Wattpad Review: What You Need to Know About Wattpad Platform

Wattpad is a platform that permits authors to network with readers. For various authors and readers alike, it has helped to launch their careers, while some haven’t been that encouraging. To explain the facts, and all you need to know about Wattpad has been stated in this 2021 wattpad review.

For today’s 2021 wattpad review, I’ll make sure we go deep into the site to see all that it’s got to offer and give you my honest opinion on all of the pros and cons.

Not forgetting the question which may be in your mind right now, is wattpad worth it?

What’s Wattpad?

Wattpad is simply a social story-telling site, which brings authors and readers alike in a single space to say and enjoy any stories of their choice.

It’s said to use technology and community, which helps writers find an audience or fan base for their stories and for all types of readers who wish to find upcoming writers and follow them through their journey.

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The company is based out of Toronto and has a nice aesthetic view; this is in terms of the building structure. They do make it pretty clear that the platform is intended for millennials and members of Generation Z.

And as such, you can expect a one-of-a-kind vibe when it comes to Wattpad. But that’s by the way; we aren’t here to talk about buildings and aesthetics, right? We want to know if it is worth the time and effort?

How does wattpad help users

1. Technology: As you’d expect from a start-up organization that targets millennials and generation z, tech does have a very big part to play.

And this is certainly on both the front and the back ends of Wattpad service. Let’s head behind the scenes; Wattpad is said to use a machine learning AI that tends to spot the brightest stories amongst its many uploads.

On the front end, you are free to access the mobile application and get unlimited access to all of its features.

2. It’s a social platform: Yes, you can think of Wattpad as a social network of writers and readers alike. It’s a platform to discover interesting stories and gives writers a place to express their special voices. Not to forget its broad approach.

3. Discovery of talent: Wattpad is the site where little voice matters. Think of it like American Idol or American got Talent, but it’s specifically for writers this time. Just anyone is welcome to join Wattpad—yes, it’s free. And only the one who gets a good response does go further in the process.

And you might want to ask how? Well, Wattpad is said to provide various tools for success and resources to develop writers. And the best of the best do become eligible for special programs which connect them with multiple publishing houses and even television and movie production companies.

2021 wattpad review—Who uses Wattpad?

Some users might want to say, what’s the meaning of millennials or Gen Z? Well, these are users between the ages of 13-30 and are under 18.

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The age limit for users in Wattpad?

Wattpad has been given a standard age limit of thirteen. The actual age limit is 17+ if downloading this through the Apple App store and giving parental guidance notice through the Google play store.

2021 wattpad review—Can you get paid in exposure?

As found out by this 2021 wattpad review, you can surely get paid with exposure. Even if you’re already familiar with Wattpad, have you heard about Wattpad futures, announced in august of 2016.

This new feature makes good on Wattpad’s goal of becoming the ‘YouTube of various books.’

And readers still read different types of stories on Wattpad for free, but for a few seconds or minutes, they’ve got to watch a sponsored video. For writers, it means you get paid when people watch the ad’s.

The more a story gets read, the more video views roll in, and the more the writers get paid.

For some readers, these ads are annoying; I had an experience with them. Nonetheless, Wattpad readers aren’t typical readers. They are said to be voracious lots, loyal to the last stand. So, you don’t have to worry about your reader’s shying away when there are so many adverts.

Wattpad futures isn’t available to all writers, but in the near future, there’ll surely be an improvement in this regard.

 2021 wattpad review— the process

Now, we will be talking about the signing-up process. When it comes to Wattpad, you can either register through email or use your social accounts to gain much access directly with little or no hassles.

So, how does Wattpad claim to help writers? Well, it’s simple they break up the process of using Wattpad by these three fundamental stages;

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1. Create: When it comes to the first stage as a writer, you need to create a good story. You’re given pretty much free rein to write how you want and in whichever genre you so wish.

2. Build: According to this 2021 wattpad review, the stuff I’d found out when it comes to this is that Wattpad describes the ‘build’ stage as the process of ‘establishing a strong fan-base.’

And to be pretty fair on this, the service has over forty-five million readers worldwide, and the given metrics show that readers spend much time on the site per session.

However, is the case, there are, of course, no assurances. Your skill in tapping into the vast resources of this site depends on the quality of your stories and the effort you put in fostering or promoting them to the world.

3. Amplify: If your work does gain some traction on Wattpad—as judged by the service’s machine learning algorithm and considering factors such as popularity and engagement, you may get the chance to monetize through the Wattpad platform.

Top-performing stories do gain the chance to get publishing or a movie deal. And, of course, these are a small part of the stories published.

Most writers do not have the accessibility to monetize through Wattpad.

Now that the overview of the three stages has been pointed out in this 2021 2021 wattpad review post let’s go a little deeper and see how Wattpad aims to help. For instance, all of the resources it offers, and what claims does it make in helping you as a writer?

That said, let’s go on!

wattpad marketing tools

You now know that Wattpad is a social site for authors and readers alike, and an overview of the three-stage journey for Wattpad authors has been spelled out previously.

Let’s talk about what is being offered now.

Genres: Wattpad is said to offer a ton of genres that you can publish in. These are the adventure, action, humor, new adult, erotic, romance, etc. the list is pretty comprehensive.

The basic stuff you need to know is that Wattpad is a suitable platform for niche authors and a great place to find engaged readers of almost any preference.

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Community: When it comes to the community aspect of this platform, it’s said to be a cornerstone of the forum. It provides a chance for readers to give the needed feedback and help writers improve.

Conference: There’s a stuff called wattcon. Wattson is simply an annual conference hosted by Wattpad. This is a chance for writers and readers to get together and share tips, find mentorship opportunities, and take their love of reading and writing to another level.

Wattpad Next Beta: This is said to be a monetization program from Wattpad. It permits readers to unlock the next part of the story simply by donating to the writer they’re a fan of. It’s a new program, so do expect some little problems.

And Wattpad may expand this beyond beta in the future, and that’s only if it’s successful.

Awards: Wattpad is also said to recognize their best writers, which is called ‘the wattys,’ and it’s been going on since 2010. It’s said to celebrate a mix of established and breakthrough writers who publish through Wattpad.

Writers can also gain exposure via Wattpad by being featured as a ‘pick.’ When it comes to picks, they’re simply stories chosen by Wattpad editors. They are said to gain so much exposure than the regular stories.


To summarize the 2021 wattpad review, the upsides are that it’s a great platform to write and share your stories and discover stories by other people. And what’s more exciting about this is that it’s free. This encourages everyone to use it. And for the Wattpad community, they’re known to be a friendly bunch and very supportive too.

The downsides are, if your story doesn’t become popular as quickly as you want it to, you might feel disgruntled or discouraged and perhaps give up in all entirety. And some Wattpad users might also plagiarize your work. They’ll tweak the title and character names. Still, the plot will be suspiciously similar, which can be discouraging for future works.

Lastly, I feel that cliché stories on supernatural creatures, teen romance, or fan fiction are on the popularity list instead of well-written yet special plots, and that’s because most Wattpad users prefer the former.



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