How to Publish an Audiobook: Inspiring Step by Step Process

Today, we would be talking about how to publish an audiobook. Yes, that’s right, I’ll spell out all of the little details.

But I’ll like to ask a little question. Have you ever picked up information from an audiobook where it sounded more transparent and understandable than just straining your eyes at the pages of the same book? If yes, what did you think? Doesn’t it seem more cool listening rather than reading? Well, for me, I do prefer the both—and I guess there’ll be a word for that, who knows maybe it’s called an audio-nerd J

Well, I’ll like to tell you one secret I’ve found out in the writing profession. Everyone isn’t keen on just reading; some of your readers get the information you’re trying to pass across when you read it out. So, in essence, not having an audiobook version of your book can spell doom to your success—and I mean that literally. No qualms here, okay? There’s a way out; it just means you need to learn how to publish an audiobook to correct that.

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Look at it, don’t you think it is high time to convert your books to audiobooks in this age and time. We are in the era of radio apps, audiobooks, and podcasts. If you lag, you stay behind; there is no pity party to this—none whatsoever.

Some of the Questions asked by Authors when it concerns an audiobook

  1. No, I can’t do it is too costly— Amy
  2. How do I even start with it? Read some posts online, and it isn’t clear—Patrick, nonfictional writer.
  3. I wouldn’t even dare do that now, my book is a success, so I’ll instead stick to that than audio; heck what? – Kathy

Well, this may in some way be your thought. But, no need to worry, you came to the right post. There’s a range of options to convert your book to an audiobook, but it depends on your budget.

What is an Audiobook?

publish an audiobook

According to Wikipedia, an audiobook (or a talking book) is a recording of a book or other work being read aloud. A complete text reading is described as ‘unabridged,’ while readings of a shorter version are called an abridgment.

When it comes to spoken audio, it has been available in schools and public libraries and to a lesser extent in music shops since the 1930s.

Many spoken word albums were made before the age of disc, downloadable audio, compact, and cassettes, often of poetry and plays rather than books. It wasn’t till the 1980s that the medium began to attract book retailers. Then book retailers began to show audiobooks on bookshelves rather than on separate aisles of separate areas of the display.

Step by Step Process of how to Publish an Audiobook

With that said, if you’re considering turning that great work of yours into a self-published audiobook, do follow these simple but basic steps;

1. You Need to prep your E-book content for Audiobook Recording

If you’re starting from the beginning, then there’s a great chance you may have no idea how to convert your manuscript from writing to audio.

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Then your first step needs to be this; you’ll need to prep your e-book content for audiobook recording.

Why this? You might want to ask; this is known to create a script that you can read as you record the audio version of your book. The stuff here is; you don’t want to make any form of irregularity or mistake while you or someone you assign to do the narrating reads through the manuscript—that can be pretty dangerous for the result you get. So, do remove everything that doesn’t make sense in the audio version.

And what are they?

  1. You are to delete all hyperlinks.
  2. Delete images or pictures of any kind.
  3. Remove all click here prompts or call to action.
  4. Delete captions.

Now, once that’s done, and you’ve created your new script. Proceed to read through it one last time to make sure it all makes sense in the audio form.

2. Time to Find that Narrator

Wait a minute, if you want to publish an audiobook, you don’t just need any narrator—they need to be perfect.

The narrator you select must be fit and good because they will be telling your story. So, the voice actor, when picked, should indeed represent the tone of your characters.

This is to say, if your book is in the first person, do make sure the narrator represents that specific character. Envision the sound of your character and know the type of narrator that fits it. Make sure you carefully choose because the narrator can do one of two things; he can either make or mar the book. So, you’re the boss in this, choose right.

3. Record Yourself

If you want to publish an audiobook, this is the second option; perhaps you’re the kind that is like, ‘Jeez, I just checked on a site, and it says 500 dollars for an audiobook! So I’ll rather do it myself than ply that path.’

Well, that’s cool enough, but you still need to realize that self-recording may be costlier in terms of your time, money, and effort, especially from the paid time using a recording studio.

