A Review of How to Use Freebooksy for Book Promotions

If you wish to promote your free or promo-priced book, you need to look no further than this site managed by Written Word Media called Freebooksy. They’re the site that operates or controls Bargain Booksy too. These two promotional sites are said to allow you to feature your book when you offer it for free or if the purchase price is less than five dollars.

So, if you don’t have any book reviews, then your best catch would be Freebooksy and its sister site Bargain Booksy.

What is Freebooksy all about? Freebooksy, which generally means free books, is a review and promotional site that promotes your book to one of their numerous mailing lists. And here are the few perks you do have with them when registering;

  • All of your followers or readers accrued over time do get free or bargain-priced books. You tend to increase your sales ranking and have the opportunity to lead these readers to explore other books.
  • You tend to pay a set fee to have your said book promoted to one of their niche-specific mailing lists.
  • Your book would be featured on their partnering websites, like Apple books, Nook, and Amazon, and further shared on their Facebook group.

What is Freebooksy?

Freebooksy is said to help you drive downloads of your book at a remarkable rate, generate reviews for your book, find new audiences, and sell copies of your books once readers appreciate your writing style—not to forget to improve your book rank on retail sites.

How to know if your book is Eligible for Freebooksy promotion?

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  1. It is a must. Your book must be over fifty pages in length.
  2. It needs to be on Amazon sales.
  3. Your book must be accessible in the U.S. during the required promotional timeframe.
  4. If you have any questions, send them to
  5. You can also submit your book for all forms of editorial consideration.

How to use Freebooksy

If you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to register your account or create a new one; otherwise, you can log in on the Freebooksy signup page with your last log-in details.

All you need to do is open the site, enter your login details like your login ID, password and submit the necessary information.

  1. First of all, head to the Freebooksy site.
  2. Then you click this (=) on the upper right.
  3. Next up, you click Email Signup if you wish to get free books or discounted books.
  4. Or you click the (For Authors) if you wish to give out your book for free.

How Good is Freebooksy?

When it comes to Freebooksy, it’s said to have developed a strong reputation among self and conventional authors.

When it comes to their pricing for the standard book, it ranges from 40 dollars for the smaller categories with perhaps 30k subscribers, such as children’s books, and up to 100 dollars for their largest classes, which is a thriller, romance, mystery, etc.

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They also have a pretty large audience on their Facebook page, with over a quarter of a million fans. And all promotions done with Freebooksy will get shared on their Facebook page and with the list of email subscribers in that specified genre.

Though they’re said to approve most submissions, they’re famous enough with authors that often submit books at least a week ahead. That’s to be sure of getting the date you so need. And sometimes, it might be longer than that stipulated time, especially if you’re looking forward to promoting your book in one of the more significant categories, as briefly explained previously.

Few things are required to use Freebooksy effectively;

  1. Most times, it is advisable to wait till you have just a few reviews before you run the principal promotion. And you don’t need to have hundreds, but if there aren’t at least a couple reviews there, then new people are less likely to give you any stance whatsoever.
  2. Make sure your cover looks perfect. People are willing to give you a chance as an indie author only if you entice them with a good book cover. They wouldn’t bother taking a look at the title of the book cover. Whether it looks professional or not.
  3. Here’s the stuff, there are thousands if not millions of books on Amazon presently, so if your book doesn’t stand out in any way, then you might be wasting your time and effort in reviewing and promoting it in any way.
  4. The day of the week that you use a Freebooksy review doesn’t make much difference, except on a public holiday. Most holidays, people spend time with their families or head to events for something pretty important, so they’re less likely to be online and checking their email for discounted books in any way.
  5. Now, the longer your book is, the more chance you have to make good money from the Kindle Unlimited pages read, which Freebooksy partners with. Suppose your book is ten pages on how we can leave longer. In that case, you’ll need a whole lot more people reading it even after the promotion to show good profits than if it was about 400 pages more.

Here’s one experience from Candace Nola, a Freebooksy user;

When I first started, I had hit the ground running with my debut novel. I was excited and eager to get it out there into the hands of the public. But after months on Amazon, and months of intense research, networking, and the likes. My sales were disappointing—and my zeal to continue dwindling.

