publish a paperback

How to Publish a Paperback: 7 Inspiring Step by Step Guide

In the past, if you wanted to publish a paperback book, you had to have an...
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Book printing

5 Best Online Book Printing Services ( Print on Demand)

There are several options or choices when it comes to printing a given book. But before...
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how to upload books on Amazon

Amazon Kindle Publishing: Step by Step Guide on How to Upload Books on Amazon

After writing a book, the next phase is the publishing phase. Amazon is one of the...
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Amazon Author Central

How to Create Amazon Author Central Account and Author Page

Making use of the Amazon Author central page will make your profile stand out. It will...
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Amazon KDP report

How to Master Amazon KDP Report Page (KDP Sales Dashboard)

Amazon KDP report is one of the things most authors find it challenging to understand. Once...
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payoneer account

Payoneer Review: How to Use Payoneer Account to Make or Receive Payment Online

Payoneer is an online platform you can use to receive your payment from clients worldwide. It...
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