

Sometimes, they might have a vague idea of where and how the story will end up, but let’s say it doesn’t make them worried, for they got it all covered. They do know their way when it comes to having the maneuver in peculiar situations.

So, you might be A CREATOR when;

  • You love the unknown niches which come to you.
  • You don’t like to make plans for the future; you begin.

Wishful Writers

They are known to always be in a daze, this type of author wishes that would happen without acting one bit. Rather than actually writing on the idea, they sit around having spectacular imaginings about things that would happen, that is, drawing them, and writing concise stories with them, or plotting random scenes in their head, basically to the point where they do nothing or are they only consumer of the content.

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And yes, when it comes to these types of writers, their books will take a very long time to get published. SO, you need to wait!


These types of writers have the characteristics of THE CREATOR and the FAST PACER. Still, there’s one drawback, they don’t create their contents or are WISHFUL WRITER’S when it comes to making their book, but would settle for making it happen when it comes to others.

They are remarkable when churning out ideas to please their clients and indeed give excellence with it. Still, when it concerns their books to be published, they’re wishful writers, which can be pretty annoying.

So you might be an Employee when;

  • You are active in making it happen for others
  • When it comes to your ideas or your book, you procrastinate.


This type of writer does not consider your idea; they’ve got theirs, and tell them yours is like locking an ankle chain on their ankles, which can be distressing for them. They tend to love clients who ask them to be free with what they churn out, but as for the client, they need the best from them; and the best is what they tend to give at all times.

If you’re versatile, then be sure to get the very best for them—trust me on this. For they tend to take the book to be written like is their own. DON’T-TELL-ME type of writers love the challenge of building up a story from the scratch and creating something new with it, only as it pertains to them—so we can say, they’re somewhat narcissistic kind of writers.

So you might be a DON’T-TELL-ME writer when;

  • You hate being forced.
  • You love fluid clients who tend to make you flow with what you’re apt to give.


This type of writer tends to have it all planned out. And that’s from the minor habit a character will have to the most significant thing, like a relationship or even death that tends to touch the reader emotionally.

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When it comes to their book, it’s particularly mind-blowing and rarely seems to have any mistakes or flaws. And all that planning seems to pay off in the end too.

So you might be a Desperado writer when;

  • You love the challenge
  • You’re concise with your ideas
  • You love the aspect of being creative in your craft

Mimicry Writers

When you want a J.K Rowling writer cheap or an Ian Fleming writer at an affordable price, then seek this kind of writer. They tend to study other writers and use the way they flow in writing when doing theirs. These types of writers are apt in their craft and grow to wow you with the best.

All you need to do is to give them a few days to study your favorite writer’s book, and they take it from there. They’re also pretty rare in the writing world. So, if you do find one, make sure you keep them.

So you might be a Mimicry writer when;

  • You mimic the flow of writing from other professional writers but never plagiarize.
  • You’re very creative too


When it comes to these types of writers they often start as pretty reluctant writers or even hidden writers. But there’s just this story within them that they’ve got to share with other people—it just needs to be told, or they’ll never be at peace.

Maybe they survived a major devastating illness, a war, or something they feel is mainly, or way more than the extraordinary, or they found a new way of living that has helped them too.

Whatever the stuff is, they feel a responsibility to share that story with people around them or their world. These types of writers often write their stories into memoirs, though sometimes they may dabble a little fiction with it to give it a little spice.

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So, you might be a NEED-TO-SAY-IT if;

  • People are interested to hear out your stories from the past
  • You’re famous in your own right and wish to tell your fans something
  • You’ve been told at least one that you should write a book about that.


This type of writer is particularly introverted. You can find these writers either sitting alone, in their room minding their business, or hunched over their laptop in a store or recreational center.

They are known to prefer the company of notepads and word documents over people, and that’s perfectly good.

So, you might be a MYSPACE writer when;

  • You prefer notepads fresh word documents to people
  • You’re pretty shy to share your work in any way.
  • You do your best when you’re alone.

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The Turtle

This type of writer tends to be annoyingly slow when it comes to project. ‘Please give me some time.” they don’t write quantity, but quality. And it shows their genius in all rounds.

Their books are often pretty long and detailed, and they don’t like rushing it. ‘So, why the rush?

So, you might be THE TURTLE writer when;

  • You love taking it steady; no need to rush
  • You love thinking and giving excellence in what you do rather than giving quantity.


So, there are various types of writers and authors out there. While they all tend to get the work done, and each may also have their strengths in writing, you can still see a significant trend in their writing skills or craft.

And being a spectacular writer does entail mastering a whole lot of different skills. Most people tend to manage a couple of types of writing well enough but struggle at some point; perhaps they can’t organize their thoughts in a unified manner. In all of the various writer’s block that you might have, you have to know one thing, that you’re unique, and no one can replace that.

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