Masterclass Review: Is Masterclass Worth It? (Pros & Cons)

Masterclass has been phenomenal since its creation and has also helped numerous people have some solid foundation in the highly competitive job market; this is the reason for the Masterclass review today but before that.

Who is better to teach you writing tips than J.K Rowling or teach you how to make up for a fashion photoshoot like Naomi Campbell?

Unfortunately, for most of us willing to learn one or two helpful trades from these recognized people, they aren’t easy to reach—you know the tight schedules and all from all of these celebrities or famous people?

But with Masterclass, all of that has been corrected, and it’s said to bridge the gap and recruits the best of the best to teach the secrets in each highly demanded craft.

Masterclass review—Who is Masterclass for?

Well, it’s pretty challenging to pinpoint who Masterclass is for. And that’s because it’s somewhat different from all other e-learning sites like LinkedIn or Coursera. When it comes to being straight to the point for this Masterclass review post, I’ll say Masterclass would surely appeal to enthusiast or professionals who seeks to learn specific topics or someone who’s a big fan of one of the many instructors.

As mentioned previously, if you’re an enthusiast or professional, who seeks to increase your knowledge on specific topics like writing fiction or photography, then Masterclass is the right platform to do so.

A class on the site would help motivate you to keep improving, and perhaps it will teach you many things you had no idea or inkling about in the past.

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And if you’re a fan of an instructor, what better way can you get intimate with them than watching them on Masterclass. For instance, if you’re in the fashion industry or wish to be a top-rated model, Naomi Campbell and the likes would surely put you through that—this tends to make it fun and knowledgeable when learning.

Masterclass review—for business

Like all other online counterparts, Masterclass provides classes for personal learners; it also has plans for various teams and businesses. Yes, you can invest a lot in your business or team by simply contacting sales to choose your type of business plan.

All you need to do to save you the stress is fill in your company information and choose the number of annual memberships, such as between 5-1000 seats, your company’s name, email address, and location.

The group discount rate is about 5-35 percent when you buy 5+ annual memberships.

Why do employees love Masterclass?

As found out and researched by this Masterclass review post, most workers love Masterclass for business because of the following reasons;

  1. It makes you get inspired at least ten minutes at a time.
  2. Unlimited access with your annual membership.
  3. A good learning experience over time.
  4. You can stream anywhere at any time.
  5. You learn from the world’s best.
  6. There are 100+ instructors across various categories.

Masterclass review—How Much does it cost?

As found out by this Masterclass review post, Masterclass is said to offer only one plan type; that’s an all-access pass that costs about 180 dollars per year. Which includes unlimited access; that is, you can watch the entire catalog of content at any time on any device!

And there are about 114 courses, with a few more being released sooner. The content producers do make sure it’s sustaining to its users.

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In the past, Masterclass was said to offer a monthly subscription. Also, it sold access for a given one-time fee, but it presently doesn’t do that anymore. And there’s no free trial either. You have a month’s money-back guarantee. However, you still have to lay down your credit or debit card and get charged at least 180 dollars annually. If you’re still unsatisfied with the contents, you can get a refund.

And according to this masterclass review, it would be pretty nice to see all other options than 180 dollars annually. It seems costly for some individuals, and that’s rather unfair.

And one good stuff about Masterclass is this; nonprofit organizations can apply for a grant to access most courses for free on the site. There are also various group-rate discounts for companies that buy at least five or more memberships at a given time.

Masterclass pricing versus Alternatives

For this masterclass review post, we will be comparing LinkedIn learning, Khan Academy, and skillshare.

Masterclass review comparison versus LinkedIn learning

This portal is said to offer a one-month free trial. And an annual subscription costs 19.99 per month.

Masterclass review comparison versus Khan Academy

All courses are free to stream and use here.


Skillshare is available via these options:

  • Premium skillshare subscriptions cost 99 dollars annually and give you unlimited access to 20k+ skillshare classes in their premium catalog, along with all other features like offline viewing.
  • It’s free! All you need to do is sign up on skillshare with your email address, and it gives you access to all of its courses accessible on skillshare mobile (IOS) and web.

Well, all of these sites have dusted Masterclass when it comes to effective payments procedures.

How does Masterclass work?

According to this Masterclass review post, it’s been found out that the site contains twenty-five video lessons. And each video is between 5-30 minutes; most of them are around ten minutes long.

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In some cases, it’s life, and the teacher speaks straight to the camera. For others, the instructor works with their students’ efforts while in front of the camera.  And some masterclass videos also include extracts from the teachers’ workpieces.

You can watch all masterclass courses anywhere and at any time; that is, you can watch Masterclass on your phone, computer, or by using the Masterclass application.

Each one of them does come with background material, reading lists peruse, and a downloadable worksheet.

How to gain access to unlimited sessions or classes?

Yes, with an annual membership, you can access every class in Masterclass and any new ones. You can watch as many Masterclass lessons as many times as you so wish. All you need to do is;

  1. Login to your account
  2. Head to the class enrollment page for the course you wish to enroll in.
  3. Click the ‘Take the Class.’
  4. Click on the instructor tiles to find the enrollment pages.

What makes it different?

When it comes to this masterclass review and its findings, what makes Masterclass exceptional is its excellent video production quality.

And the masterclass team had spent a reasonable amount of time with each instructor on planning the flow of the classes.

They’d also placed much thought into the settings. Don’t you want to get a glimpse into Michelle Obama’s home or any other person you’re a fan of?

When it comes to the video courses, I’ll say I was honestly blown away by the quality and level of intimacy of the video courses. Masterclass is a fun learning process for all, and I presume that’s the goal from the very start, and they’re succeeding in it.

IN ESSENCE, Masterclass has this warm and pleasant atmosphere.

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Masterclass reviews:


  • Access to a variety of top famous people.
  • The instructors are experts in their crafts.
  • No dulling moment. The atmosphere is pretty friendly to learn.
  • The video production quality is the best.


  • Educational experts do not place it as an educative process.
  • There are no personal interactions with the instructor.
  • It’s said to simplify success overly.
  • Subscription costs are a bit on the high side.

Five reasons Masterclass is good

  1. The video lessons are constantly improving: You can’t get enough of it when it comes to this. Masterclass is always looking forward to improving themselves.
  2. Entertaining: What better way can you learn than learning from your favorite people? For example, if you’re into cooking, would you rather watch Gordon scream at people in a kitchen all day or watch an eight-hour on his most profound insights about his given craft? Well, answer that for yourself. Masterclass does all that at a given price.
  3. You tend to learn things never revealed to the public: Most instructors walk you through parts of their creative/ training processes that you can’t see anywhere else.

It’s like paying 15 dollars a month for a window in the fabulous processes of an activity that’s well demanded.

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  1. Super-digestible: Masterclass is way more digestible than your usual online course solutions. Watching or investing your time in one or two ten-minute video lessons or sessions per day is enough to learn something new.
  2. Broadens your horizon: It makes it pretty easy to surf around and have a dive into exciting topics when it comes to Masterclass.


My masterclass review verdict is this; it surprised me. I’d dived into it with an open mind and was pretty impressed by the variety of classes available and the knowledge and enthusiasm from each teacher who participates in the class.

Now, it’s Masterclass worth it?

From the masterclass review above, Yes, Masterclass is worth it in all degrees. I’d found each class to be somewhat awe-inspiring. And each teacher does do a great job showing you how to make the craft of your own. And it does help the newbie gain a passion for the art.


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