However, I still kept going and published my sequel—and I’d like to thank Neville Goddard’s books for the encouragement to continue no matter the challenges. That said, I continued with my sequel, still full of motivation and excitement. I created my website, began doing my author reviews, and moved on to other social media sites to promote my craft—author reviews, but still having an eye in promoting my book.

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I made several connections and friends with that move and worked with a mentor who pushed me through. I was also generous in sharing my knowledge with the people who asked, and I tried to do my best to do what needed to be done to improve my sales. But still, sales had scarcely improved.

I’d joined several groups online, but nothing seemed to work. Then I thought of starting a newsletter and mailing list, which brought me only mild success. The numbers grew for my mailing list, and my website and some books began to move 5-10 in a given week.

I was gladdened to see these improvements, happy with all of the new connections that I’d gotten. It thrilled me. I was more thrilled with my website’s progress and growth, but one thing that did spoil the fun at the moment was this, the public didn’t accept my book; there was no public demand for my book.

Then I had to revisit all the notes from my mentor to know what I was missing. But all didn’t matter till when I stumbled upon a note about Freebooksy.


Well, I had been aware of Freebooksy for a while now but had no inkling of what it was all about. Like many of you, maybe now as you read, I heard about it somewhere and proceeded to make a mental note of it and kept moving till it was needed.

So I did my little research, read their reports, and learned a whole lot.

I noticed that Freebooksy is said to offer targeted promotional content or ad for authors at cheap rates for their e-book ‘Bargain Booksy’ newsletters or their ‘Freebooksy Newsletters.” And generally, each newsletter does state that they reach more than 400,000 readers daily! That wowed me.

But here is the catch: subscribers have chosen the genre they wish to see promotional offers for, so the newsletter only sends them the ads that meet their genre choices daily. For example, horror readers would receive horror e-book promotions, and romance readers, and the likes.

As an author, this was superb for me. And as I read by that time, only a few slots are open each day, to each genre, so your book could be noticed. For instance, for horror, there are said to be one or two books being featured in a day, which further increases your odds for a download.

And it’s pretty nice for readers because they need not scroll through 20-30 books to select the two or three that might interest them a whole bit.

Well, to keep the long story short, here was my results then;

I honestly had nothing to lose except 40 dollars. If it resulted in a couple of dozen downloads, then at least my novel would indeed be in a couple of dozen hands, I thought. It wasn’t wrong to try.

If I was spending money on other sites, then why would I exempt this one. So, I made the conscious decision to put both of my books back on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for the duration of the promotion.

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I also made the e-book purchase price free for at least five days, making sure to take advantage of the Kindle Unlimited free promo days that were permitted, and made the sequel 1.99 dollars for the week to purchase.

Next, I chose my required dates. After my promo days’ set, I purchased my ad on Freebooksy and chose April 30th as my run date. Then I moved ahead to place an advertisement on ‘The Fussy librarian’ to run a promo on May 1st.

At the end of it all, I was sincerely overjoyed with these results. I had expected a few downloads of my book but never expected two thousand downloads—it never came to my mind.

And did I fail to mention that this had also encouraged me to push my debut novel into the number one of the free Kindle books chart? It stayed there for about four days and remained in the top 25 for the next four days! Isn’t that incredible. Since then, I don’t take Freebooksy lightly; it has been the source of my publishing success.


Is Freebooksy really free?

Freebooksy catalogs most of the top free books that are available on Amazon kindle. From our experience, it is free. Although there have been diverse opinions on whether freebooksy is free or not.

Is Freebooksy legit?

The ratings of Freebooksy have not been impressive so far. There have been issues of customers expressing their level of dissatisfaction using the book promotional services. On average we can say 3 ratings.


When it comes to Freebooksy, you have the pricing that makes a whole lot of sense. They are known to stand behind the promotion of your book till the end and give good results. And they price their products based on how many readers you will reach and the results you’ll tend to expect.

Now, when purchasing a promotion as discreetly described above, authors choose between various genres with different list sizes.

All promotions in genres with smaller lists or less demand are cheaper. At the same time, upgrades in genres with more extensive indexes are costly. And the best part of all this is that all authors are supported!

Well, good luck to you.

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