how to format a book

How to Format a Book for Dummies

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book doctor

What Is a Book Doctor: Why Should I Hire One?

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book translator

15 Best Websites to Hire a Book Translator

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Annotate a Book

How to Annotate a Book: Easy Ways to Get It Done Perfectly

For me, I love annotating my books. Well, that’s by the way. On the one hand, highlighting and writing in the margins is one superb way to interact with a given text... Read more »
proofreading and copyediting in bennyselfpublishing proofreading and copy editing

Difference Between Proofreading and Copy Editing (with examples)

As long as publishing is concerned, proofreading and copy editing will always be important. They come in handy when writers try to get their work ready for the public. Copy editing and... Read more »
epub to mobi

Epub vs Mobi: 3 Powerful Website to Convert Epub to Mobi

Epub to Mobi Converter is one of the major resources that authors are searching for online. However, is Epub to Mobi a better format? Well, there’s no doubt that the best e-book... Read more »
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Book Editing: 16 Genuine Websites to Hire a Book Editor

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book editing

Book Editing: Follow These 10 Easy Steps and Edit Your Manuscript

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grammarly grammar checker

Grammarly Grammar Checker: Powerful Guide on Using the Proofreading Software

Grammarly grammar checker is one of those tools which finds out elementary errors you’ve made. Therefore, enabling you to improve your writing, learn as you go, and give almost perfect results. It’s... Read more »
Kindle Ebook Formatting

Kindle Ebook Formatting: How to Format Amazon Ebook Using Microsoft Word

Amazon kindle ebook formatting is not an easy task. If you have written an ebook before, you will testify to the fact that formatting the ebook before uploading is an arduous task.... Read more »