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With that said, here’s a timeline to self-record audiobook production;

  1. Make sure to call and book the preferred recording studio three hours ahead of time.
  2. Record your book in-studio when it’s time, and plan for up to sixteen hours of recording studio time.
  • Do plan for at least two weeks of post-recording editing.

These times are just guides; when it comes to how it suits your routine, the time frames may change once you begin your book project. And yes, for a longer book, it does take a longer time to record and even edit.

4. Correct the Mistakes

Audiobooks are known to rely on sounds rather than sight, so whether you hire a narrator or do it yourself, make sure you add a word or change a clause slightly because it ‘flows’ better when it’s spoken.

If it does sound fluid and regular, then it’s okay to let the mistake slide past, which allows the narrative to sound more colloquial. And as a bonus, it also saves your editing time.

5. Upload your Audiobook to Audiobook Creation Exchange

Now that you’ve recorded the book and you’re done with all that matters the most. This is the time to upload your book to Audiobook Creation Exchange, also known as ACX. It is one of the best platforms to publish an audiobook.

Now, when you publish on the ACX platform, your audiobook will be made available on the Apple Audiobook store, Audible, and Amazon.

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This is the only place you need to go to make sure your audiobook gets seen or listened to by everyone worldwide. And yes, all audiobook publishing rights are retained by you, while ACX handles all of the marketing; this is similar to how Kindle Direct Publishing works—and I guess they are in the same parent company, right? Please drop your comment below to know if I’m right on this.

However, while there are various steps when it comes to uploading, it’s pretty friendly.

Step by step guide to uploading audiobook on ACX

publish an audiobook

  1. Head to ACX
  2. Next, log into your account at
  3. Click ‘Add your Title’ and do note that you need to have a Kindle e-book published.
  4. Then search and find your book and click on the ‘This is My Book‘ prompt.
  5. Click on the ‘I have this book in audio and I want to sell it’ prompt.
  6. Select your territory and distribution.
  7. And you need to note that the “World” rights options with forty percent royalties give the best results.
  8. Select the languages you’d like to sell your book.
  9. Then proceed and agree to the “Audiobook license and Distribution Agreement’ terms.
  10. Complete the ‘About My Book’ section.
  11. Do note that you can duplicate the content from your Amazon page or create original content.
  12. Next, complete all the necessary copyright information.
  13. Complete Info about the narrator, audiobook publisher, and all other reviews.
  14. Click on the ‘add audio file’ prompt.
  15. Then go the browse for the first section of your audiobook to ensure it’s added.
  16. To continue this process till your entire book is uploaded.
  17. And do not forget to change the chapters and section titles as you proceed.
  18. This is the time to upload your book cover.

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Do make sure all the necessary information from your printed book matches the audiobook. For example, your Author name should be similar, and the book cover should be the same as it appears on the e-book.

For ACX, it will not allow you to continue if there are any errors regarding all of your personal information as stated above.

What you need to know about Audiobook Royalties on ACX

Well, I’ll like to give you some information about some of the innovative features of ACX, there’s the;

  1. Get paid more: If you publish an audiobook on the ACX website, the ACX calculator royalty system pays 20-90% of the retail price. In essence, the more units being sold, the higher the royalty percentage you earn per unit.
  2. And an extra 25 dollars per unit sold “Thank You.” to encourage you to promote yourself and your new audiobook; they are said to offer you an extra 25 dollars each time your audiobook is the first purchase made by a new audible listener member.
  3. You work directly with ACX, and you are paid monthly, other than book retailers who pay quarterly.


With that said, when it comes to how to publish an audiobook, I reckon that this can be quite tasking in some way, but you need not worry, for the results are thrilling.

Converting your book to an audiobook is one good way to serve readers in various ways and earn more money while writing. It’s said to help you improve the quality of your book, and it’s way more accessible than ever with ACX and all other audiobook publishing sites online.

As I said previously, all you need is a modest budget and the right tools to publish an audiobook. Sometimes to get your audiobook right,  you need to have a willingness to practice. Do get this right, and you’ll earn your first audiobook sale in no time.